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I Spent A Day Working In A Movie Themed Coworking Space, Here Is Why I Think It Would Be A Great Place For Students To Study.

Private and productive

Working in the comfort of your own home can sound like the perfect working environment, but it can be a major distraction when you want to stay motivated. As a student, I have always been on the hunt to find a conducive working space without breaking the bank. Therefore, I decided to give Cosy Corner a go and this is how it went:

Taking Bus 21 To Cosy Corner, 2 Stops From Kallang MRT

Location: Cosy Corner At 244A Geylang Road

For someone with a poor sense of direction, albeit far, it was relatively easy for me to navigate my way there with the help of Google Maps, of course.

Collaborating In The Single Office With Acoustic Soundproofing

External monitor and headset provided. The rate for single office is $4.80 for every hour of booking or $39 for a day pass.

Ample Space For One Person In The Single Office

There was one main drawback for the room with windows — noisy traffic.

With Enough Space To Share Or Discuss

Discussion with editor in the single room.

Unfortunately, the 2-person rooms were all occupied that day. Rate for 2-person office is $9.60 for every hour of booking or $78 per day

From Bak Kut Teh To Hearty Dim Sum, We Were Spoilt For Choice With The Delicious Eateries In The Vicinity

Location: Mongkok Dim Sum @ 214 Geylang Road

Location: Geylang Lor 9 Fresh Frog Porridge @ 235 Geylang Rd. Unfortunately, not open when we were there.

Location: Chiak Kway Chap @ 257 Geylang Rd

Lunch at Leong Kee Bak Kut Teh @ 251 Geylang Rd.

Getting Back To Work After Lunch

Room without windows was significantly quieter. As a student, I’m eligible for the student rate of $3.50 for every hour of booking.

Take A Break From Work And Relax At The Lounge Area

Plenty of complimentary refreshments and snacks to stay fueled.

Enjoy some light reading.

Reception Was Friendly And Helpful

Printing was easily done through Bluetooth or WiFi.

Movie posters adorn the walls of the reception area.

Catch A Movie After Work At The Projector, 10 Mins Away From Cosy Corner

Location: The Projector @ 6001 Beach Rd

After a long day of work, I was inspired by the movie-themed working space to watch a movie.

With that said, I would definitely be back at Cosy Corner. The atmosphere is perfect for someone who just needs a working or studying space with each room having acoustic soundproofing. This makes it possible to conduct online discussions and even attend online interviews with privacy. It is very affordable for students and is located with close proximity to public transit which makes getting there rather convenient. I think that this would definitely be a great alternative to change up from the usual study spots like cafés or libraries.

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PhotoStory by Alicia Thiam. 

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