Top 10 Job and Internship Portals For Employers Hiring In Singapore

Looking to expand your team? As a business owner who is handling the hiring process on your own, the first step is to blast your openings on job boards to reach qualified candidates.

Whether you are looking to fill a full-time position or hiring an intern onboard, you’ll benefit from this list of job portals for employers in Singapore.

Job PortalsFull-TimeInternshipsTemp/Part-TimeFreelance
Jobs Central 
TechInAsia Jobs  

#1 Cult Jobs

Cult Jobs is a job portal catered to the creative industry, for full-time positions and internships. If you are looking to fill positions in design, arts, content, PR, marketing or social media, give Cult Jobs a shot. The job portal also accepts jobs that fall on the business side of a creative field, such as marketing or PR services. 

Job listings are free for 30 days and go through strict moderation, so be sure to read their posting guidelines clearly. 

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#2 Indeed

Indeed is one of Singapore’s largest job search websites with an enormous database of jobs and resumes across industries. One of the most unique features of Indeed is that you can search for resumes to look for the exact skills and expertise you need, just like how a jobseeker would look for a job. It is free to post a job on Indeed. 

#3 JobsCentral

JobsCentral is one of the largest job portal in Singapore, catered to a wide variety of professions. Employers can tap on their recruitment solutions, such as database mining for scouring through their jobseeker database and the LUCEO Applicant Tracking System where you can easily manage your applicants. 

#4 jobsDB

jobsDB is a platform that sources job postings from partner job boards, companies’ websites and listings that are directly published on their site. That means your job posting might appear on jobsDB even without you posting directly on the portal. All job postings are free and will stay live for 28 days. Listings can also be edited or removed accordingly. 

#5 LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is mainly used for professional networking, it also has various employment-oriented services such as its Recruiter account and a Jobs page. Employers can create online job postings, which will be linked to your company’s LinkedIn Page. 

Posting a job on LinkedIn is simple with its recommendation technology. For instance, as you type in the job title or fill in the required skills section, a list of standard suggestions will appear. You will also receive candidate recommendations tailored to the job vacancy after the posting goes live.

Job postings on Linkedin are on a pay-per-click model, you can set a maximum total budget or an average daily budget. You get to save up to 35% if you purchase job posting budget in advance. Here are the discount tiers: 

  • Save 17% – pay $498 instead of $600
  • Save 25% – pay $750 instead of $1,000
  • Save 35% – pay $1,300 instead of $2,000

#6 Glints

If you wish to recruit young team to join your team, Glints would be the job portal to turn to. The platform allows unlimited free job posting for entry-level positions, internships and freelance work. Its paid recruitment solution offers access to a curated talent database and a faster hiring process of within 2 to 4 weeks. 

And if you are considering to build an offshore team–particularly a tech team at a lower cost, Glints Global provides a free consultation to guide you through with that. Currently, the countries that you can build your team at are Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

#7 InternSG

InternSG is one of the most well-known platforms for internships, with a mission to connect students and corporate entities through purposeful internships. The portal caters mostly students, so you can expect job placements to be largely internships. 

What’s nice about InternSG is that listings are free, which makes sense especially for small businesses who have a limited budget (or none at all) to spend on recruiting interns. Once your job listing is approved, you’ll receive resumes directly in your email when candidates apply for the position.

#8 StartUpJobs

One of the most pervasive challenge for startups today is recruitment. Recognising the struggle, StartUpJobs aims to bridge the gap between potential employees and startup founders. While the platform advertises itself as a startup hiring solution within Asia, job listings in countries apart from Singapore are sparse. But if you are recruiting in Singapore, you will find this portal beneficial. 

With this platform, startups have higher chances of finding the right talent fit as the applicants are more open to working in a startup. Job postings are free on StartUpjobs. 

#9 is a job portal supported by the government for Singaporeans and PRs. Using job matching technology, the portal offers a ‘Applicant Listing’ function that helps sort applicant based on their skills and experience. It also has a ‘Suggested Talent’ function, providing a recommended list of candidates with relevant skills. 

Jobseekers have to login with SingPass to apply for the jobs, so that helps in ensuring serious applicants only. Job postings are free and are valid for up to 30 days. To post jobs, you have to login with your CorpPass.  

#10 Tech in Asia

Tech in Asia may be known as a reputable tech publication in Asia, but it also has an extensive talent datab`ase with over 40,000 candidates from Singapore and Indonesia. You can choose to pay per job posting at US$29 each or to subscribe to their Premium plan from US$99/month. 

Premium members get access to its talent recommendation algorithm, where potential talent is identified for you. Each month, a premium subscription also allows you to choose 5 jobs to be featured on Tech in Asia’s Jobs page. 

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