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UOB PRVI Miles Card Review: Why You Should Be Getting This Popular Air Miles Card

At 1.4 miles per dollar spent, it’s one of the best air miles card in Singapore. However, the UNI$ you earn will expire after two years.

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The UOB PRVI Miles Visa card is one of the most popular air miles cards in Singapore. With a minimum income requirement of $30,000 per annum, anyone who qualifies for a credit card in Singapore will be able to get this miles card if they want to.

Besides the low minimum income requirement, the UOB PRVI Miles Visa card also gives you one of the highest ratio for miles earned per dollar spent – at 1.4 miles per $1 spent (local) and 2.4 miles per $1 spent (overseas).

This is higher than other popular air miles cards such as the Citi Premier Miles and the American Express KrisFlyer Ascend, both of which would earn you 1.2 miles per $1 spent (local).

However, just like every other credit card out there, there are some notable strength and weaknesses for this card that you ought to know about so that you can find out for yourself whether this card is suitable for you.

UOB PRVI Miles Visa Card – Key Features

Features Analysis
Miles Earned Per $1 Spent 1.4 miles per $1 spent (local), 2.4 miles per $1 spent (overseas) Excellent. One of the highest in the market. No minimum spent each month required.
Welcome and Spend Bonus Earn *12,000 miles if you spend $4,000 within first 2 months of card approval (new UOB cardholder) or earn *2,000 miles (existing UOB cardholder)
*Valid from 15 March to 14 July 2019 (both dates inclusive)
If it’s your first UOB Card, the offer is good. If you are an existing UOB cardholder, the promotion is nothing much to shout about.
Minimum Income Requirement $30,000 p.a. Good.
Annual Fee $256.80 First year fee waiver. For subsequent years, no perks that we know off for paying the annual fee. So aim to waive the annual fee for if you are able to.
Expiry For Miles UOB miles, also known as UNI$, expire after two years. This 2-year expiration means you need to convert your UNI$ into KrisFlyer/Asia miles at least once every two years. Each conversion costs $25


Notable Perks For The UOB PRVI Air Miles Card

At 1.4 miles per $1 spent (local), the miles earn rate for the UOB PRVI is very good.

As a reference, compare this to the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card, which allows you to earn 1.4 miles per $1 spent (local) but first requires you to spend at least $2,000 per month and have an income requirement of at least $150,000 per annum.

The UOB PRVI Miles Visa Card is a lot gentler on its requirements.

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2-year expiry for UNI$

This is a disadvantage because it means that you need to do a UNI$ conversion to either KrisFlyer/Asia miles at least once every two years.

Assuming you redeem your miles for flights once every 3 years, this means you will need to do at least 2 conversions, which would cost you $50 ($25 per conversion) in total. While the cost may not seem like much, you shouldn’t ignore it.

Strictly speaking, if you were to convert your UNI$ into KrisFlyer/Asia miles, you will get another 3-year extension because the miles are valid in their KrisFlyer or Asia Miles account for three years. This means that the miles you earn from the card could potentially be valid for up to five years.

If you are not redeeming your miles for flights within 5 years, you are probably better off using a cashback card.

Our Verdict For The UOB PRVI Air Miles Card

The miles earn rate for this card are by themselves a great reason to own this card. However, you need to take note of the 2-year expiration for your UNI$.

When compared to other popular miles card such as the Citi Premier Miles and the American Express KrisFlyer Ascend which earns you 1.2 miles per $1 spent, the UOB PRVI Miles Visa card has a distinct advantage as it earns you 1.4 miles per $1 spent.

If you charge $12,000 per year to this card, this earns you 33,600 miles over a 2-year period, or 4,800 miles more compared to using either the Citi Premier Miles card and the American Express KrisFlyer Ascend card.

The catch here is that UNI$ expire after 2 years, so always remember to convert your UNI$ to miles before they expire. And there are no perks for paying the annual fee so aim to have it waived if you are able to.

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