8 Modern-Day Movies Entrepreneurs Should Watch

Beyond being entertainment pieces, movies can inspire – and just like anyone else, entrepreneurs also need that dose of inspiration. There can even be an argument that entrepreneurs may need it more in certain instances.

From documentaries to musical dramas, here’s a list of 8 thought-provoking modern-day movies every entrepreneur can indulge in, and take something away from. 

1. The Social Network

An entrepreneur favourite, The Social Network revolves around the founding of Facebook. The drama film stars Jesse Eisenberg as founder Mark Zuckerberg and follows his journey turning a Harvard dorm-room startup into one of the most profitable social media platforms to date.

The course of a successful business never did run smooth – from the movie, one can learn from the experience of Zuckerburg, the challenges he faced and how they were overcome. What makes this inspirational film even more so is its relatability – an ambitious and young student who realised his entrepreneurial dream (with hard work, of course).

Available on Amazon Prime, Netflix

2. Jobs

Source: JObs

Similar to The Social NetworkJobs documents the story of college dropout Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. We join Jobs on his journey as he builds the first Apple computer in his parents’ garage before eventually becoming one of the most revered entrepreneurs in our time.

There are plenty of insights to glean from the movie, one of the most important ones being the ability to be different. For instance, the sleek Mac that we’ve come to know was invented when home computers already existed and yet, it was seen as a new product that was well-loved by global fans. For more takeaways, one will have to simply watch the movie.

Available on Amazon Prime, Netflix

3. The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

Source: HBO

Unlike most inspirational films, this documentary follows the success of tech company Theranos and how its eventual downfall. A young and ambitious Elizabeth Holmes is seen to be successfully pitching for a compact analysis machine that is capable of performing a variety of tests using just a very small blood. While many had bought into the idea, the company soon met with many challenges – the most important being the inability to produce the product at all.

While being ambitious is encouraged, it’s important to not oversell (as with Holmes). This film teaches a hard lesson on striking that balance – a must-watch. 

Available on Amazon Prime, HBO

4. Adidas VS Puma: The Brother’s Feud

Source: Amazon

Did you know that sports brands Adidas and Puma were founded by two brothers? Adidas VS Puma: The Brother’s Feud follows the story of German brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler and how their fallout led to the establishment of Puma and Adidas. 

The impact of siblings’ rivalry was not only extensive, it was long-lasting. Both Adidas and Puma were founded in the childhood town of the Dasslers, which promptly divided the area into two camps. Each brand had their employees, pubs and soccer teams – the segregation was such that no Adidas employees would frequent a shop where Puma employees visit and vice versa. But this also meant that the rivalry led to plenty of research & development, as well as competition to produce as many products in the shortest time possible. The ultimate lesson? A little competition never hurts.

Available on Amazon Prime

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5. All the Money in the World

An unconventional choice, but this thriller film opens the audience’s eyes to the world of the rich. All the Money in the World essentially tells the story of a kidnapped teenager John Paul Getty III, who happens to be the grandson of a world’s richest man, John Paul Getty. Instead of handing over the ransom like he could have easily done, Getty debates over the sum following each new demand.

At a glance, this story is barely relatable. But like starting a business of your own, every decision the protagonist (and antagonist) made is carefully weighed and measured. The film teaches the importance of the ability to know your strengths, weaknesses and tolerance before making any calculated decision. While Getty may be portrayed as a scrooge, one has to be mindful  of finances to be successful. 

Available on Amazon Prime, Netflix

6. The Greatest Showman

Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for. Starring Hugh Jackman as PT Barnum, sing and dance into the story of a visionary and how his imagination led to the success of Barnum & Bailey Circus. 

The greatest takeaway from this musical drama has to be the importance of having a vision and the belief to achieve it. Not once has Barnum given up – showing that success also takes time. All publicity is good publicity – while Barnum’s belief may not be objectively true, The Greatest Showman shows how one can turn bad publicity into a good opportunity to barrage through the negativity. The list of takeaways go on, and if you’ve already watched the movie, we say to watch it again.

Available on Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Netflix

7. Chef

Source: Time Magazine

What does a chef do when he’s not allowed to cook what he wants? Open a taco truck, of course. In this drool-inducing comedy, Chef follows the story of Carl Casper, who quit his job as a chef at a popular restaurant and attempts to follow his passion for food. 

A celebration of food and the entrepreneurial spirit, this heart-warming film will help to ignite the fire of passion. The story’s authenticity also makes it very relatable, making it perfect for a movie night.

Available on Amazon Prime, Netflix

8. The Intern

Source: The Intern

When the founder of Fit Jules Ostin put out a notice for an intern, the last person she expected was 70-year-old Ben Whittaker. However, with his quick adapting abilities and suggestions to optimise the business, she soon realises that age is just a number. 

This light-hearted yet inspirational comedy explores several important topics, including age and gender politics. For starters, the film focuses on a successful woman entrepreneur and how she doesn’t have to sacrifice her business for her family (and vice versa). Also how being senior doesn’t render one worthless – every individual has their strength and it’s up to the leader to unleash their fullest potential.

Available on Amazon Prime, Netflix

There is a lot to learn from the stories of entrepreneurs – and what better way to do so from the comfort of your couch?

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