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What Can You Do With Your Unused Robinsons Vouchers and Robs$?

Robinsons’ closure might be a troubling sign for other department stores.

On 30th October 2020, department store Robinsons announced that it would be ceasing its operations after 162 years and closing its last two remaining outlets at The Heeren and Raffles City Shopping Centre. This has led to much confusion as shoppers scrambled to figure out what to do with the unused Robinsons Vouchers and Rob$ that they are still holding on to.

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#1 What You Can Do With Your Robinsons Vouchers and Gift Cards

There are two types of Robinsons vouchers, one being vouchers printed with the Robinsons’ logo and the other being Al-Futtaim Retail Asia Gift Vouchers with the Al-Futtaim logo at the top.

Robinsons’ vouchers and gift cards can only be used at Robinsons outlets provided that the purchases are worth at least double the voucher amount. For example, you would have to spend at least $100 in a single receipt to use a $50 Robinsons voucher. The same policy goes for Robinsons gift cards as well. Robinsons’ closing down sale has started on 6th November 2020 so it would be best to use your vouchers as soon as possible before all stock has been sold.

Al-Futtaim vouchers can be used to purchase products at any Robinsons outlet as long as their spending is double the voucher amount. Alternatively, these vouchers can be used in any of the Al-Futtaim stores in their original value with no double purchase amount required. For those of you holding on to these vouchers, you have more options as to where to spend them as Al-Futtaim, Robinsons’ parent company, owns a wide retail portfolio in Singapore that includes popular brands such as Pull & Bear, Vans, Mango, Zara, Marks & Spencer, Ted Baker, Lacoste, and Royal Sporting House.

Note: Aside from its own Robinsons vouchers and gift cards, Robinsons will no longer accept supplier vouchers at any of its stores.

#2 How You Can Claim Your Remaining Robs$

If you are still holding on to your OCBC Robinsons Credit Card, do take note of the following. You will stop earning rebates on your OCBC Robinsons Credit Card from 6 November 2020 but you can still continue earning Robs$ on purchases charged to your card at all Marks & Spencer and Robinsons stores in Singapore. Just make sure to clear all your Robs$ by 15 April 2021 as any unutilised Robs$ thereafter will be forfeited.

If you are an existing OCBC Robinsons Credit Cardholder, you may be notified that an OCBC Titanium Rewards Card will be issued to you. Any remaining Rob$ on 15 April 2021 will be converted to OCBC$ at the indicated rate after you activate your new OCBC Titanium Rewards Card. Just make sure that your new OCBC Titanium Rewards Card is activated by 12 April 2021 if you do not want to forfeit any unused Robs$. You will also be happy to note that your annual fees will be waived for the first 2 years.

As for those of you who are already holding both cards, any unutilised Robs$ from your OCBC Robinsons Credit Card will automatically be converted to OCBC$ in your OCBC Titanium Rewards Credit Card by 15 April 2021. The converted OCBC$ will be valid for a period of 2 years from the date of conversion so this option will give you more time to redeem your points if you do not want to rush to clear your Robs$ from your OCBC Robinsons Credit Card.

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#3 What Are Your Other Options Regarding Robinsons Products

Aside from unused Robinsons vouchers, gift cards and Rob$, you may be concerned with the products you have purchased from Robinsons.

With effect from 29 October 2020, Robinsons will not accept any refunds and exchanges for items sold both prior to 29 October and after. This also includes products which deposits have been paid and have not been delivered. This means that if you plan to use up your vouchers, check your purchases thoroughly as any purchases made are final, even if the product is defective.

As part of the liquidation process, Robinsons and its liquidators, KordaMentha, have assured customers that they are in the process of reaching a resolution with their suppliers and that affected customers will be notified about the outcome. If you have paid deposits for any Robinsons products but have yet to receive them, you should email copies of your receipts and delivery documents to KordaMentha to ensure that your purchase is recorded with their office.

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Some suppliers such as Sealy Singapore have stepped forward to state that they will honour orders placed by customers who have paid Robinsons in full for Sealy beds. Since then, other suppliers have stated that they will follow suit so you can also reach out to them directly to enquire about your product delivery details.

If you paid by credit card and want to seek a refund, you can file a chargeback request with your bank within 120 days of the transaction provided that you can show supporting documents which include the payment receipt, delivery date and written correspondence to prove that you attempted to resolve the delivery of the products with Robinsons and the supplier.

This means that if you bought products from Robinsons before July 2020, you will not be able to file a chargeback request. However, you can file a proof of debt with KordaMentha if you do not get satisfactory recourse. If you are unsure of your recourse options or how the process works, you can approach the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for help.

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