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What To Do If You Lose Your Wallet Or Purse In Singapore?

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This article was first published on 6 August 2019 and updated with the latest information.

You have probably been through the disorienting, traumatising experience of losing your wallets or purses in the past. Here’s hoping you won’t need to relive this unpleasant experience ever again.

But if the worst does happens, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you reunite with your precious wallet, or if that’s not possible, get back on your feet as soon as possible while minimising the financial impact of this unfortunate incident.

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Step 1: Check If Your Wallet Is Indeed Lost

Before pressing the panic button the moment you cannot locate your wallet, slow down for a few moments and methodically check your bags and person. Assume that the wallet is with you, unless proven otherwise, because chances are, they might just be laying in plain sight.

If you ascertain that they are not physically on you, try to mentally retrace your steps: where was the last time you saw or used your wallet? Where did you go afterward, up to the point you discovered your wallet being missing?

Here are some useful numbers to call to see if your missing item(s) have been found on public transport.

MRT and Bus Companies

SBS Transit Lost and Found (Tel: 6383 7211)

SMRT Lost and Found (Tel: 1800 336 8900)

Tower Transit Lost and Found (Tel: 1800 248 0960)

Go-Ahead Singapore Lost and Found (Tel: 6812 6458)

Taxi Companies

CityCab(Tel: 6552 1111)

Yellow Top Taxi (Tel: 6293 5545)

Trans-Cab Services (Tel: 6555 3333)

SMRT Taxis (Tel: 6555 8888)

Prime Taxi (Tel: 6898 2000)

Smart Automobile (Tel: 6485 7777)

ComfortDelGro (Tel: 6552 1111)

Premier Taxis (Tel: 6363 6888)

Private-Hire Transportation Companies

Grab Lost and Found (Tel: 655 0005 or e- mail: [email protected])

Gojek Lost and Found (Tel: 3135 3135)

If the item has not already been found and in the safe hands of customer service personnel, the next course of action would be to immediately cancel all your credit, debit and ATM cards. See Step 2.

Step: 2 Stop Your Lost Cards

Contact your issuing bank and cancel all the cards that are missing, even if you don’t think theft is involved. Getting a replacement card is a very easy and relatively painless process, while getting embroiled in disputes over charges on your card is not a pleasant experience.

ABN AMRO 6597 8866
American Express (AmEx) 1800 732 2244
Bank of China 6331 7128
CitiBank 1800 225 5225
DBS / POSB 1800 339 6963
Diners Club 6416 0900
HSBC 6472 2669
MasterCard International 800 110 0113
Maybank 1800 535 4084
OCBC 1800 363 3333
Standard Chartered 1800 747 7000
The Islamic Bank of Asia 6878 5522
UOB 1800 222 2121
VISA 6437 5800


After calling, do ask for the name of the person who attended to you. It will be helpful in case there is any dispute on the date or time of your report and cancellation of cards.

Step 3: Make A Police Report If Theft Is Suspected

You only need to make a Police Report if you believe your wallet, with credit cards, NRIC and other personal documents are stolen. You can do so online or at the nearest police post.

With police cameras and CCTVs all around, chances of a successful retrieval has increased compared to the past. A police report is also required as documentation for making an insurance claim, but do make the report online if possible, so as not to hog up policing resources at the neighbourhood police centres or hotlines.

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Step 4: Contact Your Insurer

If you have an insurance plan that covers loss of personal items (most commonly when you’re travelling) or something like Chubb’s Identity and Wallet Protection Insurance, you can contact your insurer to make claims and be reimbursed for the cost of your lost items.

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Step 5: Scrutinise Your Bank Statements

When your card statements arrive, check your transaction history and ensure there are no fraudulent transactions. Raise them with your bank if there are in a timely manner, and you will usually not be held liable for those charges.

Step 6: Get Replacements And Move On From This Incident

Now that you’ve done what you could regarding your lost wallet, learn what you can from the incident and build the right habits in future to prevent future occurrences.

If your NRIC were among the items lost, you need to inform the Immigrations & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) within 14 days and get a replacement.

And should you think that despite your best efforts you might lose your wallet again, perhaps due to failing memory, occupational hazard, or simply bad luck, you could increase the chances of finding your lost wallet using devices like the Tile tracker, or purchase the above-mentioned  Identity and Wallet Protection Insurance.

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