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How Much Can An Elderly Earn And Save On Healthy365 While Staying Fit

150 Healthpoints is equivalent to $1.

It’s no secret that Singapore is a health-conscious nation with the multitude of healthy living initiatives it has launched. From healthy eating to living active lifestyles activities, Healthy 365 is an application that encompasses such initiatives with the additional incentives of e-vouchers and rewards.

Most familiar for their National Steps Challenge, you have probably seen or heard from your family members or colleagues about the repeated mention of the number of daily steps they have taken based on their fitness trackers. Well, besides the subtle bragging, the challenge also rewards avid walkers with “healthpoints” after a certain number of steps have been accomplished.

These healthpoints can then be redeemed in exchange for rewards in the form of vouchers and HPB (Health Promotion Board) credits, to offset payment in more than 50 merchants including supermarkets, food and beverage retailers, pharmacies and more.

For example, 150 healthpoints is equivalent to HPB Credit$1 which is $1. This enables Singaporeans to earn and save up on some expenses which is a great incentive to encourage healthier lifestyles especially amongst the elderly who view health as a prominent factor in their golden years.

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How To Earn Healthpoints

Healthpoints can be earned after participating in programmes and activities. Healthy 365 all-year round programmes include the National Steps Challenge and the Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge.

The National Steps Challenge tracks one’s daily steps through the pairing of a fitness tracker or fitness applications such as Apple Health and Fitness. You can also collect a free HPB fitness tracker at Singapore Post outlets by booking an appointment via the app Exchanging services are also available for faulty or expired fitness trackers. With 5,000 steps and more per day, one can earn a maximum of 10 healthpoints which will automatically be credited to one’s e-wallet in the app.

Taking walks is not the only way you can participate in this challenge, healthpoints can also be earned through engaging in MVPA (Moderate to Vigorous Activities) and reaching milestones as recorded by your own fitness trackers or applications. This is the number of daily healthpoints you can earn after engaging in an activity for a certain period:

Daily Milestones Health Points
10 to 19 minutes 10
20 to 29 minutes 15
30 minutes and more 20

The maximum number of health points you can earn daily for both challenges is 30.

Do not throw away your receipts after supermarket trips. You may be throwing away your Healthy 365 health points as well. The Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge rewards a minimum of five healthpoints and bonus e-Vouchers through QR codes on receipts to participants who bought heathier choice items at participating outlets which includes 7-Eleven, Cheers, Giant, FairPrice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Prime, Kopitiam, LiHo Tea, Mr Bean, Coffee Bean and Wok Hey.

With each QR code scanned, stamps are also earned and recorded into a challenge passport available on the app. Similar to loyalty cards, you get the chance to unlock prizes and earn health points after accumulating a certain number of stamps.

Besides these all-year round programmes, you also get to choose from a list of free fitness events located island wide. This includes senior exclusive Active Ageing Pilates, Zumba, HIIT, K-pop Fitness classes, Qigong and more. You can also choose to record your meals with Healthy 365’s meal log function which records your calorie intake by listing down the food you have eaten along with pictures. This helps you better understand your eating habits and make the necessary changes to strive towards a healthier diet.

How Much Can You Save With Healthpoints In A Day/Week/Month?

To calculate how much you can save with Healthpoints, we will be taking the perspective of earning healthpoints via the National Steps Challenge which rewards you with a definite amount of healthpoints compared to the Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge.
To earn the maximum daily number of 10 healthpoints for this challenge, 5,000 steps is required. Alternatively, to earn a maximum daily number of 20 healthpoints, a participant will have to engage in 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercises. According to fitness calculators, 5,000 steps is approximately equivalent to 3.2 kilometers.

To put into perspective for those who engage in some early morning walks, this is equivalent to eight rounds around most stadium tracks in Singapore which measure up to about 400 metres. Comparing to a loop around Bishan Park which is about 2.7km, you can achieve more than 5,000 steps by making one and a quarter round around the park.

To earn 20 heathpoints in a day you can also engaging in moderate to vigorous exercises such as jogging, brisk walking or riding a bicycle. With these two activities, here is how much you can save taking into consideration the conversion rate of 150 healthpoints to HPB Credit$ of $1 and in the scenario that you are starting off with zero healthpoints.

Activity Daily Savings Weekly Savings Monthly Savings (30 Days)
National Steps Challenge (Max. 10 healthpoints/day) 10 healthpoints, savings of $0.06, not applicable for use on any eVouchers or credits In 15 days: 150 healthpoints, savings of $1 (HPB Credit$ or TransitLink eVoucher) 300 healthpoints, savings of $2
MVPA (Max. 20 healthpoints/day) 20 healthpoints, savings of $0.12, not applicable for use on any eVouchers or credits In 8 days: 150 healthpoints, savings of $1 (HPB Credits or TransitLink eVoucher) 600 healthpoints, savings of $4
Both activities (Max. 30 healthpoints/day) 30 healthpoints, savings of $0.18, not applicable for use on any eVouchers or credits In 5 days: 150 heathpoints, savings of $1 (HPB Credits or TransitLink eVoucher) 900 healthpoints, savings of $6 and applicable for $5 e-vouchers with an extra saving of $1 leftover

You can save up to $6 in a month while engaging in the National Steps Challenge and participate in both walking and moderate to vigorous exercises every day. On a biweekly or weekly basis you can save up to $1 in terms of HPB credit$ and TransitLink eVouchers for your top up fees.

Use Your Healthpoints To Reward Yourself With HPB E-Vouchers Or Food And Entertainment Rebates

After participating in activities and racking up a good amount of health points, you now get to reward yourself with e-vouchers, and HPB credit$. You can also choose to donate your health points to organisations such as the Community Chest and Singapore General Hospital.

As mentioned above, 150 health points is equivalent to $1 in terms of HPB Credit$. After converting your health points into credits, it can be used to offset payments in various hawker centres, coffee shops and food courts located island wide.

Participating merchants can easily be identified by the HPB Credit$ labels located at their stalls. Do note that HPB Credit$ has a validity period of three months and will expire thereafter. Besides HPB Credits, HPB also offers e-Vouchers for use at various merchants such as supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants, Singtel, AIBI, and more.

Here is the list of attractive rewards you can redeem with your hard-earned health points:

Reward Type Minimum No. Of Healthpoints required Details
HPB Credit$ 150 for $1 Credits can be used to offset payment at these locations.
TransitLink eVoucher 150 for $1 Input CAN ID located at the back of card to redeem needed value

Valid for use at any top-up kiosks

Must be redeemed within 30 days of healthpoint conversion

FairPrice eVoucher 750 for $5
1500 for $10
Accepted at all FairPrice outlets except Esso and Cheers outlets and Fairprice Online

Present voucher barcode at cashier and self-checkout counters to use

LiHO eVoucher 750 for $5 Accepted at all physical outlets and for endorsed Healthier Choice drinks.

Present voucher barcode/QR code to the staff

Mr Bean eVoucher 750 for $5 Accepted at selected outlets with healthier choice food items

Present voucher barcode/QR code to the staff

Simply Wrapps eVoucher 750 for $5 Accepted at all physical outlets except People’s Park Complex

Present the voucher barcode/QR code to the staff

HPB eVoucher 750 for $5
1500 for $10
Can be used at various F&B, lifestyle retailers, shopping malls and supermarkets. View the full list of merchants via the Healthy 365 app.

For online redemption, copy and paste voucher code into the merchant app

Community Chest Donation 150 for $1 100% of donation will go towards empowering the lives of adults, children, youth and seniors
SGH Needy Patients Fund Donation 150 for $1 100% of donation with go towards patients with basic and life-saving needs

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