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5 Common Things People Buy in Singapore When They Should Be Renting Instead

The extra money you save by renting can make your dream vacation come true.

You see something you like, you check its price, you think about whether you really need it and then you go ahead to buy it.

Sounds like how every buying decision comes about?

In the Singapore that we live in today, thinking only about whether you should buy an item is not the only decision you should consider. With the variety of rental services available for us today, renting instead of buying have become a viable alternative for many items.

Here are five common things Singaporeans buy, when they should rent instead.

#1 Wedding Gowns

Wedding gowns place an important role in any wedding, not just for what it offers from an artistic standpoint, it also has the potential of taking a huge part of your wedding budget.

Renting, instead of buying your wedding gown is a cost effective way for brides who want to wear a designer dress at a fraction of the cost.

In today’s fast-changing fashion industry, it’s unlikely that future generations would want to inherit their mothers’ gown. At the same time, the chances of you re-wearing the gown again in any event is slim, so it doesn’t make sense to pay more to buy a gown. The money saved can easily be used for something more practical, such as your honeymoon or home renovation.

There are a few bridal boutiques; Rico-A-Mona, Blessed Brides, Dream Wedding which offer designer gowns at reasonable rental fee ranging from $200-$400.

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#2 Designers Bags

If you are unsure about spending more than $5,000 on a Chanel bag, but would like to have a sense of how it feels like to own one, the solution could be to rent it online.

There are a few bag rental boutiques such as Luke for Lease and The Bag I Want which allow you to rent your favorite designer bag at an affordable price starting from $79 a week.

By doing so, you’re able to carry different bags for different occasions instead of sticking to just one that would cost you a bomb. Also, no one wants to open a closet and be greeted by a moldy bag. Hence, renting frees up the hassle of maintenance too.

Some might feel the process of renting is cumbersome, but that’s before they realise how simple it actually is.




#3 Children Toys

Renting toys is probably the best way to find out what your kids truly love, allowing them to explore toys they want before you buy.

This is a logical thing to do because most children’s interests change as they grow older, so their once “favorite” toys may no longer appeal to them.

The added benefit for renting is that you do not need to keep huge quantity of unused old toys at home. Renting is a practical solution, giving you the clutter-free home you wish for while helping you to spend less on toys.

Singapore has various toy rental companies, Toy Self for instance, that you can choose from at a reasonable price starting from $35 per month.



#4 Textbooks

Majority of university undergraduates requires textbook these days. Students need to complete 8 to over 12 modules a year with each textbook costing anywhere between $60 to over $100. When you sum up this amount, you can see that the cost of textbooks can be a significant chunk of students’ expenses.

With more textbook rental sites available, renting is the way to go. Here’s a breakdown of how much you can save a year just by renting:

#5 Movies

People these days are deviating from going to the cinemas to watch movies. Many prefer to watch movies at home with lesser distractions and more control.

Instead of buying a movie to watch at home, why not consider renting instead. We look at how much you can save if you rent movies from iTunes instead of buying them.

Assuming you rent a movie to watch every weekend, you can easily save up to $60 a month. Also, if you’re only intending to watch the movies once, there’s really no point in purchasing it.

Other than iTunes, there are sites such as Amazon, Netflix, Google Movies for you to rent the latest blockbusters.

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