5 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Team Who Are Working Remotely

As the coronavirus continues its unrelenting spread across the globe, businesses are forced to navigate the new normal with remote working policies. And one of the greatest challenges with remote work is the lack of real-life interaction. 

That can be a detriment to team building and employee engagement. Here, we bring together 5 small ways you can show recognition for your remote employees.

Trust us, even a little bit of recognition can go a long way in making their day and improving motivation levels.

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#1 Order The Surprise Delivery Of A Hearty Breakfast

There’s no better way to start the work day than with a breakfast treat.

Particularly, a surprise delivery of a sumptuous breakfast. Imagine your employees’ pleasant surprise when they open their door to a food delivery rider with a hearty meal in tow.

It will be a gesture that they’d remember for a long time, winning you some brownie points for employee satisfaction. Beverages and sweet treats in the middle of the work day work well too.

After all, who would say no to coffee and donuts, or a cup of bubble tea to beat the afternoon slump?

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#2 Help Keep Your Employees Safe And Healthy

Earlier this month, 5,000 care packages were delivered to healthcare workers. It included items such as anti-bacterial hand washes, face masks, vitamins and health supplements.

This care package can be easily replicated for your employees too. Add on an air purifier and it makes a timely gift to show to your employees that you care.

#3 Provide A Stipend For Remote Work Equipment

If you foresee remote work to continue for some time, you could give your team an upgrade to their work tools and environment. Decide on the amount of stipend depending on your company’s budget. It can be a gift card or on a reimbursement basis. For the latter, be sure to set guidelines on the type of equipment they can purchase. 

In terms of workspace upgrade, a high-quality ergonomic chair easily beats the dining chair (even with a cushion) at home or… anything from IKEA. Not all employees have a comfortable set-up to work from home, so a quality chair will definitely be transformative for their work routine. Computer accessories such as a mouse, laptop stand or headphones work as decent gifts too.

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#4 Support Employees To Stay Healthy

With social distancing rules in place, most of us have our social activities reduced to the minimum. That means more time on our hands to focus on the often-neglected activity: exercise.

If you know that your employees are trying to stay healthy, give them a gym subscription or some home gym equipment. For the latter, simple accessories such as kettlebells, dumbbells or yoga mats will do the trick.

#5 Gift Them A Subscription Box Membership

Be it snacks, wine, organic groceries, or even books, subscription boxes or services are plentiful in Singapore.

The convenience and joy of receiving monthly packages have made subscription boxes popular, and it’d be a recurring gift that your employee would look forward to receiving.

For baking enthusiasts, there are baking kits – a full recipe along with exact measurements of ingredients for the failproof baking experience. Or for the worker who is trying to eat clean, there are various meal subscription plans available to help them with that, but with much tastier meals.

Or for more popular options, video subscription services such as Netflix or HBO Go or online music streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music will be a safer choice too.

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