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SCORE Membership: How To Use It For Discounted Grab Rides, FairPrice Rebates And Should You Pay For It?

Here’s what you get for joining a membership programme jointly created by the largest supermarket chain in Singapore (NTUC FairPrice) and the biggest ride-sharing company in Singapore (Grab).

SCORE is a lifestyle membership subscription which is designed by NTUC FairPrice and Grab — giving you discounts on your Grab rides and rebates on FairPrice purchases. That’s not all, the membership also comes with benefits from partners like GrabFood, Cheers, Qoo10, Zalora, and OCBC Bank.

Source: SCORE

The plan costs $29.99 for the first year and $49.99 thereafter. But before you jump in and subscribe, there are caveats to these benefits and we will explain how the subscription really works.

Earn Additional Link Points At FairPrice, Unity & Warehouse Club Using SCORE

Currently, purchases above $20 in a single receipt at FairPrice, Unity or Warehouse Club stores are rewarded 2 LinkPoints for every $1, which could go towards offsetting your next purchase or redemption of vouchers.

SCORE subscribers will enjoy an additional 5% on top of the usual LinkPoints when you spend more than $100 in a single receipt. The additional rebate is capped at 750 LinkPoints ($5) and is calculated based on the amount spent above $100. To maximise the rebate and earn the 750 LinkPoints, you will have to spend $200.

If you own a OCBC Plus! Visa Card or OCBC Frank Debit Card, you can also use them for payment to get a further 3% cashback on the amount above $100.

*OCBC Plus! Visa and OCBC Frank Debit Cards only 

One plus point: SCORE gives you 1 free FairPrice Online delivery per month with no minimum spend, which would otherwise cost $7 for orders under $39. Great for those who prefer shopping online.

Access to FairPrice Warehouse Club, where you can buy items in bulk at lower prices, is free with the SCORE subscription. Upon signup or renewal, 1,000 bonus LinkPoints (worth $6.67) will also be credited to your account.

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No More Grab & GrabFood Promo Codes? You Can Still Get Discount Using SCORE

Remember the days when Grab promo codes were aplenty? Now, SCORE gives you 15 promo codes a month for 20% off your rides. However, they are eligible only after you’ve taken 5 qualifying rides in that month. For a ride to qualify, you cannot use any discount codes and it does not include rides on GrabCoach, GrabCycle, GrabHitch, GrabShuttle and GrabShuttlePlus. The discount cap is $5 and once you’ve redeemed all 15 codes, you’ll have to pay full-fare or utilise other discount codes.

Charging your rides to an NTUC/OCBC Plus! Visa Card or OCBC Frank Debit Card will give you 5% more rebates after your first 5 qualifying rides.

*OCBC Plus! Visa and OCBC Frank Debit Cards only 

With SCORE, you also enjoy 10 free GrabFood deliveries monthly with a minimum order of $20. Unless you’re ordering for just yourself, hitting the minimum order will probably not be a problem.

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What Other Benefits Do You Get With A Score Membership?

Here are the other savings you’ll be enjoying with a SCORE membership.

Is It Worth It To Pay For A SCORE Membership?

Should you really be shelling out $29.99 (first year only)/$49.99 (second year onwards) just to get rebates on your NTUC FairPrice purchases or Grab rides?

If you do patronise the other SCORE partners frequently, such as Zalora, that 15-18% could potentially be a lot of savings. This subscription may also be for you if you are one who shops for groceries at FairPrice, takes Grab or orders GrabFood regularly and cannot be bothered with discount codes. It will take you just 8 FairPrice trips (with a spend of $150 each time or 10 GrabFood deliveries (with a minimum $20 order) to recoup the cost of the subscription in your first year.

The savings are marginal however if you are:

– not a frequent Grab/GrabFood user; or
– a small spender or do not shop at FairPrice; or
– if you do not shop with their other partners.

On top of that, you need to be diligent in making sure the requirements are met and your rebates or discounts can be successfully applied.

SCORE is currently only available to Singapore residents and you can sign up online. Simply fill up the registration form, follow the steps to make payment with either a debit or credit card and your registration will be complete.

Here’s the bottom line: What’s worth it for someone else might not be for you, so always see if the benefits make sense for your lifestyle. If you’re interested to stretch your spending dollars further, you should also look at taking advantage of credit card deals and promotions.

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