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Shopping Online For Chinese New Year Clothes? Here Are 4 Ways You Can Save On Your Purchases

Why pay more for your Chinese New Year shopping than you have to?

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With Chinese New Year around the corner, getting new clothing for the year is probably one of the tasks in your to-do list. For those who prefer the convenience of shopping online without leaving your home, here are a couple of ways to help you save on your purchase.

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#1 Install RateX Browser Extension

RateX is a free browser extension that automatically searches for promo codes and apply them at checkout. Whenever you shop on a RateX supported store, the extension will light up automatically. To apply the promo codes, click on the RateX browser extension icon at the store checkout page followed by the “Apply All” button.

For payment-supported merchants such as Amazon, Groupon and, RateX also provides preferential exchange rate to save on your foreign transactions. The exchange rates will be displayed at the checkout step. Take note that payment via RateX is considered online spending in local currency so if your credit card gives rewards for overseas spending, you will not receive them.

RateX also has their own rewards program. When you shop with RateX partner stores, you will earn reward points known as Clovers. 100 Clovers is equivalent to $1. There are currently 4 popular options to redeem Clovers:

  • Cash redemption to your bank account or RateX Wallet
  • Covert to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethers (ETH), or RTE tokens cryptocurrencies
  • Gift-cards purchase
  • Conversion into airline miles

Installation of RateX browse extension requires just a few clicks. Currently, the two supported browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. First-time DollarsAndSense users can earn $8 in cashback from RateX if they sign up through this link.

#2 Use ShopBack To Get Cashback

Using a cashback site such as ShopBack can help you get more rebates for your online purchases. ShopBack earns affiliate commissions when you click through and make a purchase from supported merchants, either through their website or mobile app. A portion of their earnings is returned to you as cashback.

Many online fashion stores such as Charles & Keith, Zalora and Under Armour are partners of ShopBack. In additional to fashion, you can also get cashback from partner merchants for travel, electronics, groceries and dining (via ShopBack GO).

You can withdraw the cashback to your bank or PayPal account after accumulating at least $10 in cashback. The funds will take 7 – 14 days to arrive.

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#3 Use UOB YOLO Credit Card

Using a good cashback credit card can help you save even more money on your online purchase. This savings is on top of the savings you may receive by using RateX or ShopBack.

The UOB YOLO credit card provides up to 8% cashback for online fashion purchase for the period between 2 January 2019 to 31 March 2019. To receive the maximum 8% cashback, you should purchase your clothing online during the weekend as weekday cashback is only 3%. To qualify for the cashback, a minimum spend of $600 is required.

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#4 Add Items To Cart And Leave It There

If you are not in a hurry to get the items, one plausible strategy is to add them to the shopping cart and simply leave it there for a few days. This is because some merchants may have certain strategies in place to boost their conversion rates, such as providing promo codes to encourage customers to complete their purchase if they have not done so.

Keep a look out for promotional emails from the merchants during this period. While this may not work for all the online merchants, the few days wait may be worth it if you do receive promo codes from them.