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What Animal Are You In The Investment World?

The investment world is full of animals, and traditionally, there are four. And this is not just limited to people who are interested in investing. It can even be extended to every day decisions you make with your money.

So which of the four animals are you?

The Bull
He/she thinks the stock market is in an uptrend and will continue to do well. This person will invest in it and does not like to short the market. The bull is a strong animal, though this doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she has a strong perspective, rather, he/she believes the market is in a strong place.

Likewise, in terms of making money decisions, this person will think the market is in a general uptrend and likes buying products that they understand best – be it property or stocks or commodity. With money, a bull is always trying to decide the best way to grow it.

The Bear
A bear is almost the exact opposite of a bull. This person is generally pessimistic about the investing landscape, and thinks it will be in a downward trend or even slide into a recession. This person will try to get rid of investments like his/her property and stocks, and wherever possible, he/she will try to short the market.

The bear is an animal that takes a slumber during winter. And this “slumber” is signified by the stock market taking a break from the general uptrend (due to inflation).

The Chicken
The chicken is someone who is…a chicken. He/she is terrified of losing money, and will never be able to pick the right investment. At the same time, he/she may also be the likeliest to make avert devastating investment decisions that wipe out his/her investment capital.

The Pig
The pig will go into investments brashly. The main trait displayed is greed. He/she will try to make huge returns on investments and unfortunately this also means he/she often ends up getting burnt.

Still can’t find an investment animal you belong to? I have a few that may explain what you, or someone you know, could be classified as.

The Sheep
Like the name suggests, the sheep is a follower. The sheep, a docile animal, tends to be easily led. He/she goes into investments based on what friends or blogs state as the next biggest and best investment. This philosophy could well extend to his life – not knowing the next move, he/she is content to follow what other people are doing.

The Cheetah
This person goes into investments as quickly as he/she goes out. He/she lives fast and hard and does not love the long-term strategies. In fact, this personality trait could extend to commitments.

So which animal are you? Investment-wise, we mean.
We’ve explained how this person behaves in the money world. And usually, how people behave in any one situation may be a reflection of their true self in any givens situations. So you could take this animal description and extrapolate it into other situations – and let us know if it works the same.

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