Price Guide to Business Broadband Plans for Offices in Singapore

Business Broadband plan Singapore

Choosing a business broadband plan can be very different to signing up for a residential broadband package. In some instances, you may not even have the option of choosing between the two, as your address may dictate the type of broadband plan you can sign up for.

Having a stable, speedy and secure internet connection is essential for nearly all businesses – regardless of size. A fast broadband service can increase productivity among employees and reduce frustration levels at work (especially given the rise of video conferencing requirements). Additionally, businesses also need to double down on security features as they become more vulnerable to cyber attacks today.

That said, business needs differ across companies; what one company requires, another might not. Therefore, it is important that you opt for the most suitable broadband that meets your business needs and fits within your budget.

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Dynamic VS Static Business Broadband

There are two kinds of business broadbands provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Singapore – static broadband and dynamic broadband.

A static broadband offers a static IP address (meaning that the IP address does not change) while a dynamic broadband uses dynamic IP addresses (meaning that your IP address is subjected to change). 

In general, using dynamic IP addresses costs less though it may not be suitable for all business applications. Your company’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO) or tech advisor will be able to advise you on whether your business requires the use of static IP address(es). In general, businesses may require static IP if you host your own web and email servers or need remote access to external devices. If this isn’t already on your radar, chances are a standard dynamic broadband package should be good enough for you. 

We compare business broadband plans (monthly pricing) offered by 5 Internet Service Providers – Singtel, M1, StarHub, MyRepublic and ViewQwest.

With the exception of MyRepublic, the rest of the providers offer 24/7 technical support. Businesses that are subscribers of MyRepublic may contact their technical support team between 9am to 2am. This can be a consideration if you are running an e-commerce, digital media or certain other types of businesses that may require round-the-clock support.

Do note that these prices exclude any promotions or bundles offered by the ISPs.

Dynamic Broadband For Businesses

Internet Service Provider (ISP)<500Mbps 500Mbps to <1Gbps 1GbpsAdditional Details

eVolve (Dynamic IP)
$113 (500Mbps)

$191 (700Mbps)
$245– 24 or 36-month contract
– Free Registration, Router & Installation (worth $864)
– Free SingNet WiFi 6 Mesh Dual Pack for 700Mbps and above plans

Business Dynamic Fibre Broadband
$87 (350Mbps)$93
$159– 24-month or 36-month contract
– Free Broadband Shield Firewall
– Waiver of One-Time Charge, Router Rental and Installation

Dynamic Fibre Broadband
$99.92 (300Mbps)
One-time charge of $324
$96.12 (500Mbps)
One-time charge of $216
(24-month contract)
– 24-month contract
– Bundled WiFi 6 Router and Installation (worth $453.20)

SME Exclusive Dynamic Business Broadband Plans 
$120.99 (500Mbps) $160.99– 12-month, 24-month or 36-month contract
– Free Linksys E7350 WIFI 6 Router (worth $199) for 500Mbps plan
– Free ASUS AX56U WIFI 6 Router (worth $199) for 1 Gbps
– Free Modem Rental

Add-on (optional):
– $22/month for static IP
– $36/month for Vesta Shield
– $10 for OneVoice Business line
MyRepublicPrices and details not stated

Observations for dynamic broadbands for businesses

The price for dynamic broadbands (based on their internet speed) for all 4 ISPs are similar though the cheapest is offered by StarHub at $87 for 350Mbps.Singtel is also offering promotional rates for the first year for as low as $89 per month for their 500 and 700 Mbps [eVolve (Dynamic IP) plans]. MyRepublic on the other, only offers 24-month plan, but does not reveal any the price details for its business broadband plan, and we need to fill up a contact form to start the enquiry process.

Nevertheless, most business broadband providers offer plans with terms of 12, 24, or 36-months. with Starhub and ViewQwest offering 12-month options as well. The longer term plan, the cheaper the monthly subscription charges.

Aside from from monthly subscription costs, businesses can also take into consideration other benefits like the modem, installation costs and other costs of add-on services such as security protection when deciding between different broadband plans.

Static Broadband For Businesses

Internet Service Provider (ISP)<500Mbps 500Mbps 1GbpsAdditional Details

eLite (Static IP)
$248 (50Mbps)

$302 (100Mbps)
– Free Registration, Router and Installation (worth $864)
– Enterprise-grade connectivity at full subscription speeds
– 8x Static IPs
– Network performance guaranteed by a 99.95% service level agreeement

Business Static Fibre Broadband
$108 (350Mbps)$93
– 24-month or 36-month contract
– Free Broadband Shield Firewall
– Waiver of One-Time Charge, Router Rental and Installation
– 1x Static IP

High-Speed Fibre With Managed Cloud Security
$351.25– 24-month contract
– Managed FortiGate 61E (Firewall)
– FortiGuard Global Threat Intelligence
– Managed  Access Control List
– Weekly Security Report
– 8x Static IPs

Static Business Broadband Plans
$160.99$242.99– 12/24/36-months contract
– Free 3 Months SecureNet Biz
– Free Managed Router
– Free Modem Rental
– Free 1 OneVoice Premium Line (worth $17/month)
– Free Linksys E7350 WIFI 6 Router (worth $199) for 500Mbps plan
– Free ASUS AX56U WIFI 6 Router (worth $199) for 1Gbps
MyRepublicPrices and details not stated– 24 month contract plan
– Free 1xStatic IP
– Free installation
– Free 2xbusiness voice lines
– Free TP Link AX53 router rental (for business 500 and business Gig plans)

Observations for static broadbands for businesses

Singtel only provide static fibre broadband plans at lower internet speeds. This likely means you sign up for it as an add-on to another dynamic broadband plan. Starhub and ViewQwest provide a more diverse variety of plans at different speeds that may suit different business purposes.

For businesses that require multiple IP addresses, M1 and Singtel both offer 8 free static IPs as part of their plans. M1’s static business broadband offers 1Gbps and comes with a security suite. For this specialised requirement, businesses have to fork out $351.25 per month. Another option is to sign up for a dynamic broadband plan and top up for a static line when needed.

Do note the list of ISPs is non-exhaustive and there are other ISPs in the market. 

This article was first published on 18 October 2021 and updated with new information

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