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Are Staycations A Waste Of Your Money?

How Much Would You Pay For A Staycation?

Staycations are incredibly popular these days. Top prizes in lucky draws are often sponsored, 3D2N staycations in hotels.

Why Are Staycations So Popular?

In a country like Singapore there is honestly not much for us to do. Café hopping? Cycling? SEA Aquarium? Coney Island? We are running out of things to do on our tiny island. Staycations give couples, families and groups of friends a place to spend good, quality, uninterrupted time together.

Staycations are an affordable option to a weekend getaway to a nearby country. It allows Singaporeans to take a break away from their usual environment and lifestyle, while enjoying the various facilities the hotel has to offer. The pristine white sheets, clean and spacious rooms are a huge draw for families and couples to spend the weekend together out of their homes.

Staycations have also become a cheaper alternative to overseas travels for groups of friends. It saves you the cost of a plane ticket and provides a great gathering place for friends that enjoy spending late nights together.

Do you think staycations are a waste of your money? Here’s what some Singaporeans have to say.

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“Save money can do other more fun things.” – Jacky, Entrepreneur (28) 

“That same amount of money could’ve been used to travel around Southeast Asia.” – Shazni, Content Creator (27)

“A hotel stay is worth it only if you travel overseas.” – Chantelle, Writer (22)

 “If you already have a home in Singapore, there should be no need to pay extra for accommodation.” – Timothy, Editor (28)


“A good break away from the usual lifestyle. Good way to hang out with a bunch of friends” – Deanna, Business Manager (30)

“Can have a simple and relaxing getaway without the hassle of travelling too far from home.” – Justin, Student (21)

“An affordable alternative to chalet/vacation. Popular choice for 21st, gatherings and anniversaries.” – Francisca, Intern (21)

“Alternative to a short holiday.” – Jocelyn, Housewife (39)

How Much Are You Willing To Pay?

The cost of a hotel stay ranges from around $80 to $400 per night.

Hotel Price per night (Estimated) $
Venue Hotel 80
Hotel NuVe 100
Amara 150
Swissotel The Stamford 200
The Fullerton Hotel 300
Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa 340
The Ritz-Carlton 400


Around $200 a night maximum is a good gauge of what a Singaporean would pay for a staycation. This boils down to $50 per person if you have 3 other friends to share the cost with. For the facilities as well as breakfast many of these breakfasts provide, it is a relatively good price to pay for comfortable accommodation.

However, many people think that the money spent on a staycation in Singapore would be better spent elsewhere, such as saving up for a longer overseas trip. This is especially so if you already have a venue/home to spend time at which would cost you nothing at all.

The cost of a night in a Singapore hotel is comparable to the price of a plane ticket to somewhere in Southeast Asia like Bangkok, Thailand. With plane tickets cheaper than a hotel stay, many people would opt to pay a little more for the full overseas experience instead.

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