Business And Community Leaders Who Are Participating As PAP And Opposition Candidates In GE2020

With Nomination Day over, we are now clear about the candidates who will be contesting in our constituency for GE2020. Candidates who win at the polls on 10 July will go into parliament as an elected Member of Parliament (MP).

There are also two other ways to become an MP – being a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) and Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP).

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It may feel like a full time job for MPs to care for the needs of residents in their constituency and raise issues on their behalf in Parliament, while also taking a legislative role on broader topics such as government schemes, budgets, legislation and more. 

In fact, studying parliamentary records, we found that MPs had a total of 28 Parliamentary sittings that lasted close to 206 hours in 2019. For their efforts, MPs in Singapore receive an annual MP allowance worth $192,500

As many MPs actually do not hold other political appointments, they may still have other external appointments, such as having a job, running a business or being part of community initiatives, among others. 

We take a look at some of the new candidates, from the various political parties contesting in GE2020, who are also business and community leaders. This list is not exhaustive and based on information we can find on the candidates.

People’s Action Party (PAP)

#1 Rachel Ong – Contesting in West Coast GRC

Source: PAP

According to Rohei’s website, Rachel Ong founded the workforce development consultancy in 2007. She has grown the company from two employees to over 60 employees today, providing a range of services such as HR consulting and corporate training services.

#2 Carrie Tan Hui Min – Contesting In The Nee Soon GRC.

Source: PAP

Carrie Tan is the founder and executive director of Daughters of Tomorrow (DOT). DOT has a mission to support underprivileged women in achieving financial independence and enabling social mobility for their families.

#3 Mariam Jaafar – Contesting In The Sembawang GRC

Source: PAP

Mariam Jaafar is the Managing Director and Partner and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). While she obviously did not found the group, holding the appointment of Managing Director definitely puts her in the realm of a business leader who needs to chart the growth and manage the operations of the Singapore office. 

#4 Edward Chia Bing Hui – Contesting In The Holland-Bukit Timah GRC

Source: PAP

Edward Chia is the co-founder and Managing Director of F&B dining group, Timbre Group Pte Ltd, which currently has four locations. He is also the co-founder of Five &2, another F&B dining concept.

#5 Dr Tan See Leng – Contesting In The Marine Parade GRC

Source: PAP

Perhaps the most experienced fresh face introduced by PAP, Dr Tan built an impressive career in Singapore’s private healthcare industry. According to an article from The Peak, when he was just beginning his career, he broke his bond with the Ministry of Health to start up his own clinic.

He then went on to establish his network of clinics in Singapore before selling it off to the British United Provident Association in 2001. He then joined Mount Elizabeth Hospital as Chief Operating Officer, before rising to become CEO of Parkway Group. He also became CEO of IHH Healthcare, the second largest healthcare operator globally.

#6 Yeo Wan Ling – Contesting In The Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC

Source: PAP

Yeo Wan Ling is the co-founder and CEO of social enterprise Caregiver Group, a global online aggregator connecting caregivers and healthcare professionals to businesses and individuals. She started the company after spending a decade in the Economic Development Board (EDB).

#7 Raymong Lye Hoong Yip – Contesting In The Sengkang GRC

Source: PAP

Raymond Lye is the Managing Partner of Union Law LLP, a practice he founded in 2014. Prior to this, he served in the Legal Service as a Magistrate in the Subordinate Courts. He is also currently a resource panel member of the Government Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Foreign Affairs.

Workers’ Party (WP)

#8 Raeesah Begum Bte Farid Khan – Contesting In The Sengkang GRC

Source: WP

Raeesah Begum’s profile states that she has been an activist since she was 17. In 2016, she founded The Reyna Movement to empower women through community engagement and up-skilling programmes.

Progress Singapore Party (PSP)

#9 Leong Mun Wai – Contesting In The West Coast GRC

Source: PSP

The PSP website states that Leong Mun Wai is currently the founder and owner of his own private equity firm, having amassed experienced in venture capital and strategic advisory to SMEs and start-ups. 

He started his career with GIC and went on to work with global investment banks in Tokyo, London and Hong Kong. He came back to Singapore in 1997 to become the Managing Director of OCBC Securities.

#10 Michael Chua – Contesting In The Tanjong Pagar GRC

Source: PSP

Not much information is available on Michael Chua, which may or may not be intended. On the PSP website, it just states that after a long career in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), he is currently running his own business.

Trying to search for more information yielded results that he is the Managing Director of Taylor Stanley Marketing, which looks to be a distributor of air purifiers and household cleaning products. 

 #11 Kumaran Pillai – Contesting In The Kebun Bahru SMC


Kumaran Pillai is the CEO of Apple Seed Venture Accelerator. According to its website, it provides services for in the digital media advertising space.

Reform Party (RP)

#12 Kumar Appavoo – Contesting In The Radin Mas SMC

Many media stories on RP lists Kumar Appavoo is listed as an oil and gas director. Some further digging reveal that he may be the owner of Chel Industrial Gases, a hardware wholesaler. 

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

#13 Alfred Tan – Contesting In The Holland-Bukit Timah GRC

Not much information can be found on Alfred Tan, nevertheless, the Straits Times mentions that he is an entrepreneur having “been involved in various aspects of business and entrepreneurship, having worked in international banking, corporate finance and business management.

#14 Robin Low – Contesting In The Yuhua SMC

Again, not much information can be found on Robin Low, however, the same Straits Times article lists his background setting up several businesses, as well as volunteering in community projects including co-founding Relief 2.0, non-governmental organization that promotes efficient disaster response and sustainable disaster recovery.

National Solidarity Party (NSP)

#15 Sathin Ravindran

Again limited information is available on some candidates, including Sathin. Unfortunately, its party website was down as well on Nomination Day. According to a Straits Times article, Sathin Ravindran runs a car detailing services business.

Red Dot United (RDU)

#16 Liyana Dhamirah

Source: LinkedIn

Liyana Dhamirah founded Virtual Assistants Singapore, providing administrative support to businesses, in 2014, and Catalyse Consulting, providing corporate advisory and training, in 2020.

What makes her stand out is that just over a decade ago, she became homeless and had to sleep on a beach in Sembawang and West Coast with two children while being heavily pregnant. She managed to pick herself up to pursue a diploma in business as well as start her business.

Candidates Come From All Walks Of Life

GE2020 will see the largest slate of political parties contest in a general election with 10 political parties and an independent candidate contesting all 93 seats in Parliament. As we can see, many of the candidates that have come forward also have lives outside of politics, including being and entrepreneur and leading social initiatives.

Another thing to note is that this list is by no means complete. While it aims to cast a spotlight on new faces primarily, information (and images) on certain political parties and individuals can be hard to come by.

Nevertheless, we will strive to add to our content whenever we get updated information. Stay tuned to our coverage for more financial and economic updates on GE2020.

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