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Unhappy With The Latest Malaysia Tourist Tax? Here Are 5 Other Popular Destinations That Already Charge It

Hint: Malaysia isn’t the most expensive

Updated as of 26 July’17

Travelling to Malaysia is about to get more expensive with the new tourist tax that will be implemented from August 2017 onwards. The tourist tax applies on a per room/per night basis and levies start from RM5.00 (SGD$1.55) per room per night for 3-star accommodations to RM20 (S$6.20) per room per night for five-star accommodations. Malaysia has just revised tourism tax to a flat rate of RM10 (S$ 3.20) per night irregardless of the type of accommodation you are staying in.

Many Singaporeans are probably shattered by this outraging news (especially those who frequent Malaysia each time there is a long weekend), and we are feeling the same too.

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What Are We Paying Tourist Tax For

Tourist Tax isn’t uncommon for countries to collect funds from tourists to refurbish cultural heritage and tourism spots. Lots of other popular European destinations have been charging tourists a little extra to cover the maintenance costs needed to the overly-used tourist attractions such as the Niagara Falls at Canada and the Colosseum at Rome.

Tourist Tax is also used to promote the country’s overall tourism sector, such as improving the services and facilities to attract even more tourists.

Same Fee, Different Way Of Labelling It

Whether it’s Tourism Improvement Fee (TIF) or Destination Marketing Fee (DMF), they refer to the same tourist tax to boost country’s tourism.  As common as it is around the world for travellers, here are 5 other popular destinations that have already been charging tourist taxes:

To keep your heart at ease, we are definitely looking at a much lower tax from Malaysia in overall given that the fees are charged by per room per night basis.

Play Safe And Prepare Some Cash In Hand

Most tourist tax in Europe is payable only by cash, we aren’t sure how the Malaysia’s tourist tax may work as of yet, so make sure you prepare some spare cash on hand when checking out of hotel.


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