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10 Great Companies In Singapore That Are Hiring Fresh Graduates With No Working Experience

Feel lost in the job market? Here are 10 good places to start looking.

Heartiest congratulations to the Class of 2017. You will now step into a world where lunch costs more than school canteen food. A world where a mistake you make in the work you do cost you more than just a few deducted marks. So, where does one start?

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Here are 10 great places that are hiring with openings for fresh graduates!


With the opening of the Apple flagship store in Singapore, there are plenty of openings in their retail, customer support, as well as corporate functions. Working for one of the world’s largest and influential companies isn’t a bad way to start one’s career. Check out their careers page and see if you want to be an Apple Expert or Apple Genius.


With operations across the world in Asia Pacific (including Australia), Europe, the United States and the Middle East, the Singtel Group is much more than a local telco. Openings in various departments like marketing, data analytics and information communication. Fresh graduates with no experience can look at broadcast operations or customer service.


Hospitals don’t just hire doctors and nurses. There are a whole team of people who ensure the timely delivery of professional care to patients, including allied health professionals, research/lab work, and administration – many of which have openings for fresh graduates.


National Trade Unions Congress is a national confederation of trade unions and professional associations across various sectors in Singapore. In their continued development and growth, they are hiring fresh graduates to positions in youth development and industrial relations.


After graduating from school, the last place you might want to go is to spend the next few years in yet another tertiary institution. You might change your mind if any of these positions in National University of Singapore that are open to fresh graduates interest you in the areas of IT support, various department executives, and management support.


Relax, we’re not saying you should sign-on to be a regular military personnel. The Ministry of Defence are always on the lookout for talented people to join their ranks as a DXO, or Defence eXecutive Officer. You get to do policy, organizational development, IT, finance for one of the largest organisations in Singapore.

ST Engineering

ST Engineering has many subsidiaries, including an aerospace arm. Thus, they provide a wide range of job opportunities, including ones for fresh graduates. For those who are not in a technical field, they also have openings in non-engineering areas like marketing.

Careers @ Government

This portal provides listings to open positions across the government departments. For fresh graduates, bookmark the page, because from time to time, positions and internship opportunities do pop up. These are as varied as an estate executive for HDB, allied educator for the MOE, and licensing officer with the NEA.


Twitter has much of its Asia-Pacific operations in Singapore and are hiring quite aggressively. Lots of these are in the areas of sales and partnerships, but its worth it to drop by once in a while to take a look.

Startup Jobs

Technically, this isn’t a “company”, but if large corporations or organisations aren’t your thing, startups do offer plenty of opportunities for the fresh graduate with the right skillset and personality, even if experience or qualifications might not be on point.

If these jobs listed in this article are not suitable for you, don’t be discouraged. Be patient, and continue searching for a career that speaks to you. Continue to stay tuned to DollarsAndSense as we continue to write useful articles for your career and life!

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