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Why Going For Regular Car Servicing Is Similar To Going For Regular Health & Dental Check-Ups

Servicing your car regularly is just as important as choosing which car to buy

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Going for regular check-ups is part and parcel of our lives. Whether it’s a health or dental check-up at the clinic, or an investment or insurance review with a financial adviser, reviewing the status of our physical or financial health regularly is important to pre-empt problems that may potentially surface in the future, and allows us to rectify these problems before they become worse.

For example, preventive medicine is a major area in healthcare. It refers to the practice of promoting preventive healthcare aimed at improving a person’s well-being and to prevent diseases, disability or major health issues that are preventable.

Regular Car Servicing Helps Us To Identify And Treat Potential Problems With Our Cars

Similar to how we go for regular health and dental check-ups, car owners should also do regular car servicing to maintain the condition and performance of their cars. With the high cost of car ownership in Singapore, it is sensible to keep our cars properly maintained and retain the best possible driving experience that we can have with our cars.

Sending our car for regular servicing will not only give us a peace of mind when we are on the road, but it could also save us more money in the long term. For example, fixing parts that have suffered wear and tear early could prevent other problems from occurring, saving us from the possibility of a hefty repair bill in the future. And if we do sell our cars in the future, having a full set of servicing records performed with a reputable workshop would allow us to find a willing buyer more easily and command a higher asking price.

How Often Should Car Servicing Be Done?

A general guideline for car servicing would be every 10,000km driven or every 6 months, whichever comes earlier. If we tend to drive our cars over longer distances, we should expect to service it more regularly as compared to a car that is driven less.

Based on the information we can find on the Borneo Motors website – Borneo Motors is the authorised dealer for Toyota Singapore – we can find out the areas that will be checked and serviced during both standard servicing and major servicing.

Standard Servicing Package

Standard Servicing Package applies for the following mileage – 10,000km/ 30,000km/ 50,000km/ 70,000km/ 90,000km and so forth.

A Standard Servicing Package from Borneo Motors includes checking & topping up of oil in areas such as the engine, brakes & clutches, hybrid system, chassis and electrical components. You can find out more about what is included in Borneo Motor’s Standard Servicing Package for Toyota here. The Standard Servicing package from Borneo Motors for Toyota cars starts from $228, with the price varying based on the age and car model that you drive.

Major Servicing Package

Major Servicing Package is recommended for Toyota’s cars by Borneo Motors for the following mileage – 20,000km/ 40,000km/ 60,000km/ 80,000km/ 100,000km and so forth.

A Major Servicing Package covers check & top-up in more areas such as the engine, brakes & clutches, hybrid system, chassis and electrical components. You can find out more about what is included in Borneo Motor’s Major Servicing Package for Toyota here. With the official Borneo Motors workshop for Toyota vehicles in Singapore, the Major Servicing Package costs from $328, with the price varying based on the age and car model that we drive.

Based on Borneo Motor’s recommended guideline for servicing, servicing intervals should be done every 10,000km or 6 months, whichever occurs earlier, rotated between standard servicing and major servicing. These can be done at any of the three Borneo Motors servicing centres for Toyota – Leng Kee, Pandan or Ubi.

Why Service Your Toyota With Borneo Motors?

Agreeing that we should do regular check-ups with our doctor, dentist or financial adviser is one part of the equation. However, whom we choose to do these check-ups with is just as important.

Beyond just ensuring that we do these regular check-ups with a trusted professional, what we ideally want is familiarity. For example, we may prefer going to the same family doctor or dentist who is familiar with some of the common issues we face, and can advise us if an existing issue is improving or worsening. This is as opposed to finding someone new who may not be familiar with any existing condition that we may have.

In the same way for car servicing, there is an advantage with opting for a workshop that is familiar with our vehicles. This is where Borneo Motors’ workshops have an advantage when it comes to Toyota cars since the company is the authorised dealer for Toyota (as well as Lexus and Hino) in Singapore and would be familiar with the cars they sell.

As the authorised dealer for Toyota cars in Singapore, Borneo Motors is not only well-positioned to sell us reliable Toyota cars, but also to service our vehicles to ensure that they remain in tip-top condition over the years. This applies to all Toyota car models, past and present, including the popular Altis, Camry, Prius, Vios and Wish, as well as niche models like the 86 and Crown.

Borneo Motors’ workshops and their in-house mechanics are not only familiar with servicing Toyota vehicles, but can also supply genuine parts when replacement parts are required.

Enjoy Special Promotion When You Service Your Toyota With Borneo Motors This Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is a great time to start off on a fresh note. In this aspect, for Toyota car owners, there are good reasons to service your car with Borneo Motor and be ready to roar into the Lunar New Year with confidence.

From now till 28 February 2022, make a minimum spend of $388 with Borneo Motors to service your vehicle and/or part replacements and you can get New Moon Abalone at $9.90 per can (maximum of 2 cans).

If you make a minimum spend of $888, you can get up to 4 cans of New Moon Abalone at $9.90 per can in addition to picking one of the 888 sure-win prizes – including 1-year free servicing, an Apple iPad, a Samsung Vacuum Cleaner, other Dining Vouchers and more! Terms & Conditions apply; while stocks last.

In addition to the benefits we enjoy when we service our Toyota with Borneo Motors, there are also special promotions that are available when we purchase products and accessories for our vehicle. These include up to 70% off selected tyres and rim packages, Air Care Bundle (Toyota Air Care + Cabin Air Filter) at just $182, exclusive BlackVue DVR bundle at $858, up to 40% off Toyota genuine floor mats, wireless charger at only $68 and 30% off leather seat covers. You can check out the full range of accessories that is available on the online Toyota accessories store.

Whether you are looking to service your Toyota with a reputable workshop that is familiar with your car model, or intending to upgrade your vehicle for the next year with the right accessories, Borneo Motors would be an ideal choice to go with – especially if you own a  Toyota car in Singapore.

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