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“Must Haves” On Your Wedding Day That You Don’t Really Need

How not to break the bank on your wedding day.

Congratulations, your wedding day is near! For couples though, the logistical, financial and emotional burdens of preparing for their big day can sometimes be very pressurising. But are there ways to avoid spending extravagantly just to get married?

These are 4 things you can safely cut and still have your dream wedding, saving a tidy sum of money for your honeymoon or future home in the process!

#1 Luxury Wedding Car

Seen wedding cars such as Bentley or Mercedes Benz on the road? A 4-hour package for Bentley Continental Flying Spur has rate as steep as over $1K. While Mercedes Benz can easily cost you up to $500 for 4 hours.

It isn’t a rule stating you must ride in a luxury car on your wedding day. Besides, most of your wedding guests won’t even see it or really care.

What you can do instead:

Instead of renting an expensive car that incurs unnecessary cost, you can approach your friends or relatives who owns a suitable car. This can amount to significant savings for your wedding budget.

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#2 Matching Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Matching bridesmaids’ dresses sound like a great idea because you’re able to take nice photos together with them on your wedding day.

Thought about the cons of it? A simple bridesmaid’s dress will cost around $50, assuming you have 5 bridesmaids, that will be another $250 off your wedding budget.

Other than the cost, your bridesmaids team might consist of women with different body types and personal styles. You wouldn’t want them to wear something they dislike or feel uncomfortable in just for your big day.

What you can do instead:

If you want the bridesmaids’ outfits to look cohesive without micromanaging their selection, why not go with giving them the option of picking their own outfit, based on a common theme? You can show them samples of color shades that will match well.

#3 Wedding Live Band/DJ

You want to entertain your guests with music on this special day, but hiring a live band or DJ can be incredibly expensive. Hiring a live band consisting of just one singer and one guitarist can cost you over $1K for a duration of 1.5 hours.

What you can do instead:

You can have a well-curated Spotify playlist full of songs you and your partner love, which will be good enough to keep guests dancing along!

#4 Fresh Floral Arrangements

Like many brides, you’ll need flowers for bridal bouquet, ring bearers or flower girls, ceremony entrance, table centerpiece and more. But you’ll most likely get a shock after receiving quotations from the florist. Flowers are insanely costly.

Some argue that having flowers for wedding is non-negotiable, but spending most of your wedding budget on flowers that will die shortly after your ceremony doesn’t make financial sense. Limiting flowers for your wedding will reduce the wedding expenses significantly.

What you can do instead:

The easier way is to choose a gorgeous venue that doesn’t require much additional decorations. If you still need more decorations to make the venue even more beautiful, consider DIY. Seek help from friends who are good at craftworks and make decorative paper flowers. If not, simply putting bulbs of tulips or baby’s breadth in glass bottle can be pretty and easily done. Also, you can substitute flowers with non-floral elements such as candles and lanterns as table centerpieces.

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You don’t need a huge budget to plan a memorable wedding and there are ways to cut costs without compromising much. With prudent planning and communication as a couple, you can avoid letting the biggest day of your lives be the day you accumulate the biggest debts.

Instead of spending an arm and a leg on a your wedding to keep up appearances or out of social pressure, when you remember that the true significance of a wedding is the occasion that you and your significant other exchange marriage vows and celebrate a new chapter of your lives together.

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