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What Happens To The HDB Flat If The Person Whom I Bought It With Passes On? – Ask DollarsAndSense

Here’s when the distinction between “joint tenancy” and “tenancy-in-common” becomes significant.


My father and I bought a HDB flat together under joint tenancy. What will happen to the HDB flat if my father passes on without leaving a will? Can my father will his share of the HDB flat to another family member?

DollarsAndSense Response:

Since the HDB flat is own under joint tenancy, upon the passing of either of the joint owners  (i.e. you or your father), the surviving individual will inherit the entire HDB flat.

The easiest way to understand this is to think of it as similar to a joint saving account. When one of the joint-account holders passes on, the money in the joint savings account automatically belongs to the surviving account-holder. This is also known as rights of survivorship.

A HDB flat which is own under joint tenancy cannot be will away to another individual.

A HDB flat can only be distributed in accordance to a will if 1) the owner is the sole owner of the HDB or 2) the flat is owned under a tenancy-in-common.


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