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How Much Would Investors Have Made If They Invested $1,000 In Every SGX ETF Launched In 2023?

There are a total of 42 ETFs listed on the SGX with an AUM of $12 billion.

There are a total of 42 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) with a total asset under management (AUM) value of $12 billion. Of these, five new ETFs, along with several Catalist listings and the first three of the Thai SDR instruments, were introduced in 2023.

With the benchmark index, Straits Times Index (STI), trading in a tight range of between 3,041 and 3,408 and ending flat for the year, we examine how these new ETFs have fared in 2023 since their listing.

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If You Had Successfully Invested $1,000 In Every SGX ETF Launched In 2023

If you invested $1,000 in all five new ETF listings on the SGX in 2023, you would have lost $196.37 or generated a negative return of -3.93% on your capital. Of the five ETFs, only one, the iShares AXJ Climate Action ETF, generated a positive return of 2.63% for the year since its listing.

In comparison, if you had chosen to invest $5,000 in the STI ETF (SGX:ES3) at the start of 2023, your capital return for the year would have been flat, though you would have received $0.133 in dividends per share, amounting to a total of $200.83. This is equivalent to a return of 4.02%.

Note: This is a theoretical computation and excludes the possible fees incurred if you have actually invested in these ETF launches. Additionally, even if you have wanted to invest in every ETF launch, you may not be successfully allocated $1,000 worth of units.

# Security Issue Price 2023
Ending Price
Units Bought With S$1,000 Return To Date
1 CSOP HTPB SSE DIV IDX ETF (SGX: SHD) S$1 S$0.956 1,000 -$44
2 CGS Fullgoal CSI 1000 ETF (SGX: GRU) US$1/
751 -$63.08
3 iShares AXJ Climate Action ETF (SGX: ICU) US$1/
751 $26.29
4 CGS FG Vietnam 30 SC ETF (SGX: VND) US$1/
751 -$61.58
5 CSOP iEdge SEA+TECH ETF (SGX: SQQ) S$1 $0.946 1,000 -$54

*The exchange rate of USD/SGD 1:1.33 was applied where conversion was required.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that among the five ETFs, all except CSOP IEDGE SEA PLUS TECH ETF have a dividend policy and may distribute dividends over the course of each year, which may affect their overall performance and returns.

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5 Exchange-Traded Funds Listed On The SGX In 2023

#1 CSOP Huatai-PineBridge SSE Dividend Index ETF (SGX: SHD)

Date Listed: 1 December 2023

Dividend Yield: 6.06%

Management Fee: 0.89% (or up to 1.50%)

The recently listed CSOP Huatai-PineBridge SSE Dividend Index ETF aims to replicate the performance of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Dividend Index. The underlying index selects 50 high- and steady-cash-paying companies on the SSE as its constituents and has a dividend yield of 6.06% (as of 3 November 2023). Some of the companies within the index include China Petroluem & Chemical Corporation, Tangshan Port Group, and Guizhou Panjiang Refined Coal Co Ltd.

The locally listed ETF is based in Chinese Renminbi (RMB) and is the first SSE-SGX ETF link product that allows Singapore investors access to high-quality A-share shares. It invests 90% of its net asset value of RMB35 million in the master ETF – Huatai-PineBridge SSE Dividend ETF – which is the first and largest dividend ETF listed in the SSE.

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#2 CGS Fullgoal CSI 1000 ETF [SGX Code: GRU (USD)/ GRO (SGD]

Date Listed: 9 November 2023

Dividend Yield: 1.17%

Management Fee: 0.90% (or up to 1.50%)

The CGS Fullgoal CSI 1000 ETF aims to replicate the performance of the CSI 1000 Index with constituents that are in high-growth and innovative industries that align with Made in China 2025 policy goals. It has a higher weight for industries in technology, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing, with companies like Shenzhen Fastprint Circuit Tech (Information technology), Jiangxi Special Electric Motor (Industrials), and Shenyang Xingqi Pharmaceutical Co (Healthcare).

The locally listed ETF with a fund size of USD 11 million (as of December 2023) is the first CSI 1000 ETF listed outside of China and has a dividend yield of 1.17%. Investors can choose to invest in the ETF in its base currency of USD (SGX: GRU) or SGD (SGX: GRO).

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#3 iShares Asia Ex Japan Climate Action ETF [SGX Code: ICU (USD)/ ICM (SGD]

Date Listed: 14 September 2023

Dividend Yield: 2.33%

Management Fee: 0.18%

The iShares MSCI Asia Ex Japan (AXJ) Climate Action ETF aims to track the performance of the MSCI AC Asia ex Japan Climate Action Index that selects 50% companies in each GICS sector on the basis of their relative climate transition risk and steps taken to mitigate these risks. The ETF, which has a NAV of USD 435 million, offers exposure to over 600 companies like Taiwan Semiconductor MFG, Tencent Holdings, and Reliance Industries.

The ETF has a dividend yield of 2.33% and can be traded both in its base currency of USD (SGX: ICU) and SGD (SGX: ICM).

#4 CGS Fullgoal Vietnam 30 Sector Cap ETF [SGX Code: VND (USD)/ VNM(SGD]

Date Listed: 25 August 2023

Dividend Yield: 1.81%

Management Fee: 0.99%

The CGS Fullgoal Vietnam 30 Sector Cap ETF aims to replicate the performance of the SGX iEdge Vietnam 30 Sector Cap Index, which tracks the 30 largest and most liquid companies by market capitalisation listed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. These include companies like SSI Securities Corp, Vietnam Dairy Products JSC, and Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam JSC.

The ETF has a fund size of USD 21.7 million and a dividend yield of 1.81%. Investors can trade the ETF in its base currencies of USD (SGX: VND) and SGD (SGX: VNM).

#5 CSOP iEdge Southeast Asia+ TECH Index ETF [SGX Code: SQU (USD)/ SQQ(SGD]

Date Listed: 20 June 2023

Dividend Yield: Nil

Management Fee: 0.99% (up to 1.50%)

The CSOP iEdge Southeast Asia+ TECH Index seeks to capture the performance of the 30 largest technology companies domiciled in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia in a cost effective and easy to access manner. Around 70% of the fund invests in the technology and consumer discretionary sectors through companies like Wipro Ltd, Infosys, Sea Ltd, and Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd.

The ETF has a fund size of around USD 116 million and is traded in both its base currencies of USD (SGX: SQU) and SGD (SGX: SQQ).

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