Pre-Event Testing (PET): How Much Does it Cost and Which Businesses Need to Implement it?

According to the MOH website, a “Pre-Event Test” or PET refers to a COVID-19 test taken by an attendee or patron who wishes to enter a venue where selected events, businesses, or activities are being held. 

Announced on 23 October 2021, employees who are unvaccinated will not be allowed to return to their workplaces unless they have recently recovered from COVID-19 or produce a negative PET result.

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Such individuals must have a valid negative COVID-19 test result taken within a specified period of time, before being allowed to enter the venue or participate in the event, business, or activity, or go into their workplace.

A PET can be done with ART or PCR. However, ART is generally more suitable it has a much shorter turnaround time (around 30 minutes) compared to PCR tests (which may take up to 48 hours). If it takes 48 hours to get the result, it may already be an invalid test before you even get the result. This is because the validity of such tests is only 24 hours from the time of test registration.

Which Business Events Require PET?

EventsCapacity that Requires PET
Unvaccinated individuals going into their workplace (From 2022)
MICE including consumer tradeshows51-250
Live performance (seated audience), pilot spectator sport event51-250
Worship Services51-250
Spectator Sports51-250
Wedding Receptions  (12 Jul 21 onwards)
Up to 250 persons: PET required for all attendees
Up to 50 persons: PET required for the wedding party (wedding couple and up to 18 other attendees)
Source: Ministry of Health

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What is the Validity Period for the Tests?

The validity of a negative ART or PCR Test result is 24 hours from the time of test registration. The same COVID-19 Test Result Notice can be used for entry to multiple purposes. You can go into work as an unvaccinated individual and then enter other events, or activities, as long as it is within the 24-hour validity period. However, it is strongly recommended that attendees/ patrons avoid going to multiple events, workplaces, or activities within 24 hours, as they would be at a higher risk of being infected or transmitting infection. 

Additionally, attendees/ patrons are not to remain at the venue of the event, workplaces, or activity when their Test Result Notice expires. Doing so would be an offence.

Below are some worked examples for when an attendee/ patron should be tested.

What are the MOH-Approved Registration/ Result Submission Systems and Test Kits?

Patient Risk Profile Portal (PRPP)Within clinic premises
MOH ART FormSG (MAF)Outside clinic premises (offsite premises), where most individuals are registered via walk-ins
HPB Swab Registration System (SRS)Outside clinic premises (offsite premises), where most individuals are known in advance and nominal rolls can be uploaded into the system
Source: Ministry of Health

There are two testing models — on-site and in-clinic. On-site testing will involve these medical services setting up a testing centre at your event venue. 

Approved ART Test KitsRoute of Administration
BD Veritor™ System for Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2Anterior Nasal, Nasopharyngeal
Standard Q COVID-19 Ag Test – SD Biosensor
Roche SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test – SD Biosensor
Abbott Panbio™ COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test Device
Quidel Sofia SARS Antigen FIA KitAnterior Nasal
Source: Ministry of Health

How Much Does It Cost To Take A PET?

Note: The following rates assume that the event venue is in accordance with government guidelines.

Here is a list of MOH-Approved COVID-19 Test Providers, which includes Acumed and Bethesda Medical, which are used for our example.

For example, Acumed Medical sells ARTs at $46 (excluding GST). Bethesda Medical offers onsite PET ART for $28 per pax, for a minimum of 25 pax. For in-clinic Bethesda ART, the rate for a pre-arranged group, or 10/ more pax, is $28 per pax. The rate for an individual is $38. 

What Are The Acceptable Documents?

Acceptable Documents include COVID-19 Test Result Notice (ART), COVID-19 Test Result Notice (PCR) and PRPP ART Result Slip, PET Exemption Notice. Also acceptable is the PET Status Check Function on SafeEntry (Business) app. This will appear on your screen if the attendee/patron has been checked-in and does not require PET. If ‘Entry Restricted’ appears, Event Organisers/ Relevant Enterprises must verify against the Acceptable Documents and the validity period before allowing entry.

What PET Information Should I Give Attendees/ Patrons Before My Event?

To manage attendees/patrons’ expectations, Event Organisers/Relevant Enterprises are strongly encouraged to communicate the following at the point of sale or reservation:

  • Requirements to undergo an MOH-approved COVID-19 test, including where and when to undergo testing, how long the test will take, how long they need to wait for the test result and how much they are expected to pay for the test.
  • Entry will be denied to all who do not produce the relevant COVID-19 Test Result Notices or PET Exemption Notice that fall within their specified validity periods.
  • (Where applicable) the refund policy in the event that attendees/patrons are unable to attend the event due to testing positive or invalid.
  • The items required on the day of the event, business, or activity. They include Government-issued photo identification (e.g. NRIC, FIN or Passport), a mobile device with call and internet service, or updated TraceTogether (TT) App or working TT Token, or the aforementioned Acceptable Documents.
  • Only TraceTogether App/Token can be used for SafeEntry.

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How Do I Verify The PET Status Of My Attendee/ Patron?

Event Organisers/ Relevant Enterprises will have to check-in attendees/ patrons for events requiring PET. PET status of the attendee/ patron is verified as part of SafeEntry check-in. Attendees/ patrons will need to use TraceTogether (TT) token/ app for the check.

Event Organisers/ Relevant Enterprises need to ensure that their SafeEntry (Business) application has the SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) function and that the PET status check function within the application is turned on before being able to verify an attendee’s/ patron’s PET status.

Please note that the PET exemption check functionality is only available on the SafeEntry (Business) app (SEGW function).

Who Is Exempted From PET?

According to MOH, attendees/ patrons who have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 270 days may be issued a PET Exemption Notice. With the PET Exemption Notice, these individuals will be allowed to enter or remain at the venue of the event, workpalce, or activity, as long as it is within the validity period specified in their PET Exemption Notice.

Attendees/ Patrons who have completed the full vaccination regimen in Singapore and have had sufficient time to develop sufficient protection (i.e. two weeks after the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccination) will be exempted from PET. Attendees/ patrons may view their vaccination status from the TraceTogether or HealthHub application.

Note: Children, regardless of age, are not exempted from PET.

Are There Any Penalties For Breaching PET Regulations?

MOH states that failure to comply may result in breach of Control Order Regulations where a person who, without reasonable excuse, contravenes a control order, commits an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both. In the case of a second or subsequent offence, to a fine not exceeding $20,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both.

What Should I Do When Attendees/ Patrons Fail To Bring The Required Documents At Point Of Entry?

Event Organisers/ Relevant Enterprises can work with attendees/ patrons to help acquire or retrieve the documents. If attendees/ patrons are not able to provide these documents, Event Organisers/ Relevant Enterprises can deny them entry into the venue and may offer a refund as communicated upfront between the Event Organisers/ Relevant Enterprises and attendees/ patrons at the point of sale or reservation.

If attendees/ patrons are unwilling to provide the required documents or fail to adhere to the PET-related requirements, Event Organisers/ Relevant Enterprises may inform them that it is an offence to do so and he or she may be subjected to the penalties as listed above.

This article was first published on 13 July 2021 and has been updated with the latest information.

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