5 Ways To Boost Your Employees’ Morale – And Why It’s Important To Do So

A motivated team is more likely to perform at their best and with employees acting as company’s ambassadors, it’s important to foster a positive work environment to ensure the organisation’s good reputation both internally and externally. As such, here are 5 ways to boost your employee’s morale.

#1 Promote Work-Life Balance

While it may seem elementary, you’ll be surprised at the impact of having a work-life balance. Not only are constant (and sometimes, unnecessary) late nights capable of burning out your team fast, sending out emails during off-work hours can also be detrimental as they blur the line between work and personal time.

Family and personal time are essential. It’s important to let your employees partake in social activities, to recharge themselves before heading back to the office. This way, the team will be motivated, energised and productive, especially when they take breaks away from work.

What can be done: Minimise the email traffic during after-work hours and remind the team to head home unless they’re urgently needed on a project. Reach out to your employees during late nights as this will also help make them feel appreciated and acknowledged.

#2 Acknowledge the Good (and Bad)

Don’t be afraid to dish out compliments and share good feedback from clients with the team. Recognition plays an important role in morale-boosting as your employees will feel appreciated for their work and in turn, put in as much or even more effort moving forward. 

At the same time, it’s important to share negative feedback for the company to improve. Corrective measures are essential to fostering a positive environment, as it sends the message that the company believes in good work ethics and that all employees are treated fairly. The management’s ‘let-it-slide’ mentality is detrimental to morale, especially to employees who didn’t commit the mistake.  

What can be done: While instant validation may be more impactful, consider weekly or monthly reviews where both positive and negative feedback can be shared professionally and in a private space. Employees will feel like they matter and be more prone to improve their work quality.

#3 Show That You Care

From birthdays to weddings to festive seasons, it’s important to recognise the dates and let your employees know that you’re involved in their lives. Emotional well-being is essential, so let the team know that they’re recognised as individuals and that their value goes beyond just work.

What can be done: Gifting little tokens of appreciation can go a long way. Be it a birthday card or Christmas presents; these can help boost your employee’s morale.

#4 Encourage Team Building Exercises

Teamwork is an essential aspect of every organisation and to work together better, it’s important for all employees (management included) to communicate and understand each other. In addition to facilitating communication, team building exercises allow your employees to have a better sense of each other’s working styles and in the process, work out how to better complement each other. The improved understanding will motivate work engagement and in turn, lead to better productivity.

What can be done: Team-building exercises! These can take the form of workshops or recreational but educational sessions (think escape rooms). 

#5 Instil a Sense of Belief 

You may have a vision for the company, but do your employees share it? Believing in the same vision alone can help to inspire the team – it’s crucial to believe that they’re part of something bigger so that your employees will want to actively work towards a common goal.

What can be done: Ensure that your employees are clear on the vision from the get-go and that they’re aligned. While constant reminders aren’t necessary, remind your employees what the vision is, the role that they play and how you’re achieving it as a team. 

Small efforts go a long way. While the impact may not be immediate, ensuring your employees’ welfare and morale is in a healthy state is a sure way to increase work productivity. 

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