4 Ways Bosses Can Support Their Employees’ Mental Well-Being While Working Remotely

In uncertain times like these, mental health is more important than ever. Yet, it might be difficult to do so when we lose our usual forms of face-to-face interaction, such as team lunches, cohesion activities, or simply chatting at the pantry.

Here are 4 things bosses, managers, or seniors can do to support their team members, even while everyone is working remotely.

#1 Reach Out Regularly

Dropping by your employees’ work stations may no longer be possible, but a quick IM or video call are alternative ways to show that you care. Boosting the company’s morale and keeping the team motivated, especially during tough times, is important for productivity.

Online team lunches, for instance, is a great way to stay connected. Don’t be afraid to extend the conversation to beyond work, as this will allow you to find out how employees are coping and the challenges they’re facing.

Small business owners can also consider sending care packages to employees, to show your appreciation as well as to boost the morale of your team.

#2 Practice Empathy In All Interactions

As the company adjusts to working from home, it’s crucial to ensure the comfortability and adaptability of the team. Every individual has different needs, whether it’s juggling between parental and work duties or facing anxiety over uncertainty.

Hence, it’s important to exercise a little more flexibility when managing the team. For instance, scheduling meetings at a time that best fits everyone (to the best of your abilities).

#3 Create Online Communities And Platforms For Support

Working from home can be isolating. Creating online groups (be it exercise groups, parent groups) will help to foster interaction amongst the team whilst maintaining their bond.

These groups can also be used to foster self-care – an important aspect, especially during challenging times.

An act as simple as sharing tips for eating healthy or sleeping better can benefit both employees individually while fostering a sense of community within the organisation. 

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#4 Set The Example For Other Team Members To Follow

In times of uncertainty, employees will undoubtedly turn to their leader for guidance. Whether it’s tweaking the business model or making structural changes, you have to have a clear sense of direction before leading the company towards the goal. Communication is also vital – be sure to set up guidelines and if possible, timelines so that the team knows how and what to work towards.

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Given the challenging times we now live in, prioritising an individual’s well-being should be more important than ever. With the creation of an empathetic, supportive work culture, you can contribute to a healthy and productive team.

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