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10 Housewarming Gifts That Are Actually Useful

What housewarming gift would you like to receive?

What gift should we get? – Is the first question that pops into our mind when invited to a housewarming. Sometimes, new homeowners themselves are unsure of what would make a great gift.

Many of these items are ones you might not think of purchasing for your home. However, they can come in handy at some point in time and are great for new homeowners. Here are 10 housewarming gifts that will not end up in the trash.

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#1 Wine Bottle Opener Set

An opener set that includes a wine opener as well as a bottle opener would come in handy for any new homeowner. Basic sets should include at least a lever corkscrew wine opener and a bottle stopper. Gifts can also include a bottle opener for beers and other bottled drinks.

Estimated Cost: $15-$100

#2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner / Sweeper

These robot sweepers do the cleaning job for you, even while you’re not at home. This is one of the many cleaning product that you can find more frequently in many houses today. Some of these robots can be connected to Wifi to allow you to control and schedule the cleanings from your smartphone.

Many of these robot cleaners have smart detection systems that help prevent it from getting jammed. It can even clean hard to reach spots under your furniture. All you need to do is to clear the bin and remember to charge it before putting it to work!

Estimated Cost: $100-$800

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#3 Tool Kit

An item that is often overlooked. You don’t actually realize you need to have things such as a hammer, pliers, nails, screwdrivers etc. in your house until you actually require it to fix a problem. This can include flashlights, extension cords, measuring tape and more.

Estimated Cost: $30-$500

#4 Tea Tasting Gift Box

An assortment of different teas make a nice gift for any tea lover. Tea bags make it hassle free to make tea at home, without having to use a tea pot or filter bag. This also gives the homeowners a chance to try different tea flavours without having to purchase it on their own.

Estimated Cost: $10-$80

#5 Coffee Cups

Coffee cups make a great gift for new homeowners that are coffee lovers. With a coffee machine at home, surely they would use it for their morning espresso. Besides using them for coffee, some types can work as a tea cup as well.

Estimated Cost: $10-$80

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#6 Tupperware

Tupperware, lock-and-lock containers and other containers for food storage will be useful for any household. The ways to use these containers are endless. From storing raw food to storing snacks and other objects, these containers make a practical gift. If the homeowner is someone that enjoys packing her own healthy snacks and meals, getting a few mason jars would also be practical.

Estimated Cost: $30-$150

#7 Glassware

Wine glasses, shot glasses, martini glasses and beer mugs, you can never have too many of these glasses. It is always good to have spare glasses especially for nights when you host friends over at your place.

Estimated Cost: $30-$200

#8 Poker Chip Set / Mahjong Set

Be it poker, mahjong or other card games, having a games night with your friends requires these basic sets. Giving your friend a poker chip set or mahjong set also gives you a reason to ask them to invite you over for a game or two.

Estimated Cost: $60-$500

#9 Yankee Candle

Scented candles are easy to find. Besides giving the house a pleasant scent, they can be used for a long time. Although on the pricey side, Yankee Candle is one of the more popular options when it comes to scented large candles. If you are unsure of which scent to get, you can always opt to get a few different scents in smaller jars instead.

Estimated Cost: $15-$50

#10 Key Holder

Not all households have this, however they are still very useful when it comes to keeping your keys in one place. This helps prevent you from misplacing your keys or spending precious time in the morning searching for it. You can even make a DIY key holder yourself to present as a gift!
Estimated Cost: $5-$50

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What would you like to receive as a gift during your housewarming party? Let us know in the comments section below!

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