5 Work-From-Home Apps To Help Keep You Focused And Organised

While some are breezing through working from home, others may struggle to settle in. From the lack of staff engagement to juggling between family commitments to being an all-too-comfortable environment, telecommuting can have a negative impact on productivity levels. 

Fret not. We’ve picked a selection of 5 handy work-from-home apps to help keep your focus and business on track.

#1 Noisli

Whether it’s the background music of a coworking space or the surrounding chatters in a cafe, now that you’re working from home, the lack of ambient sounds can require some getting used to. By creating a personal environment and mitigating sudden spikes in surrounding noises, ambient sounds can boost focus and productivity. 

With Noisli, you can now create a personalised sound environment by mixing and matching different sounds. The app features a total of 28 different sounds, ranging from the gentle lapping of waves to white noise. You can also curate playlists while timing your work sessions with Nosli’s timer option.

Beyond keeping you focused at work, the app’s soothing background noises can also help relax its users and provide a better night’s sleep. At $2.98, the app is a worthy investment.

#2 Forest

From incoming emails to notifications from various chat groups, smartphones can be a major source of distraction – and Forest is the perfect app to keep you focused by keeping your hands off your phone (at least for a while). 

How does it work? Simple – set a timed session and plant a tree to begin. Every time you leave the app, the tree will be killed and you’ll have to start over. The more disciplined you are, the more lush your forest will be.

So, instead of getting distracted by phone notifications, Forest acts as a reminder to stay focus and keeps you on track with the current task. 

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#3 Pocket

The Pinterest of articles, Pocket offers the convenience of bookmarking and categorising links from different sources before saving them for reading later.

This app is particularly useful for digital nomads who are often consuming material on-the-go or business owners looking to have a quick read in between meetings. 

To boost your reading experience, Pocket’s ‘Article View’ feature displays the article in an easy-to-read format and provides the customisation of fonts and display options. 

#4 Headspace

When hustling, it’s easy to neglect our mental well-being. If dedicating an hour for yoga practice is too much of a stretch (pun intended), Headspace is here to help with quick meditation sessions that help to relax and inspire. 

Co-founded by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk who owned a mediation clinic in London, Headspace features a series of guided meditations, ranging from 1 to 20-minute sessions. The app uses engaging animations to explain concepts, taking a contemporary, functional and scientific approach to mindfulness.

To top it off, sessions can be downloaded and practiased offline – be it in-between pockets of free time or during lunch breaks.. However, do note that a subscription fee applies after the first 10 complimentary sessions. 

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#5 Things 3

The winner of three Apple Design Awards, Things 3 is a task management app that is built with functionality in mind. In addition to keeping you organised with a daily schedule display, the app allows you to categorise, organise and cross out your tasks. The app’s alarms and notifications are also handy features for those who need reminders of back-to-back meetings.

Not only is it’s minimalist aesthetic pleasing to the eye, the app is also designed to maximise utility. For instance, without invoking the Quick Find feature, the app displays quick search results to assist users. However, Things 3 is only available for Apple users and is priced at $14.98.

For Android users, TickTick is a great alternative. Similar to Things 3, TickTick manages the tasks and deadlines of its users. The app also offers features such as file-sharing and collaboration, something business owners will appreciate. While there’s a free version of the app, consider upgrading to the premium version in order to access its full fledge of features such as task assignment and setting of recurring tasks.

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Working productively from home goes beyond the physical environment. It’s also about settling in and creating a new workflow. With assistance from apps, you can now do so while retaining and even increasing your productivity.

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