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15 Singapore YouTube Channels You Can Watch To Learn More About Finance

Running out of things to watch on YouTube?

From music videos, gaming livestreams, background study music, or even late-night mukbang binge-watch, YouTube serves as a great entertainment tool. However, more than just entertainment, Google data shows that as of 2017, there are 500 million views of learning-related content on YouTube every day. Learning more about personal finance is no exception as the number of financial education YouTube channel continues to grow.

Although there is no cookie-cutter finance solution and information concerning such should always be taken with a pinch of salt, knowledge is something that you can never have enough of. In this article, we introduce 15 Singapore finance YouTube channels you can (binge) watch without having to feel guilty that you are spending too much time on YouTube.

If you did not already know, we also have our very own DollarsAndSense YouTube channel! Videos that we produce include topics on retirement planning, property, and even Singapore policies that could affect us. To allow our viewers to understand us and the industry better, we also include insights into our lives such as our “A Day In The Life Of” series.

But if you are thinking of watching finance YouTube videos beyond DollarsAndSense, here are 15 make-in-Singapore YouTube finance channels to consider.

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Financial Education Channels

#1 MONEY FM 89.3 (2.14k subscribers, 138 videos)

Just like their name suggests, and direction of their radio station, videos on MONEY FM 89.3’s YouTube channel focuses on business and money related topics. Their videos adopt various methods of communicating these topic with audiences such as recorded interviews and conversations – some of which through video conferences.

The “#MoneyMatters” series discusses various money-relevant topics with experts in the field for each particular topic. For example, they discussed about investing for parents with Finance Presenter Ryan Huang and SG Budget Babe, while discussing about the stock market with Finance Presenter JP Ong and SGX Market Strategist Geoff Howie.

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#2 Café Money (16k subscribers, 28 videos)

Café Money focuses on one money-related topic for each episode they release on their YouTube channel. They remain relevant by talking about popular topics such as passive income, starting a business, alternative investments, and even how to become a YouTuber. Despite being relatively new in the space, having joined in February 2021, they have built their channel to have a decent following of around 16k subscribers.

Café Money’s videos also discusses trendy investing trends such as NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) in one of their recent videos “When Should I Invest in NFTs?”. Chicken Genius, Benny, and Qiuyu first introduces NFTs and share more about their views on and experience with this new investment trend through their conversation.

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#3 The Woke Salaryman (2.87k subscribers, 16 videos)

The Woke Salaryman aims to make accessible content to inspire, educate and remind everyone to have a good and healthy relationship with money. Widely recognised for their relatable comics on their Instagram and Facebook page, The Woke Salaryman also posts YouTube videos to work towards that goal.

Videos uploaded such as “Is it better to be a Jack-of-All-Trades or a Master-of-One” addresses questions that many may have about personal finance. This video is representative of how simple yet engaging animated comics are used to weigh different perspectives and their pros and cons. While explaining the difference between being a specialist and generalist, their videos still leave room for viewers to formulate their own opinion on what works best depending on their unique situation.

#4 Seedly (4.85k subscribers, 53 videos)

As one of Singapore’s biggest personal finance community that allows users to crowdsource knowledge before making a financial decision, Seedly makes use of their YouTube channel to share this information, aiming to be an unbiased reviews platform for a myriad of financial products ranging from travel insurance to robo-advisors.

Seedly often uploads their livestreams that discusses various investments with other experts in the industry. One of the recent ones include “What Can You Do With Your Crypto?” that involved Kenneth (Co-founder and CEO of Seedly), Dawn (more widely known as Budget Babe), Dan Clarke (Global SEO Manager of Gemini), Zach Burks (Founder and CEO of Mintable), and Dr Julian Hosp (Co-founder and CEO of Cake DeFi). They discussed how to best store cryptos and even the recent trend of NFTs, while addressing the questions from the live chat.

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Investing Channels

#5 SGXChannel (13.1k subscribers, 613 videos)

SGXChannel on YouTube is managed by the Singapore Exchange (SGX), which is Asia’s leading and trusted securities and derivatives market infrastructure, operating equity, fixed income, currency, and commodity markets to the highest regulatory standards. Videos posted on their YouTube channel ranges from animated education videos, recordings of investor education seminars, or even listing ceremonies on SGX.

For those who want to learn more about investing in a fun and easy way, the “SGX Education Video” playlist introduces the basics of concepts such as ETFs, reading annual reports, basics of market timing, and even financial ratio shortcuts.

#6 TheFifthPerson (21.2k subscribers, 150 videos)

TheFifthPerson makes use of their YouTube channel to encourage viewers to achieve their financial goals through smarter investing. They  adopt various methods such as sharing about company quick facts and even answering frequently asked questions to pique viewers interest in investing. Beginner friendly guides on how to start investing at different age groups and identify winning stocks are also created to increase viewers’ financial literacy.

In their video “REIT Investing For Beginners – How REITs Work”, TheFifthPerson’s co-founder, Rusmin, shared more about how S-REITs work and its structure to give a clearer idea of its business model. In the other videos within the series shed more insights on REIT Investing such as comparing fixed and floating interest rate.

#7 Kelvin Learns Investing (38.5k subscribers, 144 videos)

Kelvin Learns Investing talks about money related topics in an informal and casual way. The videos are kept very relevant to Singaporeans with Kelvin’s strong Singaporean accent and frequent use of Singapore lingos, which also takes out the intimidating façade of talking about finance topics.

Videos are made relatable through linkage with trending topics and recent news such as Tesla cars and Singapore Pools respectively. Kelvin keeps his content simple which is reflected in his channel description that states that the channel talks “about money related stuff like investing, credit cards, how to save money to retire early!” He maintains this tone even when sharing about complex financial instruments such as options in his video “What Are Options? I How Do Options Work?”. His reference to durians and ah bengs in this video injects humour while maintaining the educational purpose of the video.

#8 Invest With Nigel (6.04k subscribers, 111 videos)

Invest With Nigel is a rather new finance YouTube account that was created slightly over a year ago. A young investor himself, Nigel aims to talk about personal finance and stock investing to help those who watch his videos take charge of their finances.

With the continuous happenings and crackdowns in China, the playlist “Investing in China I Chinese Stock Analysis” talks about how these market trends could affect the stock market and what you should consider or even take action on. Despite sharing his sentiments on being a China bull and his faith in the Chinese economy, he focuses on introducing the situation in a non-biased and factual way.

#9 Chicken Genius Singapore (249k subscribers, 249 videos)

Chicken Genius Singapore is managed by Ken, who retired at 38, and hopes to help others achieve financial independence through his videos. The channel discusses stocks to buy, disruptive stocks, multi-baggers, or anything to do with money in a simple way.

Ken shares about his thoughts and experiences on investing, even sharing more about his personal portfolio. Apart from diving straight into the technicalities of investing, Ken also takes the time to explain the importance of adopting certain strategies, including hinging on opportunities posed by crisis as he shared about in his video “How to get rich during this recession”.

#10 Josh Tan – TheAstuteParents (21.7k subscribers, 247 videos)

As the co-founder of TheAstuteParents, Josh Tan makes use of his YouTube channel to share more about personal finance. Some topics that he touches on include tips on earning a passive income, retirement planning, and how you can reach financial freedom. Josh also has another YouTube channel called The Josh Tan Show! That focuses on discussing the latest news on money, business and financial topics.

Josh focuses on sharing more about investing from how to start with videos such as “How to invest in Singapore with ONLY $1,000” to more specific ones such as buy recommendations and even strategies such as dollar cost averaging. The wide variety of videos also stretches to his role as a parent, where he shares snippets of him educating his kids and even vlogs of his family trips.

Niche Topics

#11 Thoughtworthy Co (81.2k subscribers, 32 videos)

Thoughtworthy Co describes their YouTube content as “wholesome content for a healthy, happy & humble life; minimalist”. They share about their minimalist approach to managing personal finance such as how much money they spend in a month and things that we should not spend on to save money. Founded by a husband and wife duo from Singapore, these videos are thoughtfully crafted to remain visually soothing yet still thought-provoking.

“3 Things You Should Spend Less Money On (Minimalism & Sustainability)” talks about how we should spend less on phones, electricity, and clothes. Thoughtworthy Co talks about this matter in a vulnerable way which honestly shares their considerations and takes on personal finance through the lens of minimalists.

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#12 CPF Board (19.6k subscribers, 126 videos)

The official YouTube channel of the CPF Board aims to educate people on the different aspects of CPF (Central Provident Fund) savings throughout the key stages of life. Apart from information about CPF, the CPF YouTube channel also shares tips on how you can better manage your finances, grow your savings (or “nest egg” in their words) and work towards a secure retirement. What more reliable way to learn more about CPF than the CPF Board themselves?

CPF Board collaborated with students from LASELLE College of the Arts to come up with a series of films to promote the importance of planning ahead amongst youths. “CPF: Student Lens” adopts a different approach to encourage financial literacy, encouraging even the youths in Singapore to understand how they can financially prepare from their younger days and its importance.

#13 Rayner Teo (1.25M subscribers, 669 videos)

Rayner Teo is the founder of TradingwithRayner and an independent trader himself. On his YouTube channel, he shares educational videos on price action trading, stocks, forex, and technical analysis to his huge subscriber base of 1.25 million. Once in a while, he also shares some personal advice based on his experiences such as parenting advice and his secret to success.

One is his most popular videos is “The Ultimate Candlestick Patterns Trading Course (For Beginners)” that he posted 2 years ago that gained close to 5 million views up to date. The structure of the video is clear, making it easy to follow, even if you have no experience in technical analysis. Rayner starts off by introducing how to read a candlestick pattern, goes on to explain how to combine candlestick patterns, and continues to elaborate on how to and how not to use them to trade. More details on various theories Dragonfly and a Gravestone Doji, Morning and evening star, Tweezer Top and Bottom, and fitting everything into the TAE (Trend, Area of Value, Entry Trigger) framework.

#14 Stackedhomes (37.8k subscribers, 87 videos)

Stacked Homes aim to help Singapore home buyers, sellers and renters make better decisions by providing more accurate perspective on Singapore real estate. Their research and findings are shared through videos posted on their YouTube channel.

One of their latest videos includes “6 Mistakes To Avoid When Upgrading From An HDB To A Condo”. It warns those who are planning to upgrade from an HDB to a condo against 6 mistakes.

  • Option-to-Purchase (OTP) can be negotiable
  • Losing the intended unit when you wait to sell first
  • Not understanding how Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) remission works
  • No preparation for renovation costs or delays
  • No contingency plan for staying longer
  • Selling first with nothing to buy

The video also introduces other various considerations and methods to adopt depending on one’s unique situation such as looking at constantly rising house prices or the type of condominium one is upgrading to.

#15 PropertyLimBrothers (51.1k subscribers, 899 videos)

PropertyLimBrothers is a real estate brand in Singapore that not just transact with clients, but create content regarding the real estate market scene in Singapore. Their videos include tips and advice on selling properties, investing in properties in Singapore, and even discussions on common questions that sellers and buyers will have.

Apart from their popular Singapore Luxury Property series, another interesting playlist that they have is the “NOTG – Nuggets On The Go” playlist that discusses a different issue on each episode. These videos break down various property trends from news articles, common population census, or even consolidation of happenings in the property market scene.

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