5 Questions With… Baru Walia, Founder And CEO Of Footsy – The Football Super App

5 Questions With… is an initiative to feature local entrepreneurs and give you a glimpse into their daily lives – how they live, work, and play. This week, we speak to Baru Walia, Founder and CEO of the Footsy App

Baru Walia created the Footsy App – a football super app – more than a year ago. The aim was to bring football into the technology age, with an easy-to-use mobile app. 

Footsy enables people to organise a football game between friends, book a football pitch at various locations in Singapore, make e-payments, directly split costs between players and store game statistics. It also allows amateur teams to manage their teams, use a built-in chat function with players and keep track of their local league matches.

While COVID-19 has put a stop to football games in Singapore, Baru is using the time to ensure Footsy bounces back quickly. Living up to its super app billing, Footsy is also in the process of adding new features such as e-sports and e-commerce, and has started video channels dedicated to fans of individual football teams.

The Footsy App is definitely going places, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and India. We take the opportunity to speak to him about his daily life as an entrepreneur.

5 Things You Always Do In Your Daily Routine

Wake up and down 1 litre of water, Catch up with the Footsy team,  workout, spend time with family.

4 Apps That You Cannot Live Without

WhatsApp, Google Calendar, Spotify, Footsy App

3 Ways You Relax And Recharge When You’re Not Working

Working out and playing football, listening to music, and spending time with my family.

2 Business Leaders You Wish To Play Football With

Bill gates & Mark Cuban

1 Piece Of Advice For Budding Entrepreneurs 

There will be days where you will feel like giving up. You’ll question yourself and why you got into this. Remember one thing, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Stand up and stand out.

As Singapore readies for the next phase of exiting circuit breaker measures, you may be able to play football again very soon. You can download the Footsy App on the Play Store or App Store.

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