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6 Things That Are More Important Than Your University CAP

There’s much more to university than just your grades.

It is not all doom and gloom for students with less than satisfactory university CAP/GPAs.

A “lousy” university CAP does not define you as a person. Neither does it define your potential nor your future. There is much more to university life that would help prepare you for the real working world.

Here are 6 things that are more important than your university CAP/GPA.

#1 Managing Your Own Finances

Some of you might already be doing this. For those of you who have not, uni life is a good time to get started.

Ask yourself how much are you spending each month? How much are you saving? How much does that add up for the whole semester?

Many students give tuition and have other forms of income, be it allowance from parents or money earned doing part-time job. Ensure you spend within your means. Understand where your money is going to each month.

Cultivating this healthy habit will come in handy in the future when you start to earn a salary and are fully dependent on yourself to manage your own finance.

#2 An Internship

Your university course will be one of the biggest factors that shape your career path, but it is not the only determinant.

Your decision on what to specialise in, and whether to take a minor will play a part in shaping which industry you’ll eventually join, what job you’ll do, and how much you may earn. Choose these specialisations and minors wisely, and you’ll be thanking yourself in the years to come.

Internships have become almost a compulsory element of university life. Many students take up internships during their summer and breaks. Internships expose students to what it is like working in a full-time job. It allows you to put your abilities to good use, pick up new skills, and learn a thing or two about the industry you are in.

An internship is also important in helping students decide what they would like to do, and what they should be avoiding. You may want to join investment banking or financial sales, until you start working and realise just how much you actually dislike it. An internship answers that question for you while you are still in school. It maximises the long break away from school, and also provides the opportunity to earn some money along the way.

#3 Networking

In university, you’ll interact with many different students. You’ll get to know people from your course, hall, CCA, modules or simply someone you always bump into while studying at Starbucks. The importance of networking cannot be overlooked.

Who knows, one of them could end up as your startup co-founder, colleague, or boss in the future. Good working relationships could come in handy next time, when you need a financial advisor, insurance agent or wedding planner. You would want them to be someone you can trust.

Most universities organize talks, seminars and workshops for students to sign up for. Attending these talks gives you the opportunity to mingle with others with similar interests. You would also have the opportunity to talk to experienced people in the industry, and understand from them more on their career.

#4 Financial Planning

It’s important to start planning for your financial future early. Expose yourself to various platforms to learn more about financial planning. It is never too early to start!

Universities offer many clubs and societies that assist you in this area such as Investment Societies. Universities also conduct financial workshops for students to attend.

Many working adults will tell you one of their biggest regrets was not having started earlier. This includes what they could have saved more and made a difference to their finances now. Make the best of your time in university by educating yourself on financial matters. Do not procrastinate!

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#5 Find A Life Partner &…BTO

Marriage is not as far away as you think. Upon graduation, males are already 25 years old. By the time you get your BTO flat in about 3 years, you would already be 28 years old.

University is a good time to get a BTO and maximise the grants you’re eligible for as a student. If your other half has already been working for at least a year, you might also be eligible for both the Special CPF Housing Grant as well as the Additional Housing Grant as long as your monthly income does not exceed $5000.

Even if your goal is not to find a life partner in university, you should try to find friends for life. You’ll be meeting people who are going in the same direction as you, people that have similar life goals. It’s a good time to make some real, good friendships.

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#6 Make Time For The Things You Love

Make time to do the things you really enjoy and spend that time well.

You might be caught up with the various activities you have going on in university, but always remember to spend time with your family and the people important in your life.

Working adults will tell you to make the most of your university time, to enjoy it while it lasts, before you enter the working world. Grades might be important, but there is a lot more to your university life than your CAP/GPA.

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