Where To Buy Or Sell Your Second-Hand Furniture When You Shift Offices

It’s increasingly common to move office nowadays whether it’s for expansion purposes or for a change in environment. This is also the time where we decide which office furniture must go and which stays to move into the new office. There may also be a need to purchase new furniture from ergonomic chairs to new desks or tables with pedestals, lockers or even some vintage pieces to spruce up the new office.  

Instead of throwing away your still good-to-use furniture, why not give it a second life by selling them. Similarly, why not take the more cost-friendly option of purchasing preloved office furniture. 
Buying preowned office furniture is a pocket-friendly alternative compared to brand new pieces. Moreover, you’ll be able to begin your own upcycling projects to transform the furnishings to suit your taste.  

With such benefits of owning preloved furniture, here are some places you could consider selling or buying second-hand office furniture.  
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Places To Buy Preowned Office Furniture (From $49 to $3,000) 

Hock Siong and Co. 

Around since the 70s, Hock Siong and Co. had its humble beginning from a family of rag and bone traders or as locals know them, “Karung Gunis”. Currently, this second-hand furniture store provides furniture recycling, upcycling, disposable management, furniture valuation and appraisal services.  
Hock Siong and Co. also sells good quality office furniture pieces amongst their large collection of tables, seats, antiques, storage and lighting fixtures. This includes, storage units, side cabinets, writing tables, swivel chairs, table lamps, bookshelves and more. To spruce up your office space, they also offer timeless antique pieces and wall art décor. Moreover, they also provide delivery and pickup services for the disposal of furniture. There is a seven-day exchange and return policy issued to customers as well.  

Price Range: From $80 – $3,000 
Address: 153 Kampong Ampat, Junjie Industrial Building, #01-03, Singapore 368326 
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm, Sunday and Public Holidays, 9.30am to 5.30pm 
Delivery Charge: Islandwide delivery between $30 to $80, free delivery to one lift landing or ground location for purchases above $400

The Reject Shop

The Reject Shop is Singapore’s first concept store that curates designer furniture from surplus clearance and factory rejects and sells them at affordable prices. In particular, their office furniture are from well-known brands such as Knox, O’Brien, Gizon and more. Business owners can look forward to purchasing high quality office chairs, writing desks, desks with storage and tables from The Reject Shop. The shop also has a physical gallery for customers to view other products that The Reject Shop does not feature on its online store.  
The shop does not accept trade-ins and product exchanges. You do not have to go through the hassle of transporting your newly bought furniture as The Reject Shop provides delivery services straight to your offices.  
Price Range: From $49 – $1,020 
Address: 39 Woodlands Cl, MEGA@Woodlands, Singapore 737856 
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 1pm to 9pm, Closed on Monday 
Delivery Charge: $40 for up to three large furniture pieces, additional $10 for more than three items 

Best Business Furniture

Specialised in selling office furniture, Best Business Furniture offers a wide variety of both new and preowned office furniture. From large furniture such as conference tables, work tables, work stations, lockers, metal and wooden cabinets to smaller furniture such as office chairs, and round tables Best Business Furniture has it all.  
With the wide variety offered, there are several options business owners can choose from according to their needs whether they would prefer a round, L-shaped or foldable desks, workstations, plastic or mesh chairs and more. Besides the traditional office furniture Best Business Furniture also offers stylish sofas, benches and lounge chairs for comfortable lounge areas.  
Price and Delivery Charge: Enquire here 
Address: Blk 9008 Tampines Street 93, Tampines Industrial Park A, #01-13, Singapore 528843 
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm, Saturday, 9am to 3pm, Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays 

Lorgan’s The Retro Store

Want to go for an unconventional office style? Lorgan’s The Retro Store as the name suggests, offers preowned retro vintage office furniture. More specifically, the store offers a rare collection of ‘genuine Mid-Century Modern furniture’ from renowned designer brands such as Herman Miller. Add a pop of colour to your office space with Lorgan’s plush vibrant coloured chairs, floating writing desk with brass handles, cabinets, sofas, decoration pieces and more.  
To enquire prices for the listed items, you may visit their physical outlet at Orion@Paya Lebar or leave an enquiry on their Instagram or Facebook page. You may need to be quick as their furniture are highly sought after given their rarity and antiqueness.  
Price and Delivery Charge: Enquire here 
Address: Orion@Paya Lebar, 160 Paya Lebar Road, #02-07, Singapore 409022 
Opening Hours: Sunday to Monday, 10.30am to 6pm, Closed on Tuesday  

Online Marketplaces To Buy And Sell Preowned Furniture (From $0 To $1,000) 

Carousell Buying Preowned Furniture

Singapore-based second-hand e-commerce marketplace, Carousell, is one such platform you can use to sell your office furniture.

Some office furniture listings on Carousell are available free of charge as these furniture are well used and may need to be upcycled to be reusable. Most of these listings however, will require additional fees to engage a mover.

Image Credit: ALPHA L-shaped workstation/ Jijji.sg
Image Credit: L-shaped workstation listing/ Carousell

A brand new L-shaped workstation with partitions, pedestals and chairs is sold on Carousell for a low price of $45. Comparing it to online furniture seller, Jiji.sg, an L-shape workstation with partitions and a pedestal costs $499. This means that buyers will be able to save up on as much as $450 dollars per workstation. Some businesses offer moving services as well and will redirect you to their actual online store to make your purchases. However, additional fees for services such as moving may be applicable.

For moving service listings with a price of $0, this indicates that no additional fees or conditions are to be met by relevant moving services. Otherwise, moving service listings on Carousell are priced from $15 and above.

Second-hand products are not the only thing Carousell offers, you can also explore home services and even cars on their platform. This includes professional furniture mover services which falls under the ‘movers and delivery’ category. This may be a relevant service for you if your contacted Carousell seller does not provide such services. 

Carousell – Selling Preowned Furniture

As for sellers, furniture listings can go up to about $1,000 if it is reasonably priced. While it can be difficult to make a profit from the purchase price, there is still some amount of money earned compared to if you throw away your furniture.

Image Credit: Carousell

To sell officially on Carousell, you simply need to create an account and post a listing with appropriate pictures, description and price of your desired office furniture. You can also choose to add in the condition of the furniture to increase your chances of your furnitures getting sold. After a potential buyer has contacted you, you may have to bargain on the price and set up a meeting place for the buyer to pick up the furniture.  

You can tap on professional furniture mover services which fall under the ‘movers and delivery’ category for delivery modes. Do take note that such services are offered at an additional price unless stated otherwise.

Image Credit: Listings on Carousell/Carousell

Facebook MarketplaceBuying Preowned Furniture 

If you have a Facebook account, Facebook Marketplace is another possible platform you could use to buy or sell your office furniture.  

Image Credit: Office furniture listings/ Facebook Marketplace

Listings on Facebook Marketplace of office furniture are widely priced across a range of $1 to $300. An IKEA EKET two-door cabinet is originally priced at $170. The same listing is sold at $70 on Facebook Marketplace. This means that buyers can save up on about $100 when making purchases on Facebook Marketplace. However, buyers need to do their due diligence on the condition of such second-hand furniture to check for the condition, wear and tear and more. 

Facebook Marketplace – Selling Preowned Furniture 

Unlike Carousell, Facebook Marketplace does not allow intangible products to be sold. This means that you may need to make the necessary arrangements for a contractor to deliver your furniture if you lack the means to transport the furniture.

Image Credit: Facebook

Located at the left of your screen, you’ll see a market-like icon on your accounts. Simply click on it and you can post a listing of your furniture at your desired price with an appropriate picture. It helps to be as descriptive as possible to increase your chances. Some things sellers should note when selling on Facebook Marketplace are to ensure that original purchase documents such as certificated, receipts, manuals are provided. This increases the confidence of potential buyers in buying your listing.  
You can also choose to boost your listing to increase the chances of your listings reaching out to more buyers.

Risks To Shopping For Office Furniture Online  

While selling on online marketplaces offers a good bargain and some form of earnings, there are risks to look out for. There is a chance of scams occurring across such platforms. Scammers may impersonate potential sellers and promise to deliver their products on time only to fall short once payment has been made by the buyer. Hence resulting in the buyer losing their money and also their purchased furniture.

Additionally, online stores do not offer customers with the extra cautionary measures of getting to check for any defects. This means that sellers could easily sell off damaged furniture under the falsity of selling brand new items. Such online sellers also do not offer product return policies making it difficult to replace damaged products.

To prevent such losses from happening, be sure to check that the seller is trustable by engaging in some light conversation and checking the reviews of sellers before confirming your purchases.

Featured Image Credit: Hock Siong & Co., The Reject Shop, Best Business Furniture, Lorgan’s The Retro Store, Carousell and Facebook Marketplace 
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