Tired Of Arranging Appointments Manually? Here’s Why You Should Switch To An Online Scheduling Tool

How can you get more things done at work?

The most productive people work on high-value tasks, using the most efficient way to get things done. And one of the simplest productivity tip? Automate your calendar.

Far too much time is spent scrutinising at your calendar, searching for a window period to slot in your next appointment.  

While it might take a bit of adjusting, switching to an online scheduling tool will give your productivity a boost and help you achieve more in a day.

#1 Free Up The Drudgery Of Setting Appointments

“Would you be available next Tuesday at 4 pm?”

“Yes that timing works for me, let’s speak more next Tuesday then.”

If only all appointments went like this. Finding a suitable time slot can be a burdensome task that takes up significant time. 

Inputting an entry into your calendar doesn’t take long. But factor in the time spent on emails going back and forth to set the time and details, and you’ll find that those minutes do add up. It is wasteful and can even put a dampener on your productivity.

As a business owner, one of your most important skills should be time management. As you bounce from home to office, appointments, errands and more appointments, you need to make every minute at work count.  

Managing your calendar can be a breeze with online scheduling software, freeing up your time spent setting appointments and making it easier for your clients to book you too.

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#2 Maximise Your Time With Smart Features

Online scheduling tools such as Acuity Scheduling often has smart features that can help manage your time well. One of the useful features is minimizing gaps in scheduling.

You want to open up your calendar to attend meetings or take calls with your clients. But letting them choose the time of their appointment can leave you gaps in your calendar. 

An occasional 15- or 30-minute gap in your work schedule may be harmless. But if you take a long-term view of your week, these gaps can take a real toll on your productivity.

With online scheduling tools, you can have your appointments clustered together, avoiding small gaps that can be productivity-sucking. 

#3 Provide A Stronger Call-To-Action (CTA) For Customers

A strong CTA entices the potential client to take a desired action, in this case, booking an appointment with you. Bringing your customers to book an appointment directly provides an intuitive and clear CTA, compared to them having to leave the site to contact you via phone call or email. 

An online scheduling tool also provides an easier booking experience, instead of having to send emails back and forth which easily lead to customer drop off. The traditional way of booking appointments takes up way too much time, easily making your customers rethink their decision. 

Use an online scheduling tool so others can book you without much effort, and you can have clients committing to a time before they change their mind.

#4 Send Automated Reminders To Reduce No-Shows Or Late Appointments 

No-shows can be frustrating, it affects your productivity and disrupts the workflow you were expecting. Being stood up sucks, but it’s even more painful when you’ve got a never-ending to-do list and instead it was spent waiting for someone that isn’t showing up.

Time and effort are wasted in trying to organise this appointment, and you’ll need more of those again if you are going to reschedule it.  

If the person you are meeting is running late, it is again a waste of your time and it eats into your schedule.

To reduce no-shows and late appointments, you can send reminders and have them commit to the meeting or call. Such reminders would take time to send out, so it’s helpful if you can have that automated for you. Most online scheduling tools would offer such a function.

Take control of your work day

Switching to an online scheduling tool would not automatically make you a highly productive person. But at least now, you are one step closer. Acuity Scheduling is one example of an online scheduling tool that you can turn to for easy scheduling. 

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), you can even get such solutions at a discounted rate with the Start Digital Pack. With a minimum contract of 18 months, SMEs can have six months free under this scheme. To apply, submit a form to Start Digital Partners such as OCBC, before purchasing the solution. 

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