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4 First World Problems We Face When Getting Your Desired Foreign Exchange Rates

Nope, you don’t need to carry large stacks of foreign currencies physically.

Today’s travellers have access to more information than ever before.We are so used to spending most of our time researching everything we need to know before our holiday.

However, one area that Singaporeans tend to overlook when we plan for our trips is foreign currency exchange. For a large majority of us, the changing of our Singapore Dollar (SGD) for the foreign currency we need usually happens just a few days before our departure.

While it takes time and effort to actively search for the best exchange rates in Singapore, there is an undeniable shiok feeling when you know you got an extra S$10 more than your friends because you managed to find the best place to change for your foreign currency.

That said, regardless of how much effort you put in for the hunt to find the best exchange rate in Singapore, there are still some obvious limitations to traditional moneychangers that are difficult to overcome.

Watch this video to find out what are the 4 first world problems we as travellers face to get the desired foreign exchanged rate and how we can go about solving them in today’s tech-savvy world:

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