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5 Thoughtful Gifts & Gestures For Your Valentine

What do you do when Valentine’s Day is here but your wallet is not showing any signs of life?
Here at DollarsAndSense, we suggest 5 thoughtful gifts and gestures that will steal your date’s heart away yet save your wallet.

Valentine’s Day is an annual event that is usually hyped up with all the expensive flowers and care bears which guys buy and yet know (unwillingly) that they are getting ripped off. However, if you still want a memorable and romantic time on that day despite being low on funds, here are some inexpensive and unique options.

  1. Decorate a unique-looking jar or box with handicraft items. There are many ways of going about this. You can write numerous small love notes or fold origami hearts and fill the jar with them. Love saga seeds are not a bad idea too.
  2. Put together a framed group of photos that highlight your relationship in chronological order of events, by months or years. I have done this before and believe me it works wonders!
  3. Pick a few household chores your Valentine usually does and surprise them by doing it before they get the chance, i.e., making the bed. It doesn’t sound romantic, but the thought will most certainly count.
  4. Prepare and carve out a romantic meal with novel ingredients you both love to experiment. You can easily use many recipes on food web sites as a guide and spend hours in the kitchen. Play your favourite music while you dine too. Just remember not to worry too much about the taste as it is the process of cooking together which you both had fun.
  5. Repeat the very first date and bring back all the wonderful memories when you are both shy with racing hearts.


V-day is usually deemed as a day where the guy showers his partner with Giffen goods (in economics it means a product that people consume more of as the price rises). On the other hand, we are sure that considerate partners will understand your financial plight nor would they mind you arriving without the conventional gifts. Instead, they will often take joy in any present given by you, as long as they can feel the thought and effort you have put into the gift.