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Watch: A Day In The Life of an e-Commerce Business Owner

It’s not a 9-to-6 job.

Miki Phoon owns a social e-commerce business called M2GIC that specialises in creating, distributing, and selling beauty products. The business started in 2019 and operates its own e-commerce site where consumers and distributors can purchase products directly for their own use.

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Starting The Day Checking Out New Orders

As her distributors and customers tend to make their purchases late at night, she usually spends her morning going through new orders first. She will go back to the office once or twice a week to send out bulk orders to her distributors.

It’s Essential To Work With The Right Courier Service Provider

Miki recalled the challenges she faced in her earlier years when she had limited courier service options back then. She had to either meet her customers at MRT stations, cafes, or even at their place. She tried hiring private drivers to send her around to send parcels and goods to her customers and that takes up a lot of her time operationally.

On an average day, she will need to send out about 50 to 60 parcels and Lalamove became one of the platforms she turns to for logistic solutions, which also provides the option for multiple location drop-offs. Once an order has been placed with Lalamove for immediate delivery, the parcels will be delivered within 55 minutes after the drivers pick them up from her location. For van and lorry orders with moving services, deliveries will take an average of 2 hours to complete.

Especially during peak shopping season like 9.9, 10.10, 11.11 or 12.12 sales, having a reliable courier service provider helps her ensure the parcels are delivered to her customers on time and in good order. The Lalamove app also provides real-time tracking of the delivery for added assurance on the delivery progress.

Rest, Refocus & Recharge

Miki spends her free time surfing TikTok, Instagram and Facebook to generate new ideas for her business. Playing up her leadership role in the company, it is important to be constantly updated with the latest trend and insights from resource books and social media.

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