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4 Stocks This Week (Best 52-Week SGX Stock) [24 July 2020] Medtecs Intl; UG Healthcare; AnAn Intl; Zhongxin Fruit

The best performing stock on SGX is in the healthcare sector, and rose more than 2,500% in the last 52-weeks.

The last 52-weeks period, or past year, has seen heightened volatility in the stock markets. While COVID-19 is most fresh in our minds, uncertainties persisted in the form of the ongoing US-China trade war, Brexit as well as record-high stock market valuations and possible a late cycle downturn on the horizon.

In our 4 Stocks This Week column this week, we take a look at four stocks that have performed the best in the last 52-week period, not just in spite of the uncertainties but also by taking advantage of it in certain instances.

Medtecs International (SGX: 546)

Medtecs International has surfaced on our column in the recent weeks – when we covered the very popular healthcare consumables sector in mid-June.

Medtecs International, an integrated healthcare product manufacturer and services provider, has definitely been one of the beneficiaries of the recent spike in demand for its personal protective equipment products and integrated hospital services.

According to the SGX Stock Screener, Medtecs has been the best performing stock on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) in the past 52-weeks period – sky rocketing a cool 2,578% to $0.75 today, compared to $0.028 around the end of July 2019.

In this period, its market capitalisation has soared to $412 million today, from approximately $15 million.

Source: SGX

As we can see in the chart above, its share price was relatively stable in the first half and only started rocketing since mid-February. This is not surprising as the COVID-19 pandemic had been contained to mostly China and other Asian countries till around that point.

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UG Healthcare (SGX: 41A)

UG Healthcare, one of the largest rubber gloves manufacturer in Malaysia, is another beneficiary of the COVID-19 pandemic that was covered in the same Healthcare Consumables article we wrote as Medtecs International.

Thus, it is perhaps unsurprising then that has been the second-best performing stock on the SGX in the past 52-weeks period, according to the SGX Stock Screener. In the past 52-weeks period, UG Healthcare has climbed over 931% to $1.66 today, from about $0.161 last July.

Correspondingly, its market capitalisation has risen to nearly $326 million, from about $32 million.

Source: SGX

Following Medtecs International’s share price trajectory, UG Healthcare’s share price was also very stable in the first half of the 52-weeks period, and only took off in late January 2020.

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AnAn International (SGX: Y35)

AnAn International is an investment holding company in the energy business. While energy prices has also come under pressure in the recent years, as well as due to waning demand on the COVID-19 pandemic, AnAn International seems to have bucked the trend.

In the past 52-weeks period, AnAn International’s share price has risen 650% to $0.045, from about $0.006 in July 2019. Hence, its market capitalisation has similarly grown to $190 million today, from close to $25 million in July 2019.

Source: SGX

Looking at its share price, AnAn International has only started spiking recently – in June 2020. This resulted in an SGX query in relation to unusual volume movements in its shares. AnAn International responded that it was not aware of any reasons that hasn’t already been announced publicly that might explain the sudden rise in share prices, as well as confirmed that it is in compliance with listing rules.

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Zhongxin Fruit and Juice (SGX: 5EG)

According to Zhongxin Fruit and Juice, it is a subsidiary of the world’s leading producer of fruit and vegetable juice concentrates, SDIC Zhonglu Fruit Juice Co. The Group’s primary business is in producing concentrated apple juice, mainly for packet juice drinks, soft drinks, cider, yogurt and candies, for the US, European Union, South Africa, Japan, Canada and Australian markets.

In the past 52-weeks period, Zhongxin Fruit and Juice has seen large volatility in its share price, spiking 500% to $0.24 today, from $0.004 in July 2019. This has translated into an improved market capitalisation of $25 million today, from just over $4  million in July 2019.

Source: SGX

As can be seen in the chart below, its share price hasn’t just risen steadily either and has spiked up and down in the past 52-weeks period.

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