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5 Finance Games You Can Play On Your Mobile Phone During Your Daily Commute

Learning finance can be as easy as simply playing a game.

Commuting via public transport is not something that most of us look forward to each day. That is why most of us would be on our mobile phones, using applications like Facebook and Instagram to catch up with the latest news, gossips, and what our friends have been up to.

But have you ever craved for a more intellectually engaging game? Or how about a game that can teach you more about important financial concepts? If you are looking for some games that are both intellectually engaging and useful in improving your financial knowledge, we would like to share with you our list of our favorite 5 finance games that you can play on your mobile phones while commuting.

(1) Little Trader – Build Your Own Investment Empire



This game allows you to run your very own investment firm in a dirty basement of New York high-rise while helping your clients to make money in the 1920 stock market.

During the course of the game, you can buy or sell stocks, make profits for your clients, and get them to become loyal customers so that you can earn more money to expand your business. At different parts of the game, players will also get a chance to complete short investing lessons (quests) for extra coins.

For those who find the quest intriguing, the game developer, Tradimo offers more in-depth lessons and tools for long term investing and day trading – free of charge.

The game is now only available on App Store.

(2) World Of Finance – For Aspiring Portfolio Managers



Be the founder and CEO of an investment company (yes, you can do it with zero finance job experience!) and lead your company towards an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Hire analysts and other employees with different skillsets to complete an IPO on NASDAQ.

This game provides a walk through of how an investment firm works, Aspiring students who are interested to work in an investment firm can get a taske of how a deal flows in investment banks.

This game is available on both Google Play Store and App store.

(3) WhyMoolah – Basically, Singapore Version Of Game Of Life



WhyMoolah is a simulation game that will take you through life in Singapore. The game starts when your character first graduates. You are free to choose your career and would then work your way up the career ladder. Along the way, you will encounter life events such as getting married, buying a house and getting a baby.

The game developer has loaded tons of relevant information such as housing loan interest rates, CPF, stock investment, different types of insurances and credit cards, hoping to demystify personal finance matters in Singapore.

If you enjoy playing the game of life, you will definitely enjoy playing this game.

This game is available in both Google Play Store and App Store.

(4) Finance Guru – Unleash The Finance Geek Within You



Finance Guru a real time multiplayer quiz game that will test your knowledge in finance. The quiz offers a range of topics for you to choose from.


This game is suitable for finance students or those who want to improve their financial knowledge through interactive game. In fact, we think playing this game for 10 mins might actually be better than reading boring lecture notes for the same duration.

This game is only available on App Store.

(5) Rainmaker – Ultimate Trading Game: Fast Paced Trading Game



This game offers a fast pace trading experience, allowing you to buy and sell the stocks in 30 seconds, when you are in fact running through the stock prices for 2 years. At the end of the game, they test your finance knowledge by asking you to guess the name of the company based on the past years stocks trend.



This game is for anyone who needs a little adrenaline rush. As each game only lasts for 30 seconds, it is suitable for people who are commuting between short distances or having.

Bonus Game:

Wongamania: For Players Who Wants Human Interaction


Sick of everyone looking down at their phones during gathering? Perhaps it’s time to have some interaction together with your friends and family members.

This locally designed game aims to help the average Singaporeans gasp some simple financial terms. At the same time, it enables players to realise that asset classes can be volatile during economy cycles, and to allow players to appreciate that financial independence should hold regardless of economy cycles.

The aforementioned games are tried and tested by us and we hope that it is useful for different types of people. Learning finance can be fun and interactive. You can improve your financial knowledge even during your commute time.