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Have A Feeling You May Be Heartbroken This Valentine’s Day? You Can Now Sign Up For A Free Broken Heart Insurance To Insure Against It

Know of someone who may need this insurance from Insurance Market for this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is coming upon us in just one week. For some, it’s the one day of the year when have the excuse to splurge as much money as we want on a meal with the love of our life. For the rest of us who are more practical, it’s a day to avoid eating out, unless you want to pay for an overpriced dinner in a packed restaurant.

For some, Valentine’s Day could be a reminder that we are single, not that there’s anything wrong with that. However, if you are one of those who have just been on the receiving end of a bad break up (and we know a couple of YouTube influencers who are in this category), or suspect that you might be breaking up soon, there might be a Valentine’s Day “insurance” that you can sign up for.

Enter Saint Valentine Insurance Market – An Insurance Broker Who Wants To Cheer You Up

Most of us are familiar with the concept of insurance. We buy insurance to protect ourselves against the possibility of an adverse situation happening. It could be something trivial and reversible, like losing our wallet while overseas. It could also be something major where recover is difficult, such as a critical illness.

By itself, insurance does not prevent these incidents from happening to us, or the people whom we buy these insurance policies for.

However, the point of insurance is to help us get back on our feet, and to help us move forward with their lives.

And that’s exactly the message which Insurance Market, an online insurance broker in Singapore, hopes to accomplish on 14 February.

Here’s a video on what they will be doing.

Buy A Free “Heartbreak Insurance Policy” And Claim A Pair Of Movie Tickets If You Are Heartbroken On Valentine’s Day

In order to let people better understand how insurance work, and allow them to relate to its importance, Insurance Market has rolled out it’s first first-of-its-kind marketing campaign in Singapore, the Broken Heart Insurance (“BHI”), to show people in Singapore some love on Valentine’s Day.

Source: Insurance Market, Broken Heart Insurance

From now till 13 February, Insurance Market will have its Broken Heart Insurance policy, which is available for anyone to apply for.

“Policyholders” who find themselves heartbroken on Valentine’s Day (14 Feb) can make a claim on the day itself by submitting their “heartbreak story” via Insurance Market’s BHI website, or by logging in to their Insurance Market account.

Successful applicants will qualify for a “payout”, which ironically, is in the form of a pair of movie tickets. Insurance Market hopes that the claim process will help applicants better appreciate the procedure of how insurance is bought and claim. People buy insurances in the hopes that they never need it. Yet when something does indeed happen, it is available for them to claim from it.

Otbert De Jong, Chief Executive Officer of Insurance Market, was quick to point out that “insurance will never fully replace an individual’s loss, but that it is necessary, to a certain extent, to provide some coverage to limit the risk people are facing in meeting their responsibilities.”

A Fun Way To Get Over Your Valentine’s Blue

Otbert explains that the Broken Heart Insurance campaign was thought of by the team as an interesting and fun way for them to get Singaporeans to “experience the ease and convenience of going online and leveraging on technology for their insurance needs – from finding suitable insurance policies to buying in an extremely transparent manner to checking and managing them to making changes or claims.”

And it isn’t just people who have broken up who would be able to make a “claim” for the Broken Heart Insurance. If you one of those who are stuck in the “friend-zone” or the “forever alone” group, Insurance Market want to put you back on the market (no pun intended!)

Source: Insurance Market, Broken Heart Insurance

Insurance Market may not be able to get you a date as easily as what Tinder or Lunch Actually can, but they sure hope to put a smile on your face this Valentine’s Day, and to hopefully help get you get started as you continue to seek love.

So apply for your Broken Heart Insurance today, and remember to make a claim from them on 14 February to get a free pair of movie tickets.


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