[2024 Edition] 16 Popular Co-Working Spaces For Your Business In Singapore

Beyond working staples such as stable WiFi connection, power plugs, printing and of course, a conducive working environment, perks of co-working spaces include access to amenities such as a front desk, phone booths, meeting rooms and lounge areas. Depending on the space, you can even enjoy free-flow beverages and snacks while you work. 

Given the perks, it’s unsurprising to see a rising demand for co-working spaces over the years. Co-working spaces have also become more relevant in a post-COVID-19 world, where businesses are embracing more flexible work arrangements.

But with the variety of both co-working spaces and the different amenities they offer, how does one decide? Here, we take a look at the different types of co-working spaces, their amenities and costs involved. 

Types Of Co-Working Spaces In Singapore

Co-working spaces offer a variety of work spaces, including hot desks, fixed desks and private offices. 

Hot Desk: Probably the most common work space amongst individuals, with the workstation comprising basic furnishings such as a chair, desk and power plugs. However, access to additional amenities such as meeting rooms may be limited.

Fixed Desk: Offers a touch more privacy. The workstation will be reserved for your use only (no more having to rush for a seat), and it usually comes with a locker storage option to store your work belongings in. 

Private Office: Offers you an individual work space with full privacy. Beyond being fully furnished, these offices also tend to unlock perks such as regular access to meeting rooms.

Beyond catering to individuals, co-working spaces also offer larger working areas for small to mid-sized teams. For instance, depending on the size of your small businesses, you can rent multiple hot or fixed desks or even private offices.

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Common Amenities At Co-Working Space 

In creating comfortable and conducive working environments, most co-working spaces are known to offer a wide variety of amenities. 

Having a team discussion? Book a meeting room. Holding a product launch? Make use of the conference room. Need a small break from work? Enjoy a complimentary flow of snacks from the pantry.

But how do you evaluate the amenities and decide if they’re worth the additional cost? Perhaps this can help you decide:

 Individual (freelancer, employee)Group (startup, team)
Variety of Work Areas (hot/dedicated desks, private offices)Necessity (Able to upgrade when necessary)Perk
Stable WiFiNecessityNecessity
Furnished Workstations (table, chair, power plugs)NecessityNecessity
Office Equipment (printers, scanners)Perk (depending on use)Necessity
Meeting RoomsPerkNecessity
Pantry (free-flow refreshments, fully functional kitchen)PerkPerk
Lounge/Recreational AreaNecessityNecessity
Event SpacePerkNecessity (depending on use)

Other considerations would include the location of the co-working space, as well as the number of sites it has and the surrounding amenities (think transport nodes, eateries, cafes, gyms etc).


It may seem confusing at first, but the pricing for most co-working spaces is pretty straightforward. First, it can be broken down into two different rates – one for day passes and the other for monthly memberships. Subsequently, the price under each rate will differ for the various work areas (hot desks, fixed desks, private offices).

Here’s an overview of the average cost for co-working spaces:

 Hot DesksFixed DesksPrivate Offices
Day Rate$30-$70
Monthly Rate$250-$750$360-$750$600-$1,000 (and above)

Naturally, prices vary with the amenities that the co-working spaces are equipped with and its location – hence, it’s recommended to consider that before deciding on one. We’ve also shortlisted a few co-working spaces for comparison purposes.

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#1 Cocre8

Featuring natural light and splashes of greenery, Cocre8 prides itself on its cosy and conducive work environment. The co-working space is also a stone’s throw away from Orchard MRT Station and operates 24/7.

Photo: Cocre8

Choose from three different monthly memberships: unlimited hot desking at $500, fixed desks at $650 and private workspaces at $850. Private office space for a 4-person team will cost $3,400. All work spaces come with high-speed Internet, dedicated powerpoints, printing services and meeting room usage hours. Private office users are entitled to additional perks, including dedicated a data point and usage of the conference room.

#2 Coqoons [Ceased Operations]

Located in Harbourfront, Coqoons promises scenic views of Mount Faber and Sentosa whilst you work. As with its counterparts, the co-working space is equipped with all the necessity facilities such as unlimited WiFi, meeting rooms, pantry, printing services and storage. Additional perks include shower facilities to refresh yourself and a pool table for quick breaks.

Photo: Coqoons

The co-working space offers three types of work spaces, hot desks, dedicated desks and private offices. A day pass for a hot desk will cost $40, while unlimited access is priced at $380 per month. For 24/7 access to the office, opt for the dedicated desk at $620 or the private office from $700. Its private offices can seat up to 20 pax. 

#3 Cosy Corner

Cosy Corner is a boutique private working space that offers preferential pricing for students and working adults. Students who need a conducive space to prepare for examinations or group projects are eligible for the $80 monthly membership plan that comes with 20 hours of private room usage, or $4.20 per hour. A day pass is also available at $29.

Source: Cosy Corner

In addition, a 2-person office plan costs $188 per month and it comes with complimentary use of studio space for corporate shoots.  

#4 Distrii

Distrii is a co-working space (or should we say, building) located in the heart of the CBD. Comprising 7 levels, Distrii bills itself as the “single largest tech-driven co-working facility in Singapore”.

Photo: Distrii

Prices for hot desk membership starts at $400, while fixed desks from $600, with 24/7 access, printing services and storage available for fixed desk members. Private offices, which cost from $600 per pax for a 2-person space, are also available for lean teams of up to 10 members.

With less spatial restrictions, Distrii can cater to teams of above 15 members. Benefits include a private space, 24/7 access, video conference tools and more. The building also houses facilities including meeting rooms, event spaces, cafes and restaurants.

#5 JustCo

With 18 co-working spaces spread across the island, JustCo is perfect for those with unpredictable schedules. Each is equipped with high-speed Internet, printing facilities, pantry, in-house entertainment, IT management, and an in-house café (at selected centers).

Photo: JustCo

JustCo offers a variety of plans, starting from the Just Desk Basic, which is a monthly day pass. A monthly hot desk membership is priced from $398, while a standard office starts from $520 per month. A studio is also available for individuals who prefer a private working space, with access to meeting rooms, as well as networking sessions.

#6 MOX

MOX is a co-making space that seeks to celebrate creativity and collaborations. On top of the colourful and creativity-inducing work spaces, one can also find facilities such as WiFi, pantry, napping rooms and workshop tables.

Photo: MOX

Work from MOX for the unlimited hot desking is at a rate to be revealed upon enquiry. Small teams can consider private offices that can accommodate up to 12 individuals. Perks include usage of the meeting room and photography studio.


More than a co-working space, One&Co provides one-stop solution for business owners by providing support in finding co-founders, hiring and making new connections.

Source: ONE&CO

The Hot Desk Standard package at $450 per month allows access to the amenities during business hours on weekdays, or you can upgrade to Pro package at $700 per month for 24/7 access. A day pass is available at $55. You can also get a dedicated desk at $780 per month, or co-share a private office with a colleague at $2,200 per month. 

#8 Servcorp

Servcorp has 4 office locations in Singapore – 3 within the CBD area and 1 in Buona Vista. Its reception area is deliberately unbranded to always put its clients’ business needs as a priority.

The business is also a listed company on the Australia Exchange, with over 150 locations across New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Sydney and other cities. Moreover, Servcorp gives you access to all locations globally, provides secretarial and IT support, as well as enables you to access its 50,000+ global community of businesses and entrepreneurs for collaboration.

Source: Servcorp

Servcorp’s hot desk space rates are from $110.72/month, while its fixed desk costs $440/month. Servcorp also offers private offices from $1,350 per month.

#9 The Cocoon Space

Located on the rooftop of Design Orchard, The Cocoon Space provides a conducive work environment with the creative boost you need. 

Photo: Portfolio

The co-working space is segregated into different work areas, including hot desks as well as dedicated desks for individuals.

A creative hub, The Cocoon Space’s The Makers Studio also caters to crafters and offers professional equipment such as sewing facilities and machinery for individuals and workshops.

#10 The Great Room

The Great Room has 6 co-working venues, most are primarily located in central Singapore. The spacious and luxuriously furnished rooms are attractive, with additional amenities such as nursing rooms, breakfast clubs and entertainment suites that explain their higher rates.

A hot desk monthly membership at this award-winning co-working space starts from $750 and a private office from $1,500 for a 2-person office. If you wish to first dip your toes into the water, a day pass is available from $70.

#11 The Hive

From a cosy coffee bar for a caffeine boost to photography studios for your creative needs, The Hive’s comprehensive facilities make it a popular co-working space. 

Photo: The Hive

Not only that, it also has a variety of work areas to suit the individual’s needs. For starters, The Hive offers four different work areas – the hot desk, dedicated desk, booth desk and private office desk.

An unlimited monthly membership is $275 for a hot desk, $525 for a dedicated desk, $700 for a booth desk and $1,650 for a 2-person private office or $3,300 for a 4-person private office. They also offer larger private office spaces.

#12 The Work Project

In addition to multiple co-working spaces located across the island (Capital Tower, OUE Downtown, Bugis, Asia Square, Great World City, CapitaGreen, Capitaspring, 79 Robinson Road, Ascent, 6 Battery Road), The Work Project provides a range of work spaces at affordable prices. 

A day pass to a hot desk is available upon enquiry, similarly for an unlimited monthly pass. Hot desk members have access to business-grade internet, pantry and networking events, while monthly users will enjoy additional perks such as access to meeting rooms and housekeeping services. 

A private office is also available at a monthly pass. Amenities include all the above, as well as address and mail handling services.

#13 The Workshop

The Workshop offers monthly memberships for a variety of work spaces, including flexi desks, fixed desks, work pods for up to 8 pax and meeting rooms. There are three venues to choose from: Ang Mo Kio, Lavender and Bukit Merah – all are equipped with basic amenities such as high-speed Internet, pantry/refreshments, copiers/scanners and housekeeping services.

Photo: The Workshop

Prices for flexi desk monthly rates starting from $220 to $450 per month, fixed desks from $300 to $500 per month and team working spaces from $700. The Workshop also provides 24/7 access to users – perfect for those who work late nights.

#14 Trehaus

A co-working space and preschool combined into one, Trehaus is perfect for working parents.

Comprising different working zones and common areas that allow individuals to work alongside their children, the co-working space offers two types of work spaces, flexi desks and fixed desks.

Photo: Trehaus

Unlimited hot desking plan is priced at $580 per month, and the unlimited fixed desk at $880. The fixed desk also comes with a semi-private desk and built-in secure storage. All plans come with high-speed Internet, printing/scanning services and meeting room access.

Photo: Trehaus

What makes Trehaus really stand out is the Trehaus School, a preschool and childcare service that is open to children between 2 months and 6 years old. The co-working space is also conveniently located at Funan Mall.

#15 WeWork

A renowned name, WeWork has established itself as an accessible co-working space with multiple locations that cater to your needs. All its 14 work spaces are equipped with office essentials, along with unique spaces such as rooftop lounges and common areas. 

Photo: WeWork

Membership plans vary according to location, with monthly dedicated desks and private offices available upon enquiry. The private offices can seat up to 20 people and also comes with personalisation options, where you can choose the office layout. Full floor offices are also available for small businesses with larger teams.

#16 Workbuddy

Workbuddy offers one of the most affordable hot desk memberships around. The co-working space also has 54 locations to choose from (limited to one location per day), all equipped with basic amenities and a conducive working environment. 

Photo: Workbuddy

There are two types of Workbuddy monthly hot desk memberships: the Lite plan costs $129 and entitles users to five visits, while the Unlimited plan allows up to 12 visits at $299. The process is also fuss-free – one simply has to book a desk via its app and you’re good to go. The membership can also be terminated at any point in time.

Finding The Perfect Co-Working Space To Suit Your Needs

Finding the perfect co-working space really boils down to three factors: type of work space, amenities, and cost. Most importantly, evaluate your needs and remember, cost isn’t always necessarily everything. 

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This article was first published on 19 November 2020 and has been updated with the latest information.

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