10 (Affordable) Space Saving Ideas From IKEA For Your Home-Office Set-Up

Building Home Office at IKEA

IKEA is one of the first places that many people flock to when they’re furnishing their new homes or redecorating a part of their home. Similarly, as we look to spruce up our work-from-home space, the IKEA also acts as an affordable solution.

Another great reason to choose IKEA when setting up our home office is also the reason that frustrates many people – the fact that we usually have to assemble it ourselves. The flat packaging it comes in also allows us to easily stow it away (without having to throw it out) these bulky furnishing if we want to rejig our homes without a home-office in future or are moving homes.

We found these 10 IKEA products to be suitable when getting our home office functional and organised.

#1 LISABO Desk

Price: $199

Dimensions (w × d × h): 118 × 45 × 74

Max load: 50kg


Lined up alongside the foot of your bed, the LISABO tabletop is wide enough for you to place a lamp, storage compartments and other devices on either side. Due to its conservative width, you can position it at the foot of your bed to look like an extension, rather than sacrifice a table-sized space elsewhere in your room/home.

Not only is the LISABO a worthy consideration for your work-from-home setup, it is also the winner of the prestigious (and international!) Red Dot Award.

What makes it even more attractive is that the LISABO is made of ash — a naturally hardwearing material. The ash veneer tabletop comes lacquered for extra durability while also preserving the natural wood feel.

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#2 NORBERG Tabletop

Price: $59

Dimensions (w × d × h): 74 × 60 × 43

NORBERG Tabletop
Source: IKEA

Adjust the wall-mounted drop-leaf NORBERG as and when you need. When folded away, the NORBERG functions as an accent in a larger room, and doubles up as a neat shelf (pictured above). 

As it is a drop-leaf concept, the NORBERG holds the weight of smaller loads, like a single laptop and loose WFH supplies. This is a compromise for conserving usable space when you’re not using it.

Much like the NORBERG, any complementary chair does not have to waste space by being fixed at one position either. It can be placed at the tabletop or stored in a corner as needed.

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#3 MICKE Drawer

Price: $89

Dimensions (w × d × h): 35 × 50 × 75cm

MICKE Drawer

The MICKE drawer rolls on wheels, meaning the supplies you store within can follow you, regardless of which room you choose to work in on a given day. The MICKE is designed to hold A4-size papers, as well as stationary or anything you might need within an arm’s reach. Wires and devices, too, can fit into its varyingly deep drawers. The MICKE also serves as a tabletop for additional supplies, and can be combined with other drawers or desks in the MICKE series (given that they are all of the same height).

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#4 KALLAX Shelving Unit

Price: $99

Dimensions (w × d × h): 77 × 39 × 147cm

Max load/ shelf: 13kg

KALLAX Shelving Unit
Sources: IKEA

The KALLAX shelving unit is a versatile piece of furniture. You can decide to use it in a standing or lying position (shown above) as you please. Whether it divides the room or stays against the wall depends only on your taste (and floor space). Further customise the Kallax (and by extension your WFH space) with clever inserts, boxes, shelves and drawers!

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#5 FUBBLA LED Wall Lamp

Price: $29.90

Dimensions (w × d × h): 10 × 20 × 15cm

Cord length: 170cm

Max power: 3.4W

Source: IKEA

For WFH desks lined against walls, the FUBBLA lamp is a minimalistic, tasteful way to light up your setup. FUBBLA is conducive for the whole family to use, as it has been tested and approved for children. Its white design goes with diverse home decorations and walls, and you can dim the lighting according to preference, mood and utility.

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#6 NÄVLINGE LED Wall/ Clamp Spotlight

Price: $29.90

Dimensions (length): 63cm

Cord length: 200cm

Power: 1.9W

Estimated lifetime: 25000h

NÄVLINGE LED Wall/ Clamp Spotlight
Source: IKEA

Clamp the NÄVLINGE wherever in your room you please — from your workdesk to your shelf to your bedpost. Alternatively, assemble it on the wall as a wall lamp! Direct the light wherever you need it, by adjusting the lamp head and arm. Besides saving space and looking sleek, the NÄVLINGE also saves up to 85% energy, and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs

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#7 POÄNG Armchair

Price: $109

Dimensions (w × d × h): 68 × 83 × 100cm

POÄNG Armchair.
Source: IKEA

Get good neck support with this armchair’s high back, and get further support with a warranty of 10 years! The armchair is something of a signature product for IKEA, and has been for several decades now. The POÄNG Armchair is best paired with the…

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#8 POÄNG Footstool

Price: $60

Dimensions (w × d × h): 68 × 54 × 39cm

POÄNG Footstool
Source: IKEA

With this complementary footstool, you can recline in the armchair, kick your feet up and use your laptop as it was meant to be used — on your lap. Get the matching armchair and footstool set for under $170! Layer-glued oak gives both items their durability.

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Price: $385

Dimensions (w × d × h): 144 × 49 × 47cm


Toward the end of the WFH day, or for more undemanding work assignments, you can lounge on the STOCKSUND with your laptop or documents. When your long WFH hours tense up your shoulders or fatigue you, make yourself at home (in your own home), and curl up on the STOCKSUND while not having to neglect work. Below the seat is a large storage compartment for you to organise supplies for easy WFH access.

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#10 VIPPÄRT Chair Cushion

Price: $8.90

Dimensions (w × d × h): 38 × 38 × 6.5cm

VIPPÄRT Chair Cushion
Source: IKEA

Coordinate the look of your WFH space with multiple of these cheap cushions! Both sides of the cushion are identical, so should one side become dirty/ worn, simply flip it over for even wear! The VIPPÄRT is that low-maintenance. Ties keep the cushion firmly in place on different kinds of chairs, too.

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