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18 Platforms University Students Should Be Using To Find Internships, Part-Time/Temp Jobs, Freelance Gigs

Time to find a job to fund your exchange expenses.

University fees are increasing, and you struggle to pay for your school fees, much less have enough savings for your upcoming exchange expenses. If that sounds just like you, it may be time to consider getting a part-time job in your free time to boost your current income.

Thanks to the proliferation of job search platforms, you can land yourself a gig within minutes. Here are 18 platforms you can bookmark for your next job search.

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Websites And Mobile Applications

#1 JobStreet

JobStreet should be familiar to most jobseekers, There are almost 69,000 jobs listings, many of which are for internships and part-time gigs that university students can apply for.

Another key feature of JobStreet that you can utilize is the company insights. For those who had bad experiences with employers or recruitment agencies, you can read reviews posted by company employees on JobStreet and make sure that you are applying for a legitimate job with a trustworthy employer.

#2 JobsCentral

JobsCentral’s user interface works better if you already have a job sector in mind when you are applying. You will have to apply several filters before you can get to the job listings, which is a little tedious.

While there are no company reviews available, the platform does offer opportunities from reputable companies. If you are worried abput working for a dubious employer, you can opt to only apply for jobs at these companies.

#3 Indeed

Similar to JobsCentral, Indeed requires you to input your desired job type and office location before you can view the job listings.

Another limitation of using Indeed is that you are not able to directly search for jobs by company, although this is somewhat mitigated by the fact that you can read employees’ reviews of companies that you are not familiar with.

An indicator of the site’s popularity with recruiting companies: as at the time of writing, 12,166 new jobs were listed in the past week, and there are about 2,000 part-time roles currently available on Indeed.

#4 Gumtree

Gumtree is more of a classified ads and community site, but its ad-hoc and part-time job section is the biggest section on their site with more than 10,000 listings. Types of side hustles you can find here include retail & sales, admin work, and flyer distributing, all of which you can do whenever you feel that you need some extra income.

The downside of using Gumtree is that the jobs posted are not necessarily posted by reputable employers, and neither are they verified by Gumtree. Hence, caution should be exercised when you apply for one-off jobs with companies that you are not familiar with.

#5 FastJobs

FastJobs has clean and simple web interface, making it easy for you to scroll through all the job listings and filter as needed. The ‘No Experience’ filter will definitely come in handy if you are looking for a temporary job that doesn’t require specialised skills or prior experience.

That being said, FastJobs is definitely smaller than its competitors, with 4,547 jobs at the time of writing, 2,202 catered to applicants with no job experience.

#6 LinkedIn

University students who are looking for jobs to further their future careers may want to look beyond websites that focus on part-time retail jobs.

If you are searching for an internship opportunity or contract roles, LinkedIn’s Job Board is your go-to platform. Many reputable employers post their latest internship and temporary jobs here, so you should check this platform regularly, especially if you are seeking a job in a MNC.

LinkedIn Jobs also provides useful information that most of the other job platforms do not currently offer. This includes the number of applicants, the LinkedIn profile of the recruiter, as well as the profiles of existing employees. This gives you a good gauge of your chances of getting called up for an interview, and a chance to message the relevant HR personnel directly if you want to follow up on your application.

#7 Glints

Most university students are likely to turn to Glints when they are searching for internships.

In your job search, you can filter opportunities by skills, job type, and even salary, which is very useful if you have a nonnegotiable salary expectation.

You are more likely to find jobs by startups and SMEs on Glints, and possibly an overseas internship, since Glints also has operations in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

#8 Wantedly

Wantedly is a relatively new player in the job market space, but boasts a strong clientelethat includes popular employers Airbnb, Buzzfeed and Dropbox.

If you are curious about the company and want to know more about the employees before you apply for an internship there, Wantedly allows you to schedule a casual visit to the office for a chat. This is a useful feature if you are looking for an internship opportunity to be converted into a full-time role in future.

#9 InternSG

InternSG is solely dedicated to posting internships, hence making it popular with students who are actively seeking internship roles.

The user interface is simple and clear: you can view important information such as job title, start period, and office location at a glance.

As with most job classified sites, the website does not ascertain nor endorse the credibility of any job posters and companies, so you have to work that out for yourself.

#10 StartUp Jobs

If you are looking to hustle in the startup space and want some experience while you are at school, you are in luck. StartUp Jobs was founded in recognition of startups’ urgent need for talent, so you can find a huge variety of jobs at startups here.

The truly ambitious students can even find opportunities to be a co-founder of up-and-coming startups – definitely something you can consider attempting in your university years.

#11 MyCareersFuture

Formerly known as the “Jobs Bank”, MyCareersFuture has extensive listings for full-time, part-time as well as temp jobs. Run by Workforce Singapore, the portal contains useful features like filtering by job roles that come with government subsidies, and a suite of career counselling and job matching services.

If you are a Singaporean who is looking for a job but is unable to find one, Workforce Singapore can help connect you a to job you are looking for. To get started, you can make an appointment with Workforce Singapore here. Someone from the organisation will give you a call to arrange to meet up, and to link you up with the right companies and schemes that you are suitable for.

#12 GetLinks

If you are not in a hurry to apply for internships, why not let the recruiter apply to you instead? GetLinks allows you to do exactly just that

This website also has a couple of other features that are not found on other platforms, including a free consultation from a dedicated Talent Coach, and the option to hide your profile from past & existing employers.

On the flipside, a major problem with using GetLinks is that you can’t actually search for jobs: you have to wait for companies to get in touch if they are interested in your profile. If you have in mind a few companies that you really want to work with, or prefer to reach out to employers instead of waiting passively, you will have to try other platforms.

#13 Facebook Jobs

Yes, you read that right – now that Facebook has introduced its own job search feature, LinkedIn is no longer the only social media platform where you can find a job.

You can go to the Job Search page to find opportunities in different roles and locations, or head straight to the Facebook page of a company you are interested in and apply in their ‘jobs’ section.

Facebook Groups

If you are a social media addict who scrolls Facebook for interesting stories instead of paying attention, why not make your time count by finding out about job opportunities every time you open Facebook?

#14 Part Time & Ad Hoc Jobs Available!

With 98, 244 members, this public group is possibly the largest in Singapore for people on the hunt for temporary jobs, as well as recruiters who need manpower on an ad-hoc basis.

While Facebook groups do not give you the option of filtering all the job listings by company or location, you can still do so by manually searching in the search bar.

There are admins regulating the job postings, and users do report dubious jobs that appear to be scams. However, it is still better to be cautious of listings by unverified Facebook users, especially if they do not mention which company they are advertising for.

#15 Banquet & Events Jobs Singapore

If you are only interested in taking on one-off banquet and event gigs, this Facebook group is the right place to start looking.

This group is frequently updated with about 80 new postings everyday, so there is definitely no lack of jobs that you can sign up for.

Telegram Channels

For those who are always too slow when applying for gigs, and prefer being alerted to part time roles as and when they are available, subscribing to these telegram channels will do just the trick.

#16 Part Time Jobs (Singapore)

Part Time Jobs (Singapore) is possibly the biggest telegram channel for part-time job hunters. They post new jobs every few hours, and also promptly update whenever the advertised positions are filled.

The downside: with 32,199 subscribers also looking out for jobs on this channel, you will have to act fast if you see a job listing that you are interested in. Most listings also do not state the companies, so there is no guarantee that you will be working for a reliable employer.

#17 Part Time Student Job Hub SG

Keeping in mind that most students do not have much experience and have limited time, this Telegram channel posts part-time jobs that are more manageable. These include jobs that do not require staff to commit to all event dates, or which allow students to work together with their friends.

The channel is updated as and when there are new opportunities available. Listings are also updated immediately when the positions are filled. Competition here is much less intense than the Part Time Jobs telegram channel with just 7,483 subscribers. That means that you may have a higher chance of successfully applying for a gig posted here.

#18 NUS Tuition Assignments

Giving tuition is a popular part-time job that university students engage in. If you are looking to take on a new assignment but not sure where to start from, you can start by subscribing to the NUS Tuition Assignments telegram channel.

Although its name contains ‘NUS’, there is no restriction on the university that you must be enrolled in. Every listing clearly states the subjects to be taught, work hours expected, rates, as well as other requirements set by the tutee.

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With the advent of online platforms and communities as introduced above, the challenge students and job-seekers face becomes finding and applying for the appropriate job roles, and to stand out among the sea of applicants. Starting early and not procrastinating, becomes an important habit for students to practice.

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