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Should I Buy Insurance For My Pet?

Healthcare cost for your pet may be higher than you expect

This article was first published by Insurance Market

Feelings for our pets can easily run high. We love them straight “out of the box”, and they quickly become part of our family.

But as it goes with friendships, this tie up works 2-way and also bestows a duty of care and responsibility upon us. A responsibility to look after our beloved canine when they need our help, care and support. After all, we share many of our peaks and troughs in life with them.

Everlasting Love

One way to return the favour is to take care of them as best as we can, particularly when it comes to health issues. Though less expensive than humans, the healthcare costs when our pets get sick or injured can escalate quickly, making it difficult to afford.

As such, getting health insurance for your pet may be worth considering. Besides the financial considerations, Pet Insurance will also give you a peace of mind since you know there will be coverage provided should medical issues arise.

So what are we are looking at?

The cost of pet care in Singapore can quickly run high. Here is a list of charges for common treatments for cats and dogs to give you a better idea:

Vet Consultation $30 to $60
House Calls 250 to $400
Bone Fractures $2000 to $4000
Gastrostomy $1800 to $2500
General Anesthetic $100 to $600
Hernia Repair & Anesthetic $900 to $2500
Tumor Removal & Anesthetic $100 to $600
Eye Surgeries $500 to $800
Ear Surgeries $500 per ear


What Can Be Insured?

In European countries, Pet Insurance has been very common for many years and typically there is a wide choice of providers and packages available. In Singapore there are only few providers at the moment, but with the increasing pet population, it probably will not take long before more insurers add them to their product line. For now, there are 3 insurers in Singapore that have Pet Insurance. The insurance policy offered by them are actually quite different, so if you are considering pet insurance coverage, we recommend comparing them to get a good feel for the differences.

Take Note Of The Eligibility Guidelines

Your pet must be micro-chipped (including a license number from vet) and your cat or dog has to be residing at your address. Do note that some insurers exclude coverage for certain breed of dogs that are perceived to be potentially aggressive. Your dog does not need to be a pedigree to qualify for insurance.

The age of your pet also matters. Your pet must be at least 8 weeks for some insurers and generally not older than 7 to 9 years old. For comprehensive cover, some insurers only provide cover only when the pet is at least 16 weeks old. When you go to our site and enter the age of your pet, we will automatically provide you with an overview of all eligible insurances (only) so that you get the right insurance for your pet.

Some insurers do not need the pet to be medically examined before enrolment. However, for comprehensive coverage, your pet typically does need to be medically examined by a registered vet with all required vaccinations done. Your pet cannot have any pre-existing conditions or illnesses to qualify for comprehensive cover. Also note that there are some general exclusions related to congenital and hereditary conditions.

So now you now about the terms, go to our site and check out the premiums for the various plans and take an informed decision about what you think the cover is that you would want for your best friend.

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