10 Most Affordable Standing Desks You Can Buy For Your Work-From-Home Office Set-Up

If you’ve been feeling less productive while working from home (WFH) and believe that your current work set-up is to blame, a standing desk — or a standing desk convertor — may be your answer. 

In addition to helping enhance poor desk posture and alleviate chronic body pain caused by sitting all day, standing desks may also help you improve your fitness over time and keep you energized throughout the workday. Of course, you can also get over your food coma by just standing instead of slouching lower and lower into your chair.

There are two main types of standing desks. The first is an actual desk with adjustable height levels, and the second is an add-on placed on top of your current desk to raise the height of your monitor or screen.

Here are some standing desks for your consideration.

Standing DesksPrice (Starting From)Warranty
Ecolus Ergonomic Standing Desk$266Free, 1 year
Sit Stand Desk Converter$269Free, 1 year
OFFICEHUB Electric Standing Desk$303.05Free, 4 years
IKEA Bekant$319Free, 10 years
SIRIO Electric Standing Desk$549Free, 3 years
EverDesk+ Lite$599Free, 4 years
Omnidesk Zero$619$99, 5 years
Ergoworks EW-0223F1$799Free, 10 years
Altizen Active$799Free, 3 years
FitFit Health Electric Standing Desk$888Free, 1 year

#1 Ecolus Ergonomic Standing Desk

Price: starting from $266

Ecolus Ergonomic Standing Desk

If you are looking for an affordable ergonomic desk, the Ecolus Ergonomic Standing Desk is worth considering. Not only is the standing desk simple in design, but it also offers the comfort of a standard desk. This desk comes with wheels; so you can move it around hassle-free, increasing its versatility. 

The Ecolus Ergonomic standing desk can be completely customised – with the option of sitting or standing. It is built with high-quality materials to increase stability and durability.

#2 Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Price: starting from $269

Sit-Stand Desk Converter

The Sit-Stand Desk Converter is a height-adjustable desk that sits on top of your current workstation. It gives users the option of standing without requiring them to give up their current desk. The sit-stand desk converter comes in two sizes: small and medium. Both utilise a unique ‘X’ pneumatic lifting system that allows for effortless lifting. This converter is suitable to hold a laptop and monitor at once, with maximum weight of 15 kg. 

It is also slim, compact, and portable, allowing for easy transport and storage. If you’re on a rather tight budget, this desk converter is a great option.

#3 OFFICEHUB Electric Standing Desk

Price: starting from $303.05

OFFICEHUB Electric Standing Desk

The smart OFFICEHUB Electric Standing Desk can elevate your workspace with its monitor mounted stand and a desktop with an electric height riser. Utilising German technology, the OFFICEHUB Electric Standing Desk features effective cable management system, one-touch height adjustment, multi-function slots, durable silent motor, dual monitor option and a flat anti-slip footprint. 

If you like a modern and sleek design, this smart desk should be one of your considerations. 

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#4 IKEA Bekant

Price: starting from $319

IKEA Bekant

The IKEA Bekant line offers an array of standing desks in multiple tabletop colours such as black stained ash, white, and light oak. The tabletop is made of a melamine surface that is durable, stain resistant, and easy to maintain. 

Dressed in a minimalist look, the height of this standing desk is adjustable ranging from 65 cm to 125 cm. This desk has been tested for office use and meets the durability and stability requirements of EN 527-2 and ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 standards.

#5 SIRIO Electric Standing Desk

Price: starting from $549

The all-new SIRIO Electric Standing Desk provides an affordable sit-stand solution. The SIRIO desk has a single-motor lift system with a height adjustment range from 72cm to 121cm. The SIRIO desk’s clean and stylish design, combined with its eclipse black, pearl white, wooden black, and wooden white tempered glass tabletop, makes it look especially sleek and professional. 

On top of aesthetics, the SIRIO Electric Standing Desk is durable and functional. It is also Asia’s first of its kind with a 6mm tempered glass or 12mm wooden tabletop, under-desk drawer and integrated ports for charging of devices. For added security, the smart control pad has four memory lock positions as well as an additional child lock. The automatic anti-collision system also helps to keep the desk from collapsing on the items beneath it.

#6 EverDesk+ Lite

Price: starting from $599

EverDesk+ Lite

If you’re looking for a good value, high-quality standing desk in Singapore, look no further than the  EverDesk+ Lite. The table is beautifully designed for modern homes and is available in six surface colours and materials: Lily White, White Oak, Onyx Black, and Dark Walnut, Aged Darkened Walnut and Raw Ashen Oak. 

On top of the material, it’s also extremely customisable in terms of length: you can choose between 120cm and 160cm and you have the option for an extendable frame for those with a more petite build. Moreover, you can fully integrate your WFH setup by opting to add dual monitor arms, a laptop holder, a cable tray, power extension, and a CPU mount. 

What’s more, adjusting the standing desk is as quiet as a whisper at 50 decibels. With its cross wedge stabiliser and dual motor system, the AmpDesk can hold up to 150kg of weight while providing a smooth and even motion between sitting and standing modes.

The anti-collision system is also a smart feature that ensures you don’t have any mishaps during the transitions.

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#7 Omnidesk Zero

Price: starting from $619

Omnidesk Zero

The Omnidesk Zero is its brand’s entry level option, but it is still one of the best and most affordable motorised height-adjustable desks in Singapore. The console of the Omnidesk Zero has four user-programmable memory presets that allow you to switch to your favourite height profiles at the touch of a button. 

Omnidesk Zero also boasts a fully modular and upgradeable electric desk system that is compatible with all Omnidesk parts and accessories in the future. Omnidesk offers a comprehensive set of high-quality add-ons and accessories that form an entire ecosystem. 

You can create a setup that is personalised to you with endless options of accessories, size, shape, and finishes. These accessories are custom-made and manufactured using the best materials. Examples include: cable management bar, power bars and clamps, single or dual monitor arms, PC mount and roller, mats, and monitor risers.

In addition, Omnidesk claimed that it has the most ideal ergonomic curve for the best standing desk experience. The perfectly angled curve allows the users to stand and lean with their forearms on the edge of the desk without having their nerves pinched in the long run.

#8 Ergoworks EW-0223F1

Price: starting from $799

Ergoworks EW-0223F1

The Ergoworks EW-0223F1 standing desk boasts a number of ergonomic features: quiet elevation with dual motor height adjustment system, anti-collision safety feature, four memory height adjustment control panel, rounded edge table top, two grommet holes, desk feet leveller, built-in overload protection, and anti-collision function. As such, the standing desk is stable and practical to use. It is generously sized at 180 cm x 75 cm and comes in four colours: bamboo, marble, greywood, and blackwood. 

What’s more, Ergoworks is endorsed and recommended by Chiropractic Association Singapore and Singapore Physiotherapy Association. This testifies to Ergowork’s integrity and ergonomics benefits.

#9 Altizen Active

Price: starting from $799

Altizen Active

Designed and engineered in Singapore, Altizen Active is an extremely adaptable standing desk showcasing a combination of functional elegance and exceptional build quality. Generously sized at 48 cm x 80 cm, it has the space to fulfil all of your work needs. 

Because it has a silent motorised elevation and two memory heights, it is not noisy. It also comes with a wireless handset to improve comfort. Moreover, it features an integrated and hassle-free adjustable monitor stand with 11 customisable heights. 

#10 FitFit Health Electric Standing Desk

Price: starting from $888

FitFit Health Electric Standing Desk

Designed in Singapore, FitFit Health Electric Standing Desk is a one-of-a-kind and functional piece of furniture that pledges to add a doozy and modern style to your home or office. If you’re looking for a standing desk that will genuinely complement your working space, this one is tailor-made for you. 

The desk comes with an app, so adjusting the heights is as simple as pressing a button on your phone. You can also view historical data to keep track of your sitting and standing times and make adjustments over time. Distinguished by dual-coloured platforms, the FitFit Health Electric Standing Desk is also fitted with USB charging ports. 

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