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Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019: 5 Foods You’re Probably Overpaying For, And Why It’s Still Worth Buying

From White Rabbit soft serve to colourful waffle pops drenched in Greek yogurt, here are some food items you can find at the Geylang Serai Bazaar that are well-worth your money.

It is the month of Ramadan in Singapore again when Muslims observe a month of fasting. When it is time to break-fast (iftar), Muslims and non-Muslims alike flock to the familiar Geylang Serai Bazaar to enjoy the unique food offerings and soak in the festivities with friends and family.

With rental fees of up to $14,000 and the bazaar lasting only a month, store owners are under pressure to break even. It is hence not surprising that the food items at the bazaar are priced higher than conventional stores. Despite the cost, here are 5 food items that are worth overpaying for.

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#1 White Rabbit Soft Serve

The ice cream was creamy and tasted very similar to a normal white rabbit candy. It was not overly sweet as the crunchy plain cornflakes sprinkled on top was a great complement to the dessert. The three sheets of edible rice paper also went well with the richness of the ice cream.

Cost: $6

Why it’s worth it: If you’re someone who’s easily intrigued by unconventional food products, the white rabbit-flavoured soft serve will satisfy your inner curiosity. This soft serve fondly reminds us of our favourite childhood candy and brought back many nostalgic memories. This flavour of ice cream is also not what you’ll see at your everyday convenience store or supermarket — unlike flavours such as Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla.

Where to go: Take A Bite, WGSB 019

#2 Colourful Pastries And Drinks

From rainbow waffles to multi-layered drinks, these colourful snacks are extremely pleasing to the eyes and offer a satisfying sugar rush if you feel faint from the sweltering heat at the bazaar.

Cost: Most commonly between $4.50 to $7

Why it’s worth it: If you rarely indulge in desserts, the Belgium waffle pop with Greek yogurt and fruity pebbles is a delicious treat on one of your cheat days. The inside of the waffle was fluffy although the greek yogurt was overly sweet. After trying out the different rainbow-coloured items, you might even be inspired to recreate your own versions of colourful desserts and come up with different types of ways to make food dye. For instance, you might be inspired to use natural ingredients such as purple kale, butterfly blue peas, and strawberries for different colours.

Besides their great taste, they are extremely Instagram-worthy. These colourful treats will grab the attention of your followers.

Where to go: Pebbles, WGSB 017


#3 Meatballs In A Bucket

Both the chicken and beef option were well cooked and not salty. The meat was not dry and complement the cheese sauce and cranberry very well. Besides a generous serving of meatballs filled past the brim, half the bucket was also filled with creamy mashed potatoes. Seasoned twister fries were also part of the deal.

Cost: $10 a bucket

Why it’s worth it: $10 for a bucket of meatballs might sound expensive, but considering the large portion, the bucket can be shared between 2 to 3 friends. This means that each person only has to fork out less than $4. If you want to try different types of foods while maximising your budget, buying larger portions to share is the way to go.

Where to go: Sofnade, WGSB 130

#4 Anything With Lobster

Anyone in the F&B business knows that they must continuously innovate to stay on top of their competition. Therefore, at the Geylang Serai Bazaar, there are stalls selling unique food items such as lobster nasi lemak and lobster rolls.

Cost: $22.90 for lobster nasi lemak

Why it’s worth it: If you have always found preparing raw seafood a hassle, then deshelling a lobster might not be your niche. You’ll be happy to know that the huge portion of grilled lobster that comes with the Nasi lemak has no shell on one side. Presuming that you are not a professional chef, you might also struggle with cooking the lobster at the right temperature for the desired taste.

As the serving includes rice, you’ll be able to share the meal with 3 other friends and split the cost.

With lobster tail already retailing for $23.45 in major supermarkets, the lobster nasi lemak is worth your buck.

Where to go: Lobster Bro, WGSA G306

#5 Anything With A Twist On Malay Food

What’s a Hari Raya Bazaar without Malay food? If you want to try Malay food beyond your usual Ramly burger, there are many fusion food options this year, such as Malay Takoyaki and Ayam Goreng (Malay spiced fried chicken) with waffles and maple syrup.

Other highlights include Ayam Goreng with Japanese curry and beef rendang patty sandwiched between two rainbow bagels instead of bread.

Cost: Most commonly between $5.90 to $15.90

Why it’s worth it: These aren’t just hipster food stalls, but rather stalls selling modern takes on traditional cuisine to appeal to the younger population. If you have always wanted to try Malay fusion food but do not want to splurge at a restaurant, the bazaar is a good chance for you to try these foods without burning a hole in your wallet.  Many of these stalls are also pop-up stores and do not have a physical location elsewhere, so catch them while you can.

Where to go: WGSB 009

Supporting Local Entrepreneurs And Chefs

Stall vendors that we have spoken to said that they have put on hold — or even quit — their full-time jobs to commit to the bazaar for the entire month. Many have a passion for the food and beverage industry, while others hope to start their entrepreneurship journey by opening their own stalls serving delicious and hearty food.

This festive period, we could show our support to the vendors and budding entrepreneurs at the Geylang Serai Bazaar, who will appreciate our support. The bazaar will be held at the Geylang Serai Market till 5 June, from late afternoon till 12 am.