5 Signs It’s Time You Need To Use A Headhunter For Your Hiring

If you own a small and medium-sized business (SMB) and are grappling with hiring the right talents to grow your company, you are not alone. Many other hustling business owners, like yourself, are also wrestling with similar human resource related issues.

When you are already busy and stretched dealing with the many facets of your business – from cash flow management to business operations, it’s hard to find additional energy and time to be able to find and hire the right people. At the same time, finding and hiring the right talent is also essential for any business to succeed.

Maybe it could be time to consider using a headhunter.

You might have worked with a headhunter in the past and only regarded the experience as a one-off transaction. Worse, you might have had unpleasant experiences with previous headhunters and could now be wary about engaging one . But the more you find yourself being unable to land the right talent you need, the harder it is for your business to grow. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to remain confused and wonder any longer if hiring a headhunter is a good business decision. 

Here are 5 signs that it is high time you need to engage a headhunter for your hiring. 

# 1 You Need A Wider Talent Pool

Your business might require talented professionals working for you given the type of operations you run. 

Yet, merely hiring from within your network of friends and professional contacts is not enough to seek out the crème de la crème, or the variety of the talent pool required to supercharge your business. 

Having a headhunter would enable you to gain access to a wider talent field because headhunters are skilled enough to use platforms like alumni databases, publicly listed records as well as social media sites to get your dream candidate. A headhunter will also know candidates who might be currently working and who are not actively applying for a new job but who are opened to changes if the right opportunity presents itself.

# 2 You Need To Remain Confidential

Sometimes, you might require confidentiality when hiring for new talent to join your business. This could be the case when you are seeking to replace an existing staff on your team for various reasons, including underperformance on the job. 

Moreover, you might want to hire externally to add fresh blood to your company’s talent pool and may want to keep the job position confidential in order not to ruffle feathers among your existing staff, especially in the case of senior-level positions. 

# 3 You Need Candidates Immediately

In business, time is valuable because every ounce of time lost in hiring for an urgent position could mean a loss for your company in terms of revenue and profits. 

When you are hard-pressed for time to fill up your job, or can’t afford for someone you want to become available before they join your company, having a trusted headhunter who knows your business model would save you a great deal of hassle and time to get the most appropriate talent. An experienced headhunter can quickly locate the suitable candidates for a particular job you might be hiring for. 

Furthermore, headhunters can accelerate the hiring process by screening for qualified and highly suitable candidates and by arranging job interviews as soon as possible.

# 4 You Need Specialised Talents

When you are hiring for a specialised position, you might encounter challenges in finding the most suitable and skilled candidate for the job. 

Consequently, you might want to engage a headhunter who knows the niche market from which you hope to hire from and who can help you nail down who you need for your role. If you are a new business or if you are unfamiliar with hiring for a particular sector, having specialist headhunters will make your hiring a lot easier. 

# 5 You Need To Remain Competitive

Another key tell-tale sign that it’s time you need to use a headhunter would be that you are looking to attract talent from your competitors. Given the size of your industry, it might be difficult to approach these talents from rival businesses directly for help. 

Having a skilled and even specialist headhunter might be the crucial bridge to contact and attract these talents over to your business. When your headhunter is of quality, he/she will have the relevant business development and public relations skills to market your company’s strengths to your potential candidates. 

Besides, engaging a specialist headhunter who knows the nooks and crannies of your industry will prove to be a valuable source of market information and salary benchmarking. By gleaning market insights from your specialist headhunter, your company can then be better equipped to attract and retain existing talent by giving them salaries and perks that are competitive. 

Headhunters Can Help – At A Price

While the reasons for each business to eventually engage a headhunter(s) might differ, the aforementioned five signs are common reasons prompting companies (including yours) to engage headhunting services. Headhunters provide the value proposition of helping you attract top-quality talent that might be hard to find or even hire. 

It’s important to note that similar to any other quality services that we may seek for, headhunters do charge a fee for their services. So while they may give you a better chance of landing the talents that you need, you will need to be paying a fee for their services.

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