TraceTogether-only SafeEntry: What Businesses Need To Know About This Check-In Method

TraceTogether-only SafeEntry

This article was first published on 29 April 2021 and has been updated to reflect changes to the implementation date of TraceTogether-only SafeEntry.

From 17 May 2021, TraceTogether-only SafeEntry (TT-only SE) will be implemented nationwide. According to the government, over 90% of the population have either downloaded the TraceTogether (TT) App and/or collected the TraceTogether Token.

With the implementation of TT-only SE, one can only check-in to premises using their TT App or TT Token. This means that other current modes of SafeEntry check-in such as launching your phone’s camera or SingPass App to scan a venue’s QR code, will be discontinued. Checkingin with identification cards was also discontinued from 31 May 2021.

On 18 June 2021, as the government announced plans for a calibrated easing of safe management measures, it also stated that TraceTogether-only SafeEntry will be enhanced with check-out boxes progressively rolled out at venues with high footfall. This is to facilitate more precise contact tracing efforts at places with higher visitors, such as malls, hospitals and polyclinics, and places where visitors arena close proximity, such as F&B outlets and gyms. Eligible businesses will be notified and will receive their SEGW Check-Out Boxes in the coming weeks.

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What is TraceTogether-only SafeEntry?

TraceTogether-only SafeEntry is a national digital check-in system that allows one to enter premises by:

  • Scanning the venue’s QR code using the TraceTogether App
  • Presenting the QR code on one’s TraceTogether Token to be scanned
  • Tapping their TraceTogether App or Token on the SafeEntry Gateway device

TT-only SE helps to prevent and control the transmission of COVID-19 through contact tracing. For both customers and businesses, the nationwide implementation of the TT-only SE would mean a smoother and more convenient check-in process into premises. To facilitate TT-only SE, businesses / venue operators should download the SafeEntry (Business) App or set up the SafeEntry Gateway Box.

What is SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW)?

First deployed on 19 April 2021 at places with high vistorship, the SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW) is a new check-in method that allows individuals to check into premises more quickly and seamlessly, and to verify that their TraceTogether (TT) Token is working as intended.

Businesses can choose to deploy SEGW in two ways:

  • By downloading/upgrading the SafeEntry (Business) App to version 1.1.0. (the updated App includes the SEGW functionality)
  • By registering for an SEGW Box (only for eligible venues)

Depending on the type(s) of SEGW check-in method that businesses implement, individuals can check into premises by:

  • Tapping their TraceTogether App or Token on a SafeEntry (Business) app with SEGW function or;
  • Tapping their TraceTogether App or Token on the SEGW Box

Businesses should note that the SingPass Mobile app does not work with the SEGW.

Venues / Businesses Where TraceTogether-only SafeEntry Is Mandatory

From 17 May 2021, places with high visitor traffic, and/or where people are likely to be in close proximity for prolonged periods will be required to implement TT-only SE. These include:

  1. Workplaces e.g. offices and factories
  2. Solemnisations and weddings
  3. Funeral and funerary events
  4. Funeral parlours with wake halls
  5. Schools and educational institutions
  6. Preschools and student care centres
  7. Healthcare facilities
  8. Residential and community-based facilities
  9. Places of worship
  10. Hotels and  hostels
  11. Banks and financial institutions
  12. Retail, personal and food & beverage (F&B) services, such as malls, supermarkets, F&B outlets, wet markets, showrooms and others
  13. Tuition and enrichment and training centres
  14. Other training/ class venues
  15. Country and recreation  clubs
  16. Registered premises of other member clubs/societies
  17. Cultural and entertainment venues
  18. Event venues, such as function halls/ rooms, event lawns
  19. Cruises

You can find out more information on the full details of the list of venues provided by the Ministry of Health.

Businesses That Don’t Require TraceTogether-only SafeEntry or SafeEntry

While TT-only SE is a nationwide implementation, certain small businesses (e.g. pharmacies, convenience stores and heartland provision shops) are not required to implement SE. According to authorities, those who have voluntarily done so should remove their SE check-ins to increase convenience for their patrons.

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Other businesses that do not require SE check-in include large retail stores and supermarkets that operate within mall hours. For example, customers are not required to proceed with SE check-in at the Fairprice outlet located inside The Seletar Mall during the mall’s operating hours. Since the Fairprice outlet operates 24/7, customers will need to do their SE check-in when they patronise the supermarket after the mall’s operating hours.

How Can Businesses Apply For The SafeEntry Gateway Box?

All venues and businesses that are mandated to implement TraceTogether-only SafeEntry are eligible to apply for the SafeEntry Gateway box. They are able to do so via the SafeEntry website. However, businesses should note that the number of SEGW Boxes businesses may apply for at no charge differ according to the type of business and venue.

For example, public-facing venues such as malls, libraries, hospitals MICE event venues and places of worships with more than 100 people may apply for 1 SEGW device per public-facing entry point at each venue at no charge, capped at 4 SEGW Box per venue.

Other venues / businesses such as educational institutions, sports and fitness centres, F&B outlets for dine-in customers and personal care services are eligible to apply for 1 SEGW Box per venue at no charge.

Businesses may submit an appeal should they wish to apply for:

  1. More SEGW Boxes than the existing number of entry points at their premises and/or;
  2. More than 4 SEGW Box per venue

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