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10 Companies That Beat The Straits Times Index (STI) in 2022

Defensive sectors took the top spots

The recovery-fuelled stock market bull run ran its course in 2022 as high inflation and interest rate hikes depressed the global stock markets. Recession fears and global uncertainties continue to weigh down on investors’ sentiment. However, the Straits Times Index (STI) retained its bright spark amidst the rout on global indices including S&P500 and Nasdaq.

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The STI Returned 4% In 2022

The STI’s relative lack of technology companies went from being a weakness in 2021 to a strength in 2022 as much of the market rout was led by the fall in technology stocks. In 2022, the STI gained 3.96%, on the back of old-school sectors.

The high weightage of bank stocks which performed well in 2022 and traditionally defensive industries helped the STI retain a positive return. In contrast, the S&P500 fell about 20% and the Nasdaq fell about 33%.

In order to achieve these returns, investors would need to have invested in one of the two STI ETFs – SPDR STI ETF and Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF, both of which also give dividends.

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Stock picking may also allow you to outperform the benchmark index, but equally you would have borne the risk that your stock pick underperforms. Outside of the 30 constituents that make up the STI, these are the 10 companies listed on the SGX that have outperformed in 2022.

We have also previously analysed the past outperformers in 2021 and 2020.

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#10 Nippecraft (SGX: N32)

Share price gain in 2022: 102.38%

Share price at start of 2022: $0.042

Share price at the end of 2022: $0.085

Dividend in 2022: 

Market Capitalisation: $29.79M

Old school industries have remained defensive amidst the current market rout. One such industry is the office staples of stationery and paper products. Coming in 10th on this list, Nippecraft’s share price doubled with a 102% gain.

Nippecraft designs, manufactures and distributes paper-based diaries, organisers and related products such as refills and accessories, telephone address books, notepads, business card holders and guest books.

#9 Lincotrade (SGX: BFT)

Share price gain in 2022: 103.53%

Share price at start of 2022: $0.085

Share price at the end of 2022: $0.173

Dividend in 2022: 

Market Capitalisation: $29.76M

The renovation industry benefitted from the red-hot property market in 2022. Riding on this wave, Lincotrade saw a share price gain of over 103%.

Lincotrade provides interior fitting-out services, additions and alterations works and other building construction services for commercial premises, such as offices, hotels, shopping malls and food and beverage establishments; residential premises such as condominium developments; and showflats and sales galleries.

The company was acquired by Fabchem China through a reverse takeover and listed in 2022.


Share price gain in 2022: 104.17%

Share price at start of 2022: $0.120

Share price at the end of 2022: $0.245

Dividend in 2022: $0.0025 per security + $0.0045 per security

Market Capitalisation: $28.17M

Returning a 104% return, XMH is another outperformer. However, it is currently placed on the SGX Watchlist due to Financial Entry Criterion and been granted an extension to 4 December 2023. In the meantime, the company has strengthened its financial position, recording a pre-tax profit for FY2022 and healthy cashflow.

XMH provides diesel engine, propulsion and power generating solutions in the marine and industrial sectors. Its marine products are marketed to shipyards, vessel owners and dealers whilst its industrial products are distributed to hotel proprietors, building owners and main contractors for a wide range of applications.

#7 USP Group (SGX: BRS)

Share price gain in 2022: 108.93%

Share price at start of 2022: $0.056

Share price at the end of 2022: $0.117

Dividend in 2022: 

Market Capitalisation: $10.64M

SGX Watchlist

USP Group’s share price gained 108% in 2022. However, it is also currently placed on SGX Watchlist due to Financial Entry Criterion.


USP Group produces and sells indium ingots. It also engages in the sale of by-products, such as zinc ingots, zinc sheets, zinc carbonate, zinc sulphates and rotary kiln powder, derived from its indium slag and strip liquor extraction processes.

#6 Forise International (SGX: 8A1)

Share price gain in 2022: 123.68%

Share price at start of 2022: $0.076

Share price at the end of 2022: $0.170

Dividend in 2022: 

Market Capitalisation: $7.24M

Despite the small market capitalisation of $7M, Forise International outperformed many companies with its share price gain of $124%.

Forise International Limited provides strategic planning, corporate advisory, financial restructuring advisory, management consulting services and financial factoring services.

This growth is in line with the overall sector growth of 8.3% in professional services in 2022.

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#5 OneApex (SGX: 5SY)

Share price gain in 2022: 125.93%

Share price at start of 2022: $0.081

Share price at the end of 2022: $0.183

Dividend in 2022: 

Market Capitalisation: $15.46M

OneApex’s share price gained 125%, earning it the place as the 5th top performing SGX listed company in 2022.

OneApex operates as an investment company specialising in property investment, management and development, and provision of financial investment services. Its main clientele is in Singapore.

#4 Acesian Partners (SGX: 5FW)

Share price gain in 2022: 162.5%

Share price at start of 2022: $0.016

Share price at the end of 2022: $0.042

Dividend in 2022: 

Market Capitalisation: $20.94M

The fourth top performer in 2022 is Acesian Partners with over 162% gain in share price.

A company in a traditionally defensive industry, Acesian Partners manufactures and distributes environment-control exhaust systems and its component parts. They also specialise in the manufacturing of stainless steel ducts, which integrates with various components that purchases from third parties, such as fume hoods, scrubbers and fans, into a complete environment-control exhaust systems.

#3 Golden Energy And Resources (SGX: AUE)

Share price gain in 2022: 166.1%

Share price at start of 2022: $0.295

Share price at the end of 2022: $0.785

Dividend in 2022: 

Market Capitalisation: $2,065.36M

With a share price gain of 166%, Golden Energy And Resources is the third best performing company on the SGX.

Golden Energy And Resources is one of the leading energy and resources company in the Asia Pacific region. It mainly engages in the exploration, mining, and marketing of metallurgical coal in Australia, energy coal and have added gold to its product suite. They also invest in various renewable energy projects in Asia.

#2 Resources Global Development (SGX: QSD)

Share price gain in 2022: 186.42%

Share price at start of 2022: $0.405

Share price at the end of 2022: $1.160

Dividend in 2022: $0.01 per security

Market Capitalisation: $104.40M

With a gain that almost doubled (186%), Resources Global Development is the second top performing company on the SGX in 2022.

Resources Global Development has two main business segments: Coal Trading Business which mainly procure and sell coal within Indonesia, and Coal Shipping Services which provide chartering services of tugboats, barges and bulk carrier to its customers to transport coal within the Indonesian territories.

#1 Parkson Retail Asia (O9E)

Share price gain in 2022: 645.45%

Share price at start of 2022: $0.011

Share price at the end of 2022: $0.082

Dividend in 2022: 

Market Capitalisation: $55.39M

The top performing company on the SGX in 2022 was Parkson Retail with a return of 645%. However, the company is also on the SGX Watchlist due to Financial Entry Criterion and its application for extension has been approved. In the meantime, they reported a before tax profit for the 9 months period ended 30 September 2022.

Riding on the pandemic recovery and “revenge” consumer spending, the retail sector had been making a comeback in 2022. This has benefited Park Retail Asia that is a Southeast Asia-based department store operator. It operates Parkson and Centro department stores across Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia as well as Kem Chicks supermarket.

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Despite being on the SGX Watchlist, 3 companies managed to turn themselves around to be one of the top 10 best-performing companies on the SGX in 2022.

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