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4 Stocks This Week (13-Week Best Performers) [8 August 2019] GSH, HMI, Delong, Wilmar

Despite increasing volatility in recent weeks, these companies have managed to put in good share price performances.

In recent weeks, the stock markets have been increasingly volatile. This should also come as no surprise to those following the markets, as the on-again-off-again US-China trade war saga continues with new vigour, an ongoing slowdown in the global economy, the yet unresolved Brexit, an rising geopolitical tensions in the Middle East.

In Singapore, this has seen our benchmark Straits Times Index (STI) sink close to 5.0% in the past month, as well as higher volatility in the 2ndquarter of 2019.

This can be seen in the graph below, depicting the STI’s steep climb at the start of April 2019, slumping in the month of May, recovering in June and July, and finally sinking in recent weeks.

Source: SGX

Given the volatile markets since May and the poor start to August, we have highlighted companies with share prices that have increased at least 7.0% in the past 13 weeks.

To shortlist these companies, we used SGX StockFacts screener to select companies with the higher price increase in the last 13 weeks AND companies with a market capitalisation of over $500 million. We also focused on primary listings on the SGX.

GSH Corporation Ltd (SGX: BDX)

GSH Corporation is in the business of property development in South East Asia, as well as owns and operates hospitality properties in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Mr Sam Goi, one of the richest men in Singapore, with a net worth of over US$1.8 billion, is a substantial shareholder and the Executive Chairman of the Group.

According to StockFacts, GSH Corporation’s share price has increase close to 35.1% in the past 13 weeks, to $0.385. It has also outperformed the STI in the past 4 weeks, declining 3.8% compared to the 5.0% decline in Singapore’s benchmark index.

As we can see from the information on StockFacts, the company also pays a yield of 3.25%.

Source: SGX

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HMI Ltd (SGX: 588)

HMI, or Health Management International, owns and operates two hospitals in Malaysia –the 340-bed Mahkota Medical Centre in Melaka and 281-bed Regency Specialist Hospital in Johor. It also operates StartMed Specialist Centre in Singapore, a private one-stop ambulatory care centre, and HMI Institute a leading private healthcare education provider in Singapore.

On StockFacts, HMI is shown to have a 13-week price gain of 33.3 to $0.72. In the past 4 weeks, it has also remained stable despite the 5.0% decline the benchmark STI experienced.

On top of its robust share price performance, HMI also pays a dividend of 0.9%.

Source: SGX

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Delong Holdings Limited (SGX: BQO)

Headquartered in Beijing China, Delong is a steel manufacturing and trading group. The company also exports some of its steel products to overseas markets, including South Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia.

According to SGX’s StockFacts, Delong Holdings has achieved a 13-week price increase of 22.3%, while also sustaining its good performace in the past 4-week period.

In addition to this strong share price performance, Delong Holdings also pays a lucrative dividend yield of 7.9%.

Source: SGX

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Wilmar International (SGX: F34)

Wilmar is counted as one of Asia’s leading agribusiness group, with over 500 manufacturing plants and an extensive distribution network covering China, India, Indonesia and 50 outher countries and regions.

Wilmar’s main businesses include oil palm cultivation, oilseed crushing, edible oils refining, sugar milling and refining, manufacturing of consumer products, specialty fats, oleochemicals, biodiesel and fertilisers, and flour and rice milling.

Wilmar is listed on the STI, and comprises 2.5% of the index. Rather than mimicking the index, Wilmar’s share price has gone the opposite direction, rising 14.5% in the past 13-week period, and 8.1% in the past 4-week period.

The blue-chip counter also pays a dividend yield of 2.6%.

Source: SGX

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