10 Websites Singapore Entrepreneurs Should Be Reading In 2020

If your goal is to be a better entrepreneur and take your company to new heights, then you need to start by bookmarking and regularly reading these websites – if you’re not already doing so.

#1 Tech in Asia

As one of the largest Asia-focused media companies, Tech in Asia combines passion for the start-up scene with journalistic professionalism to create a must-read publication for all aspiring (and current) start-up founders and business owners.

Tech in Asia covers breaking news, interviews with the who’s who in the scene, insightful columns, and in-depth investigative pieces on stories that matter.

#2 Vulcan Post

Vulcan Post is a leading regional publisher that covers the digital lifestyle and shining the spotlight on the people behind up-and-coming startups.

Run by GRVTY Media, Vulcan Post should be your go-to website for learning about the latest digital tools that can help you be happier and more productive, while getting inspiration from fellow start-up founders in Singapore (and around the region).

#3 e27

Initially started as a blog, e27 has grown into a multi-channel media publisher, with the same core mission: to keep track of and contribute to Singapore bustling start-up eco-system.

Today, they carry out their mission with their website, their online community, events, a jobs listening service, podcast, and more.

#4 Entrepreneur

As one of the largest entrepreneur-focused publications in the world, the US-based Entrepreneur has an extensive content catalogue to help you start, run and grow your business.

While many of the specifics might be more relevant to US audiences, Singapore business owners can draw lessons and inspiration from the wealth of interviews and well-researched articles on a range of themes, including womenentrepreneurship, sustainability, fundraising, business models, and more.

#5 Inc.

Inc. is a magazine that explicitly focuses on small businesses and how to build them successfully.

If you found the website useful, you could consider subscribing to Inc.’s digital magazine, signing-up for their free newsletters, listening to their online radio channel or podcast, or even attend one of their in-person events.

#6 Hacker News

The website name and layout might cause some confusion for those who are new to Hacker News, which is a platform owned by Y Combinator, a well-known start-up accelerator programme based on the US.

Run by a vibrant and fiercely passionate community of enthusiasts, Hacker News is the absolute best place to get the scoop on the latest happenings in the start-up space.

#7 Medium

Founded by former Blogger and Twitter founder Ev Williams, Medium is a publishing platform and community for thoughtful, longform content.

You can follow individuals (like business leaders) or publications (which are curated around certain themes) to receive a personalised feed of quality writing that will always leave you feeling smarter after every session.

#8 TED

TED is a non-profit dedicated to “spreading ideas”. It began as an in-person conference and has since spawned into a huge movement for inspiring others to create positive change in the world, including with your business.

Building a business is tough, and TED is a wonderful pitstop for you to refuel on motivation and inspiration, before heading back into the start-up grind.

#9 Reddit r/startups

Reddit is the place where cool creators, early adopters, and pun lovers hang out. But the right sub-reddit, like r/startups can also be an immensely useful resource for you to get answers and participate in discussions with fellow business owners.

It can feel lonely at the top (or bottom) sometimes, and having a community like r/startups is like having a family with whom you can share your little victories, big setbacks, and exchanges war stories.

#10 LinkedIn

We all know how important LinkedIn is for jobseekers and recruiters. But if you follow the right people and build the right connections, it can also be an invaluable place to get a glimpse into what fellow entrepreneurs are thinking about, reading, and doing.

Since LinkedIn is  a social network, you can (and should) also participate by sharing your own entrepreneurial journey and reach potential partners, investors, or customers.

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