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UOB Stash Account – How To Maximise Your Interest Returns On Your Savings Using This New Account

You can now stash your excess savings away to earn higher interest.

This article was updated on 15 August 2019

This article was written in collaboration with UOB. All views expressed in the article are the independent opinion of

United Overseas Bank (UOB) recently launched its latest savings account – the UOB Stash Account. This new savings account gives people in Singapore a new and simple way to accumulate and earn interest on their savings.

The UOB Stash Account works in a relatively straightforward manner. Account holders will be able to earn up to 1.5% per annum (p.a.) (maximum effective interest rate is 1.16%) on their account balance as long as they meet two simple criteria.

– Maintain a Monthly Average Balance (MAB) above $10,000.

– Maintain or increase their MAB in the Stash Account compared to the previous month.

Source: UOB Stash Account

While the interest rates offered by the Stash Account is reasonable, financially savvy Singaporeans would know there are other deposit accounts such as the UOB One Account and the OCBC 360 that are able to pay customers even better interest for their savings.

However, here’s the thing. While these deposit accounts potentially offer higher interest rates, it comes along with having to fulfill transactional criteria such as crediting your salary or making bill payments.

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How Should The UOB Stash Account Be Used?

If you have $100,000 in savings, you would immediately recognise that while your first $50,000 can earn you a higher interest in your UOB One Account, the remaining $50,000 will earn you a much lower interest of 0.05%.

UOB One Account
Interest Earned (First $50,000) $1,216 (2.43%)
Interest Earned ($50,001 – $100,000) $25 (0.05%)
Total Interest Earned $1,241
Effective Interest Earned On Total Savings 1.24%

Complementing Your UOB One Account With The Stash Account

By keeping $50,000 in your UOB One Account, and stashing the other $50,000 in your UOB Stash Account, you will now be able to enjoy a higher effective interest rate of 1.54% on your total savings of $100,000.

UOB One Account + UOB Stash Account
Interest Earned Through UOB One Account (First $50,000) $1,216 (2.43%)
Interest Earned ($50,001 – $100,000) $325 (0.65%)
Total Interest Earned $1,541
Effective Interest Earned On Total Savings 1.54%


Who Should Use The Stash Account?

There are a few groups of people who may find the UOB Stash Account useful.

The first group are the ones who are have been steadily building up their savings. They may have already surpassed the cap in a transactional account, and are now looking to find a complementary account where they can stash (pun intended!) the additional savings and add to it each month, up until $100,000.

The Stash Account is exceptionally useful as there are little restrictions on withdrawal. This makes it useful for people who are either 1) saving to spend on a big-ticket expense in the future, 2) saving today while waiting for better investment opportunities to come along or 3) saving to increase their overall emergency fund.

The other group of people are students who have substantial savings, but who aren’t able to enjoy the bonus interest from most high interest transactional accounts as they are not yet working. Instead of accepting a paltry 0.05% on their savings accounts, the UOB Stash Account offers a better alternative to earn higher interest on their savings.

Open An UOB Stash Account Today To Enjoy Additional Benefits

If you think the UOB Stash Account is suitable, UOB wants to give you some additional benefits to open an account with them today. If you apply for a UOB Stash Account, you will receive a sure-win sign up gift of up to $100 Cash or S$100 Scoot Vouchers by playing its Acorn Dozer game online.

You can find out more about the UOB Stash Account and the Acorn Dozer Game on its website.

As more people open accounts, UOB intends to reward its customers with some extra perks. For the month of November 2017, UOB will give a higher interest rate of 1.2% p.a. once it hits 6,000 account applications. So if you know of friends who might benefit from this account, do inform them of this handy new account to stash their cash.

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