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Guide To Supper Locations For University Students In Singapore — And Alternatives If You Don’t Want To Go Out

Attention incoming freshmen. When you’re hungry in your hall of residence late at night, here are the food places you can head to for supper with your mates.

For all you night owls out there studying till late, there are days when you feel hungry in the middle of the night.

If you ever want to know how long it takes to walk (or drive) to eateries near your university, or what are the alternatives if you are lazy to go out, here’s a compiled list for you.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

#1 S11 Eating House Beside Nanyang Community Club

Photo: The Nanyang Chronicle

A 10-minutes’ walk from the entrance of NTU, this 24-hour coffee shop next to the Nanyang Community Club sells an array of local cuisine. Highly popular items include oyster omelette, fishball noodles, and fried carrot cake, which are all priced affordably for a student.

Price: $3 to $7 per person
Postal Code: 640964

#2 Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak

Photo: Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak

Located at the hawker centre near Blocks 221A/B Boon Lay Place, this humble stall that opens till 3.30 am every day has been featured in many food blogs for its fragrant rice and crispy chicken wings. Each nasi lemak set costs only $3.50 and you can choose between chicken, fish fillet, or otah. This place takes only a 10-minutes’ drive from the entrance of NTU.

Price: $3.50 and up
Postal Code: 642221

#3 2211 Mookata (Jurong West)

Photo: 2211 Mookata – Jurong

Located at Jurong West Street 91, 2211 Mookata is opened from 5 pm to 3 am daily. The place is well-ventilated and suitable for big groups of students after studying or CCA sessions. A large variety of meats, seafood, and vegetables are available from only $1.90 per plate. It takes a 7 minutes’ drive or 15 to 20 minutes’ walk to get here.

Price: About $10 per person
Postal Code: 640907

#4 Coffeeshop Next To Pioneer MRT

Photo: Gin Was Here

This coffee shop is located at Block 651 Jurong West Street 63. To get there, it takes an 8 minutes’ drive or 20 minutes by foot.

The chicken rice, dim sum, and mixed vegetable rice are all popular options among residents living nearby, but the most favoured stall would be the economic bee hoon stall, also affectionally known as “Ah Lian Bee Hoon”. Besides fried bee hoon, the stall sells an assortment of sides ranging from fried chicken wings to stir-fried beans.

Price: $2 and up
Postal Code: 640651

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National University Of Singapore (NUS)

#5 Al Amaan Restaurant

Photo: Al Amaan Restaurant Pte Ltd

Located along Clementi Road behind Eusoff Hall, the restaurant has an extensive menu serving up Indian, Western, and Thai dishes. The restaurant operates from 11 am to 3 am daily. Popular food items are butter chicken masala, naan, and not forgetting the avocado milkshake, which is priced at a reasonable $3. Al Amaan offers a delivery service for orders above $10, so you can combine your order with other hungry friends. From Eusoff Hall, it takes only 5 to 10 minutes to walk, or a 7 minutes’ drive from U-Town.

Price: $4 and up per person
Postal code: 129742

#6 Fong Seng Nasi Lemak

Credits: Joanne Moon on Facebook

Just a 7 minutes’ drive from U-Town, this highly raved nasi lemak stall at Clementi Road is opened till 4 am daily. The rice is fluffy and fragrant, with many sides to choose from.

Price: $4 and up
Postal Code: 129757

#7 SuperSnacks

Photo: SuperSnacks

SuperSnacks is located within Prince George Residences and is opened till 1 am, from Mondays to Sundays. This popular stall sells everything from waffles to salads, and finger food to fried rice.

Price: Approx. $2 – $4 per person
Postal Code: 118425

Singapore University Of Technology And Design (SUTD)

#8 Fengshan Food Centre Bedok

Photo: Bedok 85 Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian

Also known as Bedok 85, stalls in this hawker centre close as late as 3 am. The minced meat noodles, pork porridge, sambal stingray, and satay bee hoon are popular items among residents living in the area. From the SUTD hostel, it takes an 8 minutes’ drive to get here.

Price: $3 and up
Postal Code: 460085

#9 89.7FM Supper Club

Photo: 89.7 Supper Club

Located at Changi Village Road, this restaurant specialises in local street food. The kampong fried rice and pan-fried carrot cake are the must-tries.  Besides local cuisine, western food is also highly rated among residents living in the area. Try the beef burger for $8, or if you are feeling rich, the bullet steak for $13. It takes a 12-minute journey by car to get here from the SUTD hostel. The best part? This place is open 24 hours.

Price: $1.50 and up for dim sum, $4.50 and up for mains
Postal Code: 500005

#10 Five Star Chicken Rice

Photo: Five Star Kampung Chicken Rice

Located at East Coast Road and open for 24 hours, 5 star serves juicy chicken with fragrant rice. This place is open every day till 3 am, so if you are ever craving for chicken, here’s the place to go. But do take note, this place is slightly further, and it takes a 13 minutes’ drive to get here.

Price: Approx. $5 and up
Postal Code: 428897

#11 Seng Kee Black Herbal Chicken Soup

Photo: Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup

If you are feeling under the weather yet hungry, this humble place serves delicious herbal soup. The mee sua herbal soup, also known as wheat vermicelli soup, has a generous portion of ingredients. If you are coming with a group of friends, consider ordering their meat or vegetable dishes which can be shared. This restaurant is open 24 hours. It takes 11 minutes’ drive to get here.

Price: Approx. $7 per person
Postal Code: 419893

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Singapore Management University (SMU)

#12 PoMo Mall

Photo: Gu Thai Noodle Cafe

Tucked within PoMo Mall at Selegie Road is Gu Thai Noodle Café (#01-04), which is open from 11 am to 5 am daily. This cafe is famous for its phad thai and pork boat noodles. Furthermore, a large mason jar of Thai milk tea only costs $2.80, which is a very affordable option for any student. If you order a main dish and a drink, it will set you back at only $5 to $10, which is rare for a cafe located within the CBD area.

To get here, it will take 4 minutes if you drive or 10 to 15 minutes if you walk. There are also many other eateries inside PoMo, so do check them out!

Price: Approx. $7 per person
Postal Code: 188306


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Alternatives To Walking Or Driving

If you are too lazy to walk or drive, other alternatives include McDelivery and GrabFood. Check out the latest GrabFood promo codes here.

For SUTD students, you can consider heading to Changi Airport where most stalls are open 24 hours, including Starbucks at all 4 terminals.

There are also a variety of peer-to-peer telegram platforms for students to send in their order requests. Other students will then help these students buy food and deliver it to them for a small delivery fee. The respective telegram groups are Food Kakis (NTU)Food Buddy (NUS), and Food Buddy (SMU).

And if you’ll like to be in touch with the latest personal finance content, delivered daily to your phone, you can also join our growing DollarsAndSense Telegram community!

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